The End of Life Choice Bill, which would introduce euthanasia and assisted suicide to New Zealand, will face its third and final vote in Parliament on Nov 13th. Across New Zealand, many people hold serious concerns about the wide-ranging implications of this Bill.  We invite you to add your voice to those who are asking for our MPs to reject the EOLC Bill. We believe that a far safer and more unified approach to end-of-life care is to pursue accessible, quality palliative care alongside better disability and elder support across New Zealand. 

Read the open letter below.

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Open Letter: To All NZ Members of Parliament,


We write to you aware that the closing stages of the parliamentary debate on the End of Life Choice Bill are approaching, and that you will need to make a final decision. 


Across the divide created by this issue, people have been pursuing a similar goal: to respond compassionately, safely and effectively to the suffering of people who are moving towards the end of life.


We are a diverse body of New Zealanders united in the conviction that the End Of Life Choice Bill, which would legalise voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide, is a highly risky and needless response to this goal. 


We believe that this Bill cannot safely regulate euthanasia. Despite its many amendments, its safeguards will not prevent serious consequences:

  • It will generate subtle external and self-imposed pressure on some patients to access it.

  • It will be used instead of addressing underlying and treatable deficiencies in the provision of health support and care.

  • It will introduce an ongoing risk of wrongful death.


We are concerned that if a right to die by euthanasia or assisted suicide is established under this Bill, the criteria for euthanasia will inevitably widen, and assisted death will increasingly be seen as a response to many other kinds of suffering.  


For these reasons, the End of Life Choice Bill can never be simply about individual choice. There can be no provision of the choice of euthanasia without damaging implications for many groups across our wider society, including our medical and healthcare professionals.  This issue connects us all.


In opposing this bill, we are mindful of complex cases that make this discussion challenging. We are aware that opposition to this bill is bewildering to some, who see euthanasia and assisted suicide as a compassionate, self-evident response. But we believe that there are viable, safer alternatives. 


We are therefore committed to a unified approach of advocacy and education to provide accessible, quality end-of-life care, and disability and elder support, in all instances of need, suffering, and illness. 


We call on you to reject the End of Life Choice Bill for New Zealand. 


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Jannah Dennison, Wellington

Mr. Timothy Overton, Wellington

Prof. Jonathan Boston, Wellington

Dr. Luatupu Ioane-Cleverly, Wellington

Dr. Hanneke Lewthwaite, Wellington

Mr. Ivan Moss, Wellington

Dr. Tom Noakes-Duncan, Wellington

Dr. Kelvin Ward, Wellington

Dr. John Dennison, Wellington

Tamsin Woolf, Wellington

Prof. Peter Thirkell, Wellington

Damaris Thirkell, Wellington

Dr. John Fox, Christchurch

Mr. Christopher O'Brien, Lower Hutt

Mrs. Jacqui Overton, Christchurch

John David Chaker, Wellington

KJ Boardman

Bernadette Macartney, Wellington

Mrs. Lorelei King-Salisbury, Hamilton

Jacob Fagan

Mr. Josef Dawson, Wellington

Matthew Jones, Karamea

Vicki Walsh

Dr. John Kleinsman, Wellington

Mr. Luke Barker, Wellington

Henoch Kloosterboer

Mr. Peter Degerholm, Wanaka

Gerard Aynsley, Dunedin

Mr. Matt Mischewski

Mrs. Cynthia Piper, Cambridge

Mrs. Brigid Conroy, Hamilton

Alex Bailey, Te Awamutu

Mrs. Shona Richards, Morrinsville

Mrs. Wendy Derksen, Palmerston North

Mr. Greg Schmidt, Hamilton

Mrs. Kathleen Field, Palmerston North

Dr. Petrus Simons, Wellington

Mrs. Dianne Porter, Otorohanga

Mr. Jimmy Costello

Ms. Carol Williamson, Dunedin

Emrys (Ella) Jansen, Wellington

Peter Richardson, Hamilton

Katie Rose, Nelson

Vanessa Creamer, Lower Hutt

Mrs. Jacinta Woodnutt, Christchurch

Summer Haycock, Auckland

Mr. Paul McMahon, Christchurch

Mrs. Anashuya Fletcher, Whanganui

Miss Fiona Sherwin

Danielle Gibbs, Hamilton

Miss Lucy Rogers

Mr. Zeeshan Zafar, Dunedin

Mrs. Wilhelmina Fox, Rangiora

Mrs. Prue Behan, Christchurch

Mrs. Denise Van Aalst, Dunedin

Mr. Dave Lusk, Wainuiomata

Miss He Glynn

Tahnee Te Kanawa

Mrs. Prudence Von Keisenberg

Jim Maguire

Matthew Saunders

Mr. Kevin McCormick

John Watson

Ms. Pamela Brathwaite, Christchurch

Joan Beere, Christchurch

Mrs. Caroline Degerholm, Wanaka

Mr. Andreas Kapoutsos, Upper Hutt

Carol Fearon, Clarks Beach

Mr. Barrie Woods, Christchurch

Miss Vicky Reid

Mr. Jamin Greenwood

Miss Kate Conner

Cheyenne Mckee, Christchurch

Mr. Matt Bartram, Wellington

Mrs. Sophie Borcoskie, Christchurch

Renata Van der Wal

Miss Rachael Winder

Mr. Nathan Muirhead, Auckland

Anna McGimpsey, Invercargill

Mrs. Natasha Margetic

Mr. Grant Segar

Susanne Keller, Palmerston North

Mr. Caleb Story, Christchurch

Mr. Manuele Teofilo, Auckland

Mary James, Nelson

Mr. Hamish Riley

Mrs. Sarah Assen, Taupiri

Mr. Matthew Hopper, Auckland

Miss Amiria Reid, Christchurch

Mrs. Anne Griffiths, Blenheim

Mr. Graham Griffiths, Blenheim

Miss Sophia Van Woerden, Christchurch

Miss Monique Thorp

Dr. Lucia Mitchell, Richmond

Miss Rebecca Kristensen

Mr. Raphe Schwass, Dunedin

Mr. Geoffrey McCallum, Christchurch

Dr. Joseph Hassan, Nelson

Patricia ann Mcbride, Stoke Nelson

Mrs. Kay Scrimshaw, Christchurch

Dr. Catherine Hallagan, Wellington

Ms. Sheryl Chetty, Auckland

Dr. Yukio Flinte, Wellington

Miss Raewyn Soakai, Auckland

Kate Bell, Hokowhitu

Miss Lizzie Wright, Northland

Mrs. Kitty Chiu, Auckland

Mrs. Paula Schryvers, Nelson

Cushla Hughes, Palmerston North

Elaine Hurley, Oamaru

Mrs. Hayley Pinfold

Mr. Paul Bonner, Cromwell

Mrs. Katrina Smith

Ms. Denise Fleming, New Plymouth

Mrs. Carolyn Adams, Oamaru

Miss Kelly McMillan

TIm McKenzie, Wellington

Ms. Ronni Cullen

Mr. Murray Hyndman, Wanaka

Miss Penny Vanderlee, Dunedin

John Harrison

Maryanne Wardlaw, Auckland

Mrs. Stephanie Assh, Invercargill

Mr. Robert Kennedy, Takaka

Mr. Tui Grenfell, Wellington

Miss Charlotte Keir

Mr. Owen Posthuma, Auckland

Dr. Wouterus T. M. (Terry) Gruijters, Auckland

Mrs. Joan Stephens, Hamilton

Ms. Rosanna Von Keisenberg

Mrs. Judith Connelly, Upper Hutt

Mr. Winston Poh, Christchurch

Catherine McKinlay

Thomas Harvey

Mr. Immanuel Koks, Christchurch

Mr. Nika Rikiriki

Mr. Terry Silcock, Richmond

Mr. Murray Overton, Christchurch

Mr. Gerry Hishon, Cromwell

Dr. Claire Han, Auckland

Ms. Diane Cooney, Dunedin

Dr. Anthony J Kriechbaum, Palmerston North

Mrs. Joanne Reha, Te Puke

Mr. John O'Malley

Mrs. Honor Freeman, Auckland

Mrs. Jane Hamilton, Wanaka

Sonya Lewthwaite, Lower Hutt

Alister Hamilton, Wanaka

Mrs. Lian-hong Brebner

Ms. Suzie Haddow, Auckland

Mrs. Mary Silcock, Nelson

Miss Isabelle Hanson

Ms. Raewyn Overton-Stuart, Whanganui

Mrs. Melinda Stevenson, Auckland

Mr. Gerald Cogan, Whanganui

Mr. Eric Pennington, Christchurch

Mrs. Colleen Thorman, Christchurch

Mr. Barry Harcourt, Christchurch

Debra Smith, Whanganui

Mrs. Catherine Pettigrew, Dunedin

Mr. Hugh Challies, Appleby

Ms. Jill Guzzo, Auckland

Colette Kelly

Steven Benford, Dunedin

Stephen Black, Hamilton

Dr. Christopher Clews, Wellington

Mrs. Frances Haira, Whanganui

Mrs. Katelin Wilson

Zella McGirr

Mrs. Veronica Cross, Christchurch

Miss Kirsty Anderson, Auckland

Jocelyn Grantham

Mr. Peter Joseph McBride, Nelson

Mr. Marty Redhead, Christchurch

Cassandra Close

Anna Kariuki

Mrs. Mary McCormick, Auckland

Sarah McCormick, Auckland

Joy Gottermeyer, Lincoln

Ian Gottermeyer, Lincoln

Mrs. Danielle Guthrie, Auckland

Miss Leila Corban

Jeremy Vargo, Auckland

Mr. Evan Clulee, Rangiora

Ms. Ethne Maher, Palmerston North

Dr. Kerryn Olsen

Dr. Christopher Gale, Dunedin

Dr. Carolyn Robertson, Christchurch

Pieter Van der Wel, 5 Ashley Street

Mrs. Gloria Heazlewood, Diamond Harbour

Miss Kate Cormack, Napier

Judith Ellis, Hamilton

Miss Chantelle Anthony, Wellington

Mrs. Dawn Hurst, Hawera

Mrs. Debbie Lennox, Richmond

Mr. Adam Hughes, Whangarei

Dr. Lyndon Drake, Auckland

Mrs. Heather Weir, Rolleston

Mrs. Mary Mainland

Mrs. Jessica Hunt

Mrs. Suzanne Aislabie, Taupo

Juliet Montilla

Mrs. Gloria Mansfield, Oamaru

Mr. Daniel Morton-Jones

Mrs. Robyn Gale, Dunedin

Renee Mcmullen, Auckland

Ms. Miranda Fairmaid, Dunedin

Mrs. Marie Hopkinson, Dargaville

Dr. Rachel Robertson

Mr. Stephen Sussex, Auckland

Mrs. Janice Nihoniho

Mr. Brian Hopkinson, Dargaville

Mrs. Karen Stuart, Tauranga

Mrs. Lorene Neilson, Auckland

Catharina Lee

Mrs. Maria Erceg, Whangarei

Mrs. Ruth Brookes, Feilding

Mrs. Teresa Coles

Mr. Peter Coles

Mr. Mike Porteous, Auckland

Karen Nihoniho, Otago

Mrs. Joanna Ruffer, Invercargill

Mrs. Amber Armstrong

Mrs. Jacqueline Bowers, Rotorua

Mrs. Melanie Banton

Mrs. Sandra Rayen, Christchurch

Tania Campen, Kirwee

Mrs. Nicola Seale, Christchurch

Mrs. Alexia Hoyt, Christchurch

Mrs. Shona Birch, Auckland

Mrs. Pauline Lamerton

Gayann Phillips, Auckland

Miss Katherine Pawson, Christchurch

Dr. Chris Gousmett, Dunedin

Miss Emily Hillery, Christchurch

John Walker

Margaret Sheffield, Lower Hutt

Miss Paulette Archer, Whanganui

Mr. David McNeill, Auckland

Mr. Rod Schick, Auckland

Mrs. Bridget Ward

William Lee, Dunedin

Rev Mafutaga Faaleaoga, Manukau

Mr. Peter Zajkowski

Ros Rowe, Hastings

Mrs. Kathy Cook, Auckland

Andrea McIver, Motueka

Mrs. Benita Barton, Dunedin

Prof. Murray Rae, Dunedin

Mrs. Emma Drake

Ms. Vicki Trustrum, Christchurch

Mrs. Carole Kenealy, Auckland

Mrs. Sandra Hellewell, Christchurch

Mrs. Liana Havelaar, Christchurch

Mrs. Susan Watson, Taupi

Mr. Kereama Williams, Waihi

Mr. Callum Nevell, Whangarei

Stephen Barker, Hamilton

Mrs. Diana Nant

Mrs. Marion Kerr, Allanton

Mrs. Hannah Wium

Mrs. Sonia Cooper, Rotorua

JoAnne Procter, Palmerston North

Jane Freeman

Mrs. Judi Christensen, Lower Hutt

Mr. Richard Boyd

Mrs. Diane Keaney, Whanganui

Mrs. Glennis Moriarty, Hastings

Jane Diment, Rotorua

Mrs. Naiomi Mattingley, Christchurch

Margaret Brownsey, Tokoroa

John Moriarty, Hastings

Angela Pearce, Whakapirau

Robyn Freeman

Mrs. Clare McClean, Wellington

Mrs. Nicole Fogden, Christchuch

Mrs. Jenny Piggott

Mr. Ray Willis, Tauranga

Mrs. Anne Thomson, Porirua

Mrs. Pauline Denton

Mrs. Christina Tyson, Wellington

Lesley Williams, Palmerston North

Miss Alison Loan, Gordonton

Mr. David Wood, Auckland

Mrs. Susan Angus, Morrinsville

Cosette Havelaar

Mrs. Sheena Brocket, Christchurch

Yvonne Cassidy, Auckland

Miss Kirsty Cameron, Christchurch

Mrs. Michelle Hansen, Oamaru

Miss Christie Wensley

Miss Leah Tune, Christchurch

Mrs. Margaret Cox, Christchurch

Mrs. Brenda Ernst, New Plymouth

Mr. Andrew Awad, Christchurch

Trish McQueen, Kapiti

Tony Sizemore, Dunedin

James Pietsch, Wellington

Elizabeth Wilson, Ashburton

Ellen Donnelly, Wellington

Miss Ellie Whitaker, Christchurch

Renee Joubert

Mrs. Lynley Lamb, Invercargill

Mr. Stephen Woodnutt, Christchurch

Ms. Rita Shaw, Auckland

Dr. Nikki De Vries, Wellington

Ms. Ann-Marie Stapp, Otaki

Trevor Rodricks, Upper Hutt

Mrs. Valerie Townley, Te Awamutu

Dr. Louise Bremer, Dunedin

Dr. Viliame Sotutu, Northland

Mrs. Karen Spurgeon, Hastings

Mr. Phil Griffiths, Upper Hutt

Mr. Bernard Maney, Auckland

Debbie Penk

Robyn Jackson, Hamilton

Miss Aimee Biddington

Mrs. Mary Appleby, Pukekohe

Dr. Martin Ng

Mr. Andrew Thomson, New Plymouth

Mrs. Colleen Petricevich, Auckland

Kirsten Ngan, Auckland

Ms. Monica Franklin, Wellington

Mr. Brian Arthur Oliver, Auckland

Dr. Robert Stevenson, Porirua

Dr. Phil White, Dunedin

Margaret Newcombe

Prof. David Richmond, Auckland

Ms. Denise Kelsall, Auckland

Mr. Gareth Bruce, Dunedin

Mrs. Jocelyn De Reus, Oamaru

Ms. Vivienne Riddell, Onehunga

Miss Beverley Knight, Hamilton

Thalia Kehoe Rowden

Mrs. Barbara Pullen, Auckland

Dr. Christina Baird, Auckland

Mr. Randall Hedges, Auckland

Miss Gabrielle Hogg, Napier

Kathy Manning

Mr. Glen Tupuhi, Hamilton

Mrs. Anne James, Auckland

Dr. Georgina Wooding, Auckland

Mrs. Heather Roberts, Auckland

Mrs. Catherine Beale

Mrs. Debbie Airey, Auckland

Heather Woods

Dr. Kathleen Parton, Palmerston North

Mrs. Rachel Pettigrew

Moira Osborne

Mrs. Margaret Miers, Gordonton

Ms. Maggie Carter

Mrs. Hilary Beath, Whangarei

Dr. Rosemary Ayers, Northland

Ms. Rachel Bate, Wellington

Dr. Karen Kemp, Auckland

Katy McGettigan

Miss Sarah Woodfield, Auckland

Mrs. Jo Mack, Aucklnand

Mrs. Fourina Clark, Dunedin

Mrs. Cecily Worsfold, Wellington

Mrs. Paula Salisbury

Miss Micaela Isaacs, Putaruru

Mrs. Deborah Ward, Feilding

Mrs. Alice Jonker, Wanganui

Mr. Jacky Yeh

Mr. Ron Soper, Lower Hutt

Mrs. Dawn Bedingfield, Taradale

Murray Bedingfield, Taradale

Joy De Stigter

Elizabeth Smith, Levin

Sarah Brunton

Mrs. Elspeth Robinson, Te Aroha

Mr. Rod Bennett, Palmerston North

Mrs. Joy Hadland, Auckland

Mr. Warwick Savage, Dargaville

Angela Goodwin, Auckland

Mr. Ian Breed

Dr. Kate Grundy

Mr. Anthony Pietras, Lower Hutt

David Bayliss

Ms. Barbara Stet, Wellington

Ms. Duana Jane Grfiin, Wellington

Mrs. Barbara Taylor, Wellington

Mrs. Bettine Allan, Wellington

Lawrence Griffiths, Wellington

Sheila Reed, Wellington

Mrs. Mel McKenzie, Wellington

Miss Jenny Hook

Mr. Matthew Bartlett, Wellington

Dr. Steve Thomas, Lower Hutt

Ms. Eliza Bartlett, Wellington

Ms. Jennifer Walters

Mrs. Beverley Simpkins, Rotorua

Sarah Teng

Patricia Erasmus

Tim Sanderson, Wellington

Dr. Christina Ng

Mrs. Moira Webb, New Plymouth

Teresa Tooman, New Plymouth

Mrs. Sharon Dowers, Christchurch

Mr. Terry O'Brien, Palmerston North

Ms. Mei Yen Deborah Lee, Auckland

Ms. Cassandra Burton-Wood, Wellington

Ms. Diane Robinson, Orakei

Mrs. Madeline Masters, Rotorua

Mr. John Masters, Rotorua

Mrs. Catherine Jowsey, New Plymouth

Ms. Moira Floresta, Auckland

Carolyn Merryweather, Porirua

Mrs. Alwynne Wedgwood, Helensville

Mr. Harrison Stirling, Christchurch

Rachel Barrett

Mrs. Hannah Donmez

Mr. Daniel Nash

Mrs. Michelle Smithies, Upper Hutt

Yvonne Cochrane, Timaru

Mrs. Morrine Leach, Napier

Ms. Amanda Gregan, Wellington

Jamie Garrick, Lower Hutt

Erin King, Wellington

Miss Nan Pritchard Martens, Tempe

Mrs. Jessica Arnold

Mrs. Pamela Jourdain

Dr. Eunice Khoo

Mrs. Carolyn Hosking, Waikanae

Mr. Trevor Hosking

Ms. Luboslava Lukacova, Timaru

Mrs. Kathryn Weir, Lower Hutt

Mr. Matt Johnston, Wainuiomata

Mr. Dave Lusk, Wainuiomata

Mrs. Dale Anderson, Lower Hutt

Mrs. Angela Wolff

Mr. David Palmer, Rangiora

Mr. Roger Lewis, Upper Hutt

Mrs. Emily De Roo

Mrs. Carolyn Anne Paris Rowe, Wellington

Ms. Sophie Tauhara, Auckland

Mrs. Deborah Burnside, Napier

Ms. Hoana Toi, Kaikohe

Mrs. L J Simons, Auckland

Mrs. Wanda Hughes

Dr. Richard Thurlow, Tauranga

Mrs. Christina Mitchell, Reefton

Mr. Remko Schipper, Rotorua

Prof. Roderick MacLeod, Auckland

Kathryn Duncan, Dunedin

Mrs. Angela Pedersen

Mrs. Ginni Newfield, Christchurch

Mrs. Roisin Connolly, Tauranga

Ms. Christine Imlay, Whanganui

Mr. Runi Fruean, Wellington

Mrs. Hannah Posthuma

Clare Randall, Palmerston North

Trish Ubels, Wellington

Jan Stevenson, Rotorua

Mrs. Christine Drinkwater, New Plymouth

Tim Bedingfield, Taradale

Mrs. Michelle Clarke

Mr. Bill Clarke

Miss Desli Whitehouse, Auckland

Mr. Tim Haycock, Auckland

Ms. Elaine Browne

Mrs. Stella McLeod, Rotorua

Mr. Callum Thirkell

Mrs. Amy / Amybeth Duder, Ashburton

Dr. Gary Cooper, Timaru

Mr. Howard l Andrew, Ashburton

Mrs. Esther Ennor, Rotorua

John Williams, Rotorua

Alan Cameron, Wellington

Mr. Alex Henkel

Mr. Andrew Wilks, Auckland

Miss Rose-Antoinette Gilbert

Mrs. Rose Secker, Stratford

Mrs. Audrey Chong-Schmidt, Auckland

Mrs. Maria Barnard, Kerikeri

Mrs. Denise Karl, Otaki

Mr. Brent Bevan, Lower Hutt

Mrs. Heather Major, Hamilton

Mrs. Tracy Clement

Mrs. Rachel Mulder, Wellington

Erin Reeves-McMillan, Auckland

Heather Philp

Mrs. Cherry Lewis, Auckland

Mr. Tim Stevenson, Auckland

Dr. Susan Grindlay, Dunedin

Raewyn Chaplow, Hamilton

Mrs. Maria Colvin, Hamilton

Ms. Elizabeth Farrands, Auckland

Mr. Andrew Dickson, Woodville

Mrs. Christine Shaw

Gillian Cameron, Wellington

Mrs. Penny Parsons, Te Aroha

Mr. Brian Mitcherson, Hastings

David Rhoades, Wellington

Mr. Erwin Ricketts, Gore

Mrs. Victoria Thirkell, Wellington

Gerald Scanlan, Upper Hutt

Ms. Julie Bevan, Lower Hutt

Mrs. Carol Pikia, Invercargill

Mr. Pepi Pikia, Invercargill

Mrs. Bernice McSaveney, Christchurch

Ms. Cathryn Goodwin, Hastings

Mrs. Michelle Pereira, Auckland

Emily Hockly

Mrs. Miriam Millson, Te Kauwhata

Janet McDonald, Roxburgh

Rebekah Tregurtha, Christchurch

Gerri Pomeroy, Hamilton

Mrs. Louise Allen, Cambridge

Mr. Tyrone Cook, Hamilton

Mr. Julian Knap, Wellington

Ms. Diana Miller

Mr. Peter McGurk, Timaru

Mr. Andy McKenzie, Christchurch

Dr. Tony Martin, Dunedin

Mrs. Ruth Dravitzki, Waitara

Mr. Peter Morgan, Auckland

Sarah Edgecombe, Wellington

Ms. Shanti Mathias, Wellington

Mr. Samuel Watkinson, Trentham

Mrs. Kirsty Newton, Te Kuiti

Mrs. Sarah Hunter, Lower Hutt

Elizabeth Hay, Christchurch

Mr. Ken Clement, Christchurch

Mr. Aminio Cagiaceva, Auckland

Dr. Leeroy William

Mike Reeves-McMillan, Auckland

Lynne Philp

Mr. Alex Summerlee, Christchurch

Kerry Weir, Oamaru

Dr. Rosalie Hosking, Christchurch

Mrs. Jennifer Mortimer, Masterton

Georgina Preston, Wellington

Mrs. Yvette Asthana, Auckland

Ms. Annabelle Bagrie, Gore

Samuel Harris, Tauranga

Linda Dunn

Dr. Ruth Brown, Christchurch

Caleb Armstrong, Auckland

Jonathan Elkin, Wellington

Barry Austin, Tauranga

Mr. Nathan Collis, Auckland

Mr. Peter Broughton, Christchurch

Mr. Graham Gregory, Timaru

Mr. Philip Bettany, Waimate

Ms. Tauasili Anesi, Auckland

Mr. Morgan Williams, Christchurch

Mrs. Susan Stanger, Masterton

Mr. Michael Gray, Hastings

Mr. Andrew Irwin, Christchurch

Aileen Lowe

David Cole, Tauranga

Mrs. Ilona Bosher, Wellington

Claire Lyne, Palmerston North

Alieke Dierckx

Mrs. Beryl Henwood, Kaipara

Linda Lloyd

Dr. Simon Roughan, Christchurch

Mr. Johan Vroon, Mangapapa

Mrs. Irene Breitmeyer

Mrs. Tania McLardy

Mark Whitfield, Wellington

Mr. Keegan Bartholomew

Dennis and Penny McLeod, Hamilton

Mr. Geoff Ngataierua

Mr. Audi Putra, Wellington

Miss Susan Chand

Ms. Lynda McDermott, Auckland

Jason Clark, Auckland

Miss Haylee Fairbrother

Mr. Mark Powell, Whangaparaoa

Peter Cloughley, Rangiora

Monique Harris, Tauranga

Mr. Jacob McLardy

Mr. Phil Fairbrass, Wainuiomata

Mrs. Cathy Rogers, Maungatautari

Michael Hardcastle

Mrs. Ailsa Knox, Stanmore Bay

Daniel Schwamm

Christy Punnoose

Mrs. Debbie Moffitt, Hawera

Miss Christine Pearson

Mr. Barry Timms, Masterton

Mr. Ben Reshey, Dunedin

Mr. Philip Adnitt, Tauranga

Lucinda Taylor, Katikati

Mrs. Kerry Kleinsman, Wellington

Mr. Peter Anderson, Tauranga

Mrs. Leila Malthus, Wellington

Christine MacLachlan, New Plymouth

Mr. Bruce McConchie, Auckland

Mrs. Judy Maurice

Ms. Alison Baker

Miss Juliet Ioka, Auckland

Mischa De La Cruz, Auckland

Mrs. Heidi Iseli, Auckland

Mr. Graham Wilson, Hamilton

Mr. Robert Carter

Stuart Clark

Mr. Dennis Ting

Mr. Warren Watson, Auckland

Ms. Donna Phillips

Mr. Daniel Lim

Mrs. Margaret McConchie, Auckland

Nicole Allan, Auckland

Mr. John Caughley, Christchurch

Miss Diana Irving

Mr. Mikey Falesiu, Auckland

Ailsa Smaill, Riversdale

Jane Troughton, Auckland

Diana Judge

Mr. Robert Mamea, Auckland

Moira Lockington, Reefton

Mr. Ian Peterson, Opotiki

Mr. Bill Schneider, Tapanui

Chris Blackford, Wellington

Annabelle Avery, Auckland

Mrs. Maureen Gillies

Mr. Michael Brathwaite, Christchurch

Helen Jaquiery

Ross Pellow, Auckland

Mr. John Wierenga, Wellington

Bernie Mitchell

Mr. Jody McRae, Auckland

Mr. Hennie Nothnagel, Masterton

Lynette Stark

Mrs. Carole Long, Mount Maunganui

Mr. Ryan Moreau, Nelson

Mrs. Giovanna Salvano, Wellington

Arlene Fernandes, Auckland

Miss Courtney Tonks, Christchurch

Mrs. Kathleen Oliver, Whakatane

Mrs. Irene Leonard, Gore

Matthew Beech, Motueka

Mr. Pat Heaphy, Christchurch

James Smith, Christchurch

Mohammad Thompson Thompson, Auckland

Mrs. Beverley Bennett, Auckland

Tracy Ten Hove, Rotorua

Mrs. Wendy Holder, Invercargill

Mr. John De vries, Feilding

Mr. Abraham Jansen van Rensburg, Nelson

Mrs. Vivien Pont, Auckland

Ms. Pamela Gleeson, Whangarei

Mrs. Lola Kleinjan, Christchurch

Mrs. Chris Heaphy, Nelson

Mr. Bernard Soh, Auckland

Mr. Andrew Pocklington, Te Atatu

Dr. Ockert Schoeman

Mrs. Sheena Smith

Mrs. Jacqueline Grenfell, Christchurch

Mr. John Chapman

Leslie John Embling, Palmerston North

J Caroline Timms, Masterton

Mr. Lance Ireson, Onerahi

Mrs. Rose Simento, Auckland

Prof. George Seber, Auckland

Miss Amy Weston, Auckland

Mrs. Eliza Tangitu, Kawerau

Miss Christen Muirhead, Christchurch

Margaret Shepherd

Betty Luckhurst

Mrs. Jane Laurie, Wallacetown

Stanley Ross, Stanmore Bay

Miss Gabrielle Weilert, Hamilton

Mrs. Lynnette Ireson

Miss Dorothy Murphy, Kaikohe

Ms. Nina Tapu, Auckland

Ms. Christine Greene, Palmerston North

Rachel Ross, Stanmore Bay

Nasreen Jabbar

Bev Van Zyl, Whangarei

Mrs. Mari Swindley, Ashburton

Mrs. Roz Cunnington

Mrs. Sharon Richardson

Jackie Wierenga, Wellington

Lis Latta, Dunedin

Miss Jenny Banks, Manurewa

Mr. James Sievers, Auckland

Anne Morrow, Christchurch

Matthew Thompson, Lower Hutt

Mr. Peter Beban, Greymouth

Mr. Graham Brooks

Mrs. Michelle Weir, Auckland

Mrs. Linda Wheeler, Geraldine

Mrs. Rosemary Shore, Auckland

Mr. Mike Gits, Porirua

Mitchell Aiken, Auckland

Mrs. Merelyn Reddington, Wellington

Mrs. Elaine Rogers, Havelock North

Mr. Kevin Elliott, Auckland

Miss Tania Switalla, Rangiora

Gillian Cobby, Dunedin

Mr. John Templeton, Auckland

Paul O'Neill, Dunedin

Mrs. Karen Elliott, Auckland

Mr. Nicholas Rinemhota

Mr. Peter Richardson, Palmerston

Mrs. Leigh Asiamah

Mrs. Jenifer Alexander, Christchurxh

Miss Joanne Dorne

Mrs. Trish Atama, Hamilton

Jo Scott, Waitakere

Mrs. Annice Haverland, Auckland

Mr. Jacob De Lacey, Christchurch

Mrs. Elaine Borger, Wakefield

Mrs. Nicole Reid, Hamilton

Mr. Alexander Lloyd, Blenheim

Mr. Simon Hulse, Christchurch

Mrs. Marian Le Grelle

Mr. Tom Brickhill, Otago

Ms. Shirley Hatch, Rotorua

Mrs. Mengyao Luo, Rototuna North

Ms. Kellie Leaf, Papamoa

Mrs. Anne McArtney

Mr. Leon Swart, Wellington

Mrs. Ellen Brumder, Waihi

Miss Johanna De Vries, Feilding

Mr. Harvey Rosieur, Howick

Mr. Ross Woodhouse

Mrs. Carolynne Stone, Auckalnd

Mrs. Helen Johnstone, Christchurch

Mrs. Priscila Campbell, Auckland

Mr. Colin Booth, Tauranga

Aurora Fernandez

Gordon Rosewall

Debbie Leitch, Hamilton

Mrs. Olivia Wickens-Higham, Porirua

Mrs. Rhonda Armstrong, Tauranga

Rob Mckenzie, Invercargill

Mrs. Marilyn Heather Von Topp, Whangarei

Mr. Leon Roberson, Tauranga

Mr. Kokkong Lum, Auckland

Miss Heather Oakshott, Papakura

Mr. Daniel Akkerman

Johanna Bilton

David Goold, Mangawhai

Mrs. Lori Mackie, Paraparaumu

Mrs. Colleen Rosieur, Howick

David Bilton

Mrs. Peggy Fitz-Herbert

Mr. Matthew O'Byrne, Paraparaumu Beach

Mrs. June Hermon, Wellington

Mr. Leigh Thomson

Mr. Barry Cox, Christchurch

Helen Callaghan

Mr. Nathan Swart

Ms. Joanna Browne

Mrs. Greta Fernie, Porirua

Mrs. Trina Fraser, Dunedin

Mrs. Jasmine Retief, Hamilton

Miss Hannah Beuker

Mrs. Karen Hodge, Ongaonga

Mrs. Bernadette Snowden, Reefton

Graeme Brown, Tauranga

Dr. Helen Bichan, Wellington

Mr. Patrick Grace, Auckland

Mrs. Fiona Day, Lower Hutt

Mr. David Price, Christchurch

Mrs. Ronel Jacobs, Pokeno

Mr. Pieter Kriek, Whangarei

Miss Susan Finlayson, Featherston

Mr. Ernest Schache, Auckland

Mrs. Rita Berice Small, Havelock North

Mrs. Helen De Wolf

Avis Brown, Tauranga

Chris King, Manukau

Mrs. Jenny Ross, Christchurch

Mrs. Monika Bucher

Mrs. Cathy Torvik

Mr. John Devery, Tauranga

Rebekah Spence

Robert Fernandes, Wellington

Mrs. Maureen Templeton, Auckland

Mr. Philip Lim, Auckland

Mrs. Tina Millar, Auckland

Mr. Trevor Prendergast, Auckland

Mr. Brian Ross-Murphy

Mrs. Gillian De la Perrelle, Hastings

Murray Linton, Rangiora

Mrs. Caroline Lonsdale, Paraparaumu

Mr. Michael Cuthbert, Auckland

Mrs. Joanne Lum

Mrs. Susan Middlemiss

Mr. Andrew Beaven

Grace Bringans, Woolston

Betty Hills, Palmerston North

Ms. Dorothy Laing Bhanabhai, Wellington

Mr. Leighton Braddock, Auckland

Mrs. Barbara Kipfer

David Bringans, Christchurch

Mrs. Helen Carson, Upper Hutt

Mr. Owen Brown, Hamilton

Mr. John Davison, Hamilton

Mrs. Keran Tsering, Christchurch

Mr. John Wakelin, Auckland

Allan Gallagher

Arthur Wethey, Woodend

Mr. James Roberson, Auckland

Moira Kopittke, Auckland

Paul I Smith, Levin

Mrs. Melda Bennett, New Plymouth

Mrs. Ruth Donnelly, Rangiora

Mrs. Amy Gardiner, Cambridge

Virginia Tupou, Auckland

Mrs. Linda Pullar, Timaru

Mr. Matthew Lord

Mr. Pete Van de Water, Auckland

Ms. Andrea Wonglyn, Auckland

Mr. Folitau Sa'u, Lower Hutt

Mrs. Margaret Couillault, Auckland

Mrs. Caroline Bankart, Hamilton

Mrs. Helen Temby, Ranfurly

Mrs. Brittany Russell, Invercargill

Mr. David Tordoff, Dunedin

Mrs. Rosa Ferreira, Torbay North Shore

Mr. Ian Fox, Auckland

Mrs. Colleen Palmer, Christchurch

Mr. Stephen Granger, Nelson

David Cowie, Tauranga

Ms. Sara Kenny, Hamilton

Miss Constamce Hurley, New Plymouth

Ms. Joy Shaw, Kaikohe

Mrs. Keren Savage

Mrs. Lydia Bull, Wellington

Miss Nicole Lusby

Mr. Pieter Ferreira, Torbay North Shore

Jenny Lam, Wellington

Mrs. Tryphena Moore

Miss Gemma Nicholl, Invercargill

Mrs. Maria Kemp, Vauxhall

Mr. Daniel Simpson

Mr. Derek Kaijser

Joan Bayes, Dairy Flat

Mrs. Tracey Hastie, Christchurch

Mrs. Kim Weston, Auckland

Mrs. Veronique Ann Morris

Mrs. Sandra Gillooly, Whangaparoa

Mrs. Lynda Gee, Auckland

Mr. John Hastie, Christchurch

Mr. Michael Posthuma, Birkdale

Mrs. Anneline Van Zyl, Morrinsville

Mrs. Marina Kerapa

Mrs. Evelyn Sands, Hamilton

Mr. Ryan Sparks, Auckland

Mrs. Wendu Post, Whangarei

Amanda Hastie

Mrs. Jant Akkerman, Whanganui

Mr. Marc Bylsma, Auckland

Dr. Donald Mathieson

Mr. Alexander Watts, Wellington

Audrey Rotheray

Daryl Ives

Mrs. Glenda George, Browns Bay Auckland

Mr. Brendan Quirk

Ali Preston-Marshall, Twizel

Dr. Michael Yoon Kang, Auckland

Mrs. Michelle Usendorff

Mr. Nigel Brown, Auckland

Mr. David Lane, Wellington

Mr. Blair Panther

Dr. Newell Grenfell, Christchurch

Judith Panther

Mrs. Margaret Mount, Oamaru

Dr. Oonagh Turner, Auckland

Mrs. Shona King, Invercargill

Mrs. Dorothy Waddel, Orewa Auckland

Chris and Karen Buchanan, Timaru

Jeanette Gausden, Henderson

John Rogers, Ashhurst

Mr. Aiden Ria, Gisborne

Mrs. Eden Dickson, Woodville

Won Kyoung Oh

Mrs. Margaret Rangi, West Coast

Dr. Lawrence Nagle

Louisa Bhanabhai

Mrs. Kath Meek, Napier

Mr. Nick Mooney

Mr. Keith Day, Hamilton

Mary Bradley

Mrs. Alana Madgwick, Levin

Mrs. Faith Fawcett, Richmond

Elisabeth Vandenberg

Ms. Jusy Clark

Mr. John Dean, Auckland

Ms. Danita Nel, Auckland

Ms. Kathryn Ross, Auckland

Mr. Tony Wood, Upper Hutt

Mr. Cibi Mathai

Mrs. Dorien Preston, Wellington

Mrs. Marie Vaughan, Cambridge

Mrs. Carol Daly, Napier

Mrs. Tina Rapata, Auckland

Mr. Brian Harris, Katikati

Mr. Michael Mcgoff, Wellington

Michael Vanderpump, Palmerston North

Mr. Iliafi Esera, Wanganui

Mrs. Amanda Waldron, Waipawa

Christine Zhou

Mr. Lloyd Vivian, Auckland

Bronwen Summers, Christchurch

Ms. Shirley Nicholas, Nelson

Kathryn Sands

Miss Imogen Cook

Mrs. Simin Williams, Gisborne

Mr. Edward J Crawford, Papakura

Judith Vanderpump, Palmerston North

Mr. Peter McCarthy

Mr. Stan and Helen Rolston, Kapiti

Mrs. Brenda Clark, Napier

Mr. Jonathan Spence, Dunedin

Mrs. Christine Stavrovski, Auckland

Mrs. Joan Adams, Christchurch

Mrs. Gwen Aronsen, Invercargill

Mrs. Fay O'Connell, Whangarei

Ms. Zheng Ma

Mr. Brodie De Gouw, Dunedin

Mrs. Carvell Naomi, Dunedin

Ms. Ann Walker, Whangarei

Mrs. Glenis Thomas, Porirua

Mrs. Sandra Dooney, Napier

Mrs. Nicola Fowke, Christchurch

Mrs. Sandy Burmester, Raumati South

Janet Thompson, Opotiki

Mrs. Val Blair, Invercargill

Mr. Henk Velvis, Akina

Mrs. Gabrielle Mason, Hamilton

Mr. Patrick Hue, Palmerston North

Mr. Caleb Spence

Mrs. Susan Radford, Ruakaka

Mr. Nathan Saunders, Port Chalmers

Mrs. Joy Bevins, Tauranga

Christopher Mawby, Dunedin

Wade Riley, Otane

Mrs. Rosamond Rowe, Bridge Pa

Mrs. Michele Gerbic, Auckland

Graham Pauling, Napier

Mr. Paul Christensen, Putaruru

Mrs. Debi Austin, Waikato

Mrs. Fay Young, Wellington

Mr. Roger Child, Tauwhare

David Newton

Mrs. Elena Affleck, Tauranga

Mr. Kin Ming Tiang, Auckland

Andre Van Heerden

Mrs. Donna Dahm, Waipukurau

Miss Barbara Langridge, Auckland

Mr. Ross Scarlett

Mr. John Gilbertson, Waiohiki

Mr. George Johnston, Tauranga

Mrs. Suzanne Patchell, Howick

Mrs. Paula Pio, Auckland

Mr. Jim Matheson, Pukekohe

Mrs. Leslie Atkins, Matamata

Ms. Merlyn Calvert, Auckland

Ms. Rebecca McNeur, Havelock North

Mrs. Caroline Stephen, Upper Hutt

Mr. Mervyn Stoltz

Anita Lambert, Porirua

Mrs. Jessica Millar, Auckland

Mr. Jason Watson, Christchurch

Ross Nixon

Julie Williams

Mrs. Lisa Blackie, Auckland

Dr. Caroline Newson

Elisabeth Swart, Porirua

Cassandra Thompson

Louise Kelleher

Mrs. Ailsa Stewart, Timaru

Ms. Mandy Siitia, Auckland

Mike Uttley

Dr. Anna De Beer, Hamilton

Mrs. Mara Wang, Auckland

Mr. Guido Van Beek, Palmerston North

Sue Grimshaw, Christchurch

Mrs. Carmel Fuller, Prebbleton

Miss Emma Mills

Irene Brodie, Pukekohe

Sarah Holderness

Mr. Trevor Mcdowell, Tauranga

Mr. Manfred Bucher, Auckland

Mr. Mark Parker, Auckland

Mark Davies, Tauranga

Mrs. Gwenyth Story, Napier

Joyce Wright, Waihi

Mrs. Morgan Anderson, Palmerston North

Mr. Marco Fuini

Mr. Bernard Story, Napier

Mr. Ian Palmers, Hastings

Fred Barrett, Tirau

Kirsten Flett, Mosgiel

Mrs. Julia Blackmore, Rangiora

Antonie Posthuma, Christchurch

Mrs. Ursula (Ulla) Carroll, Whangarei

Mr. Martin Leenders, Pukekohe

Dr. Honor Day, Auckland

Mrs. Bronwen Finn, Auckland

Mr. Gary Taekema, Palmerston North

Hilda Leung, Auckland

Mr. Marty Hewson, Whanganui

Bruce Cutler, Rangiora

Mr. Kieran Fenn, Auckland

Mr. Gary Shand, Timaru

Mr. Norris Lagera, New Plymouth

Hinemoa Mills, Auckland

Mr. Patrick O'Boyle, Christchurch

Mr. Marcus Tuck, Rotomanu

Mrs. Anne Joyce, Christchurch

Karen Brooks

Beverley Hamilton

Mrs. Turia Brackenbury, Woodville

Ms. Mary Sullivan, Nelson

Mr. Jon Short, Papamoa

Dr. Tim Coulter, Taupo

Mrs. Mary O'Boyle, Christchurch

Dr. Jennifer Ma'u, Hamilton

Tineke De Vries, Auckland

Mrs. Judith Craven, Welcome Bay

Lauretta Duinkerke, Hastings

Mr. Tom Carroll, Whangarei

Mr. Adrian Tofts, Whanganui

Jair Duinkerke, Hastings

Miss Paige Taylor

Mrs. Jocelyn Ann Taylor

Mr. Ken Williams, Gore

Ms. Jodi Caughley, Porirua

Mrs. Cheryl Linke

Mrs. Lynette Thomas, Auckland

Ariana Pavelka, Christchurch

Mrs. Michelle Gough, Christchurch

Mr. Louis Draijer

Mr. Alan Crosby

Ms. Danielle Dawson, Hokitika

Patrick Horan, Wellington

Mr. Paul Long, Auckland

Mrs. Katy Walton, Auckland

Mrs. Virginia Marshall, Palmerston North

Mrs. Hannah El Ojeili Da Via (LLB) Hons, Kaeo

Mr. Terence Leamy

Miss Michaela O’Neill, Christchurch

Mrs. Melda Townsley

Mrs. Maria Leinfellner, Masterton

Mrs. Maureen Brodie

Mrs. Marlise Steyn

Miss Kezia De Vries, Feilding

Mrs. Wilhelmina Van Beek, Palmerston North

Mr. Lance Smith, Kamo

Mr. Daniel Mackereth, Auckland

Margaret Reilly

Mrs. Hephzibah Smith, Kamo

Dr. Jane Carman, Ngongotaha

Mrs. Robyn Barnfather, Stratford

Ms. Faimanifo  Lefau Tofi

Mrs. Lisa Harding, Auckland

Mrs. Frances Robyn Bridgman, Auckland

Miss Judy Hayden, Tauranga

Mr. John Merrylees, Rangiora

Mr. Kelvin Turner, Christchurch

Ms. Glenda Rattray, Christchurch

Ms. Grace Wang, Auckland

Mrs. Sarah De Geest, Wellington

Mr. Frank Bull, Auckland

Miss Lorraine O’Malley, Roxburgh

Mrs. Clementine Cuppen, Tauranga

Nicholas Bruce, Rotorua

Ms. Alice Tan, Auckland

Mr. Stephen Campkin, Hastings

Des McMahon, Cambridge

Mrs. Evelyn McBride, Silverdale

Mr. Hans Vaatstra, Whanganui

Mr. Graham Weir, Mosgiel

Joanna Frampton, Christchurch

Mr. Ciaran Moss, Christchurch

Paul Clayton

Mr. Michael Feek, Auckland

Mrs. Susan Wong, Auckland

Mr. Steven Whittle

Mrs. Maryanne White

Mrs. Faten Denis Mukhtar, Howick

Mr. John Pentland, Waikanae Beach

Mrs. Kathryn Thorne, Christchurch

Mr. Stewart White, Kaiapoi

Mr. Victor Ashby, Auckland

Mrs. Adelle Wetere, Auckland

Mr. Carlton Duston, Christchurch

Yvonne Robinson

Mrs. Fiona Oosterbeek, Ararimu Auckland

Mrs. Rhonda Brown, Bluff

Mrs. Megan Carson, Rolleston

Mrs. Pauline McIntosh, Invercargill

Miss Cynthia Wratt

Mrs. Natalie Scott, Wellington

Ron Foley, Chartwell

Mr. Craig Munro, Auckland

Mrs. Melissa Goudie-Park

Mrs. Faye Falloon, Tauranga

Mr. Vincent King, Auckland

Mr. Stephen Burke, Auckland

Mrs. Margaret Bell

Maureen Harte, Collingwood

Mrs. Caroline Nyboer, Masterton

Joanne Frazer

Doug Frazer

Mr. Jared Kriel

Ms. Erika Reid, Hastings

Mrs. Margaret Quiding, Auckland

Mrs. Maureen Dobbs

Mrs. Marilyn Gordon, Islington

Mr. Peter Beban, Greymouth

Elizabeth Julian, Wellington

Mrs. Deborah Porter, Rotorua

Paul Torvik, Parua Bay

Mrs. Angela Symes, Auckland

Mrs. Mavis Huff, Auckland

Amanda Riepma, Gore

Miss Lorraine Ibbotson, Auckland

Ms. Nadine Coe, Auckland

Mrs. Maria Fowler, Mount Wellington

Mrs. Maureen Crook, Lower Hutt

Mr. Simon Wilson, Auckland

Mr. James Loveridge, Chartwell

Mrs. Wendy Caldwell, Hastings

Mrs. Helen Elley, Onewhero

Mrs. Yolanda Marais

Miss Rebecca Leech, Lower Hutt

Mrs. Christine Tasker, Hamilton

Ms. Fay McNeil, Mt Albert

Mrs. Bronwyn Lane, Warkworth

Mrs. Lindsay Metcalf, Whangarei

Mr. Robbie Baker, Auckland

Elisabeth Key, Arrowtown

Dr. Malcolm Dyer

Ms. Margaret Garthwaite, Tauranga

Peter Hartstonge, Lower Hutt

Ms. Cushla Foley, Auckland

Cynthia Korb, Auckland

Ms. Connie Bidwell

Kathy Johnson

Mr. Kurt Mauff, Auckland

Mrs. Emma Bidois, Tauranga

Margaret Broadbent

Mrs. Pauline McMahon

Mary-Anne Drury

Dr. Darion Rowan, Auckland

Mrs. Nel Van Greevenbroek, Westport

Mrs. Rachel Niven, Christchurch

Mrs. Margaret Hall, Hastings

Ms. Maureen Mitchley, Auckland

Evelyn Shoston

Mrs. Helen Vaughan

Miss Tina Bag, Auckland

Mrs. Margaret Joyce Peffers, Petone

Mr. Lyndon Weggery, Christchurch

Mrs. Sandy Eagle, Christchurch

Vikki Stevenson

Dr. Julie Guy, Auckland

Kevin Dobbyn, Auckland

Dr. Steven Williams, Kaiapoi

Mrs. Jeanette Wheeler Barea, Whangarei

Mrs. Leanne Nobilo, Hamilton

Miss Jenny Robb, Auckland

Mr. Rob Pettersen, Auckland

Mrs. Yvonne McNulty, Christchurch

Mr. John Maxwell, Christchurch

Mrs. Lynn Bradford, Kapiti Coast

Miss Anna Watkins

Mrs. Noemi Ponferrada, Christchurch

Mrs. Heather Smolka, Gisborne

Mrs. Christine Wagstaff

Miss Trudy Sturkenboom, Christchurch

Mrs. Gweneth Didcott, Nelson

Walter Walraven, Pinehaven

Miss Kasiku Muyunda, Hamilton

Rachel Haythornthwaite

Wynne Reddish

Andrew Dodds, Gore

Mrs. Ana-Maria Augustino

Mr. John Rudd, Tauranga

Murray Smart, Upper Hutt

Mr. Samisoni Makaafi

Mr. Motekiai Fakatou, Wellington

Mrs. Kirsteen Farah Bickerton, Christchurch

Mr. Peter Hurricks, Christchurch

Mr. Toby Young, Hastings

Leah Akkerman

Mrs. Lena Bennington, Auckland

Miss Cherie Chalmers

Mrs. Coby Cressy, Solway

Mrs. Victoria Cheung-Fook, Auckland

Michele Moore, Christchrch

Miss Sherein Abdel-Al, Wellington

Mrs. Joy Davison, Hastings

Rev. Norma Ardern, Kaukapakapa

Mr. Stephen Wallis, Napier

Mrs. Theresa Browne, Christchurch

Diane Rix, Auckland

Mr. Carl Worthington, Whangarei

Ms. Ingrid Self

Fred Boekhout, Lorneville

Mrs. Pamela Downes

Mr. Andrew Haines, Christchurch

Renee Dey, Wanaka

Mrs. Alison Preston

Mr. Hamish Weir, Gore

Mrs. Alison Oertly, Nelson

Mr. Ian Mabbitt, Woodville

Mr. Donald Melville, Alexandra

Mrs. Elizabeth Bauld, Auckland

Mrs. Claudia Paikea, Wellsford

Mrs. Jean Beynon, Greymouth

Jill Hay, Rangiora

Mrs. Jaia Vucetich, Auckland

Carl Williams, Upper Hutt

Mrs. Sarah McDonald

Les Gribben, Whangarei

Miss Cornelia Van Klink, Christchurch

Mrs. Margaret Mabbitt, Woodville

Mrs. Jacky Ancliffe, Whangarei

Mrs. Judith Stewart, Hamilton

Mrs. Heather McQuoid, Lake Ohia

Mrs. Maria Hoy, Palmerston North

Mrs. Corli Roodt

Mrs. Elizabeth Bauld, Auckland

Miss Nina Lewis

Mr. Kevin McQuoid, Mangonui

Mrs. Rosalie Neame

Gillian Campbell, Christchurch

Zen Gerente, New Plymouth

Alison Taylor, Palmerston North

Mr. Eoin Lawless, Papakura

Mr. Tim Perfect, Tamahere

Miss Anne Driscoll, Petone

Heather Mitchell, Paeroa

David Preston, Wellington

Mr. Aaron Geddis

Mr. Henry Reed, Hamilton

Mr. Kevin Veale, Invercargill

Mrs. Angela Hunt, Napier

Mrs. Raeline Savage, Christchurch

Mrs. Clair Finlay, Hailton

Dr. Philip Church, Auckland

Ross Ward, Feilding

Simone Ammon

Rosemary Laing, Auckland

Mrs. Helen Chester, Auckland

Mrs. Paula Couprie, Christchurch

Mrs. Salome Aiono, Masterton

Dr. Annalia Coetzee

Alisa Pedersen

Mrs. Barbara and Brian Hines, Orewa

Shane Harlen, Upper Hutt

Mr. Eoin McDonald, Albany North Shore

Mr. Stuart Lawson, Pukekohe

Mr. James Richardson

Mr. Peter D'Souza

Mr. Oliver Simpson, Napier

Mrs. Helen Forlong, Hamilton

Warren McRobie, Timaru

Mrs. Jane Ross, Christchurch

Mrs. Gina Hendricks, Hamilton

Mrs. Deborah Armstrong, Christchurch

Mrs. Irene De Haas, Whanganui

Aimee Ross, Christchurch

Philippa Horn, Prebbleton

Mrs. Elisabeth Van Noordt, Waikato

Mr. Geoff Moore, Harewood

Mrs. Bev Black

Dr. Bobbi Laing, Auckland

Mrs. Rebecca Doyle

Mrs. Carroll Isabelle, Auckland

Mr. Roger Cunliffe, Waiuku

Mrs. Evelyn Johnston, Hamilton

Mr. Lawrence Didcott, Nelson

Dr. Graeme Miller, Pirongia

Alison Yeo

Mrs. Shirley Cunliffe

Anne/John Devereux, Dunedin

Mr. Esteban Chevallier Boutell, Wellington

Warren Brocklehurstl, Turangi

Mrs. Lorna Chinn, Taupo

Mrs. Rosemary Lewis

Mrs. Mary Mulhern, Hamilton

Dr. Theresa Mittermeier, Auckland

Mr. George Edward Brian Wilson, Northcote

Mrs. Suzie Osmond, Cambridge

Mrs. Anne Vickers, Te Puke

Mr. James Smith, Taupo

Kellie Ross

Mr. Kris Baines, Warkworth

Mrs. Sian Manning, Katikati

Dr. Eric Lawton, Hamilton

Mr. Francis Yuen, Auckland

Ms. Raylene Berryman, Dunedin

Mrs. April Necklen, Auckland

Mrs. J P Bull

Mr. Peter Clausen, Christchurch

Mrs. Diane Owen-Smith, Taupo

Mr. Brian Pearce, Christchurch

Mr. Andrew Gilhooly, Auckland

Mrs. Shirley Thorner, Christchurch

Ms. Cath Gillen, Pakuranga

Mrs. Margaret Simpson, Auckland

Mrs. Annmaree Sanders, Whititanga

Ms. D. K. Maha, New Plymouth

Mr. Stephen Anso, Kihikihi

Jayne Sutherland, Makara

Derek and Margaret Cahill, Christchurch

Mrs. Kirsty Walker Swears, Hamilton

Mr. Reginald Van Lijf, Hawera

Mrs. Christine Neill, Dunedin

Ormond Wilson, Halswell

Mr. Lester Steel, Katikati

Mrs. Paula Robb, Rotorua

Serena Kelly, Whangarei

Miss Maree Sturkenboom, Reefton

Mrs. Christina Sturkenboom, Mawheraiti

Mr. Alex Penk, Auckland

Mrs. Pamelia Durham, Matamata

Mrs. Val Holmes, Te Kauwhata

Cedric John Kendall

Mr. Chris Paul, Gracefield

Mr. Kek Lim, Dunedin

Mrs. Lisa Verwey

Mrs. Kreszentia Schuurman, Christchurch

Mr. James Hansen, Palmerston North

Mr. Dennis Collins, Tauranga

Mrs. Yvonne Lim, Dunedin

Mrs. Geraldine Wilson, Northcote

Mr. Wayne Muntz, Riverton

Mrs. Brenda Duncan, Whitianga

Mrs. Linda Morley, Motueka

Ms. Isabelle Lim, Dunedin

Mr. Emigdio Alfante, Waitakere City

Dr. Gangambika Mallaiah, New Plymouth

Mrs. Christine Leaf, Papamoa Tauranga

Ms. Carolina Tiumalu, Auckland

Mrs. Natasha Ellis, Otahuhu

Leisa Spence, Galatea

Nicola Preston

Mrs. Sandra Olliff, Auckland

Mrs. Anna Pickett

Mrs. Gael McEwing, Auckland

Maureen Healy, Upper Hutt

Mr. Frank Morley, Motueka

Mr. Arnel Bustillo, Woolston Christchurch

Mr. Johannes Keppler

Mrs. Jo Allan, Pukekohe

Mrs. Sarah Reddington, Wellington

Liz McManus, Tauranga

Mr. Paul Francis, Christchurch

Mrs. Kirsten Turley, Porirua

Mrs. Rosa Wilkes, Invercargill

Mrs. Jenny Roberts, Palmerston North

Mrs. Rachel Cheesman, Bluff

Dr. Bart Vangronsvelt, Queenstown

Mrs. Judy Lam, North Shore City

Julie Kitchen

Pane Kawhia, Ruatoria

Mrs. Glenda Babington, Auckland

Dr. Anna Chae

Nan Hovenden

Jaeseop Chae

Minjai Kim

Mrs. Jean Flanagan

Mrs. Karen Raaymakers, Wanganui

Judith More, Christchurch

Allison Bartlett-Morley

Mrs. Margaret Keam, Otumoetai

Mr. Michael Batstone, Christchurch

Mr. Arthur Barnfather, Stratford

Mrs. Kathleen Batstone, Christchurch

Mrs. Nancy Lebbink, Kaiapoi

Ms. Helen Simmons, Palmerston North

Miss Claudia Campbell, Auckland

Mr. Terry Buckley, Auckland Coatesville

Mr. Arnel Bustillo, "Woolston

Mrs. Charlotte Smith, Glenleith

Mr. Simon Hurricks, Te Kauwhata

Thelma Stevenson, Pauanui

Mr. Julian Howard, Porirua

Bertha Hurleychrist, Christchurch

Mrs. Judi Williams, Blockhouse Bay

Mrs. Helen Mead, Whangarei

Mrs. Diane Taylor, Upper Hutt

Mrs. Rosella Monaghan, Mangere Bridge

Mr. Malcolm Robinson, Tauranga

Margaret Winnington, Nelson

Ms. Michele Burstein, Auckland

Mrs. Margaret Subritzky, Upper Hutt

Mr. John Van Rij, Invercargill

Jonathan Teh

Mrs. Dorothy Debney, Silverstream

Mrs. Nyree Moore

Jim Finnigan, Auckland

Mrs. Mary Alice Burke, Dunedin

Mr. Matthew Caughley, Porirua

Mr. Wayne Stokes, Waiouru

Mrs. Rochie Deocares, Auckland

Mrs. Anisa Pheasant

Mrs. Susan Irwin

Michael Posthuma

Mr. Luke Grayson, Red Beach

Nada Stadtlander

Mr. Doug Braddock, Hibiscus Coast

Mr. Paul Kane, Auckland

Kit Buckley

Esther Thomas

Mrs. Wilhelmina Jannetje Vermeulen, Whanganui

Mrs. Lynette Auckram, Feilding

Clare Dargaville, Northland

Geoff Stokes, Wellington

Mrs. Marinda Pretorius, Tauranga

Ms. Ethne Wyndham-Smith, Wellington

Ms. Victoria Walker

Mr. Jin Wan, Auckland

Renier Pretorius, Tauranga

Jiney Jose

Elsa De Bruycker, Tauranga

Tamara Lancastle, Darfield

Elsie De Bruin, Tauranga

Mrs. Cheryl Thomson, Lower Hutt

Hermanus De Bruin, Tauranga

Carmen Testa, Hawkes Bay

Martinus Pretorius, Tauranga

Mrs. Ulufale Leauanae, Auckland

Mr. Shane Griffin, Tauranga

Helen Houghton, Christchurch

Mr. Alexander Pace, Rotorua-Wellington

Mr. John Peters, Stanmore bay

Jean Osten, Bulls

Ms. Christine Imlay-McLean

Mr. Tony Keenan, Westend

Mrs. Joy Johnson, Rangiora

Mr. Daniel Wilkes, Invercargill

Mrs. Bev Stone, Auckland

Dr. Glenys Currie, Whangarei

Mrs. Lisa Wisler, Katikati

Mrs. Anna Steenkamp, Auckland

Ms. Mary Windsor, Wellington

Neil Adams, Levin

John Crampton, Auckland

Mr. Joseph Lord, Palmerston north

Mrs. Elham Kemp, Auckland

Mrs. Glenda Stratton, Tauranga

Mrs. Diana Palmers, Hastings

Ms. Shirley Atherfold, Wellington

Miss Frances Posthuma, Auckland

Mrs. Janine Sheppard, Warkworth

Miss Elham Azouri, Coromandel

Aileen Brewerton

Mrs. Sue Short, Opotiki

Mrs. Robyn Walker, Katikati

Mr. Bill Sheppard, Warkworth

Mr. Leslie Eden, Oamaru

Mr. Andrew Iupati

Ms. Beth Sampson, Hamilton

Vanessa Nicholl

Helen Damer

Mrs. Wanja Senekal, Silverdale

Mrs. Gail Hunter, Whanganui

Ms. Gabrielle Daly, Motueka

Mrs. Katherine Mclauchlan, Auckland

Mrs. Maddy Worthington, Christchurch

Ms. Claudia Kerley

Mr. Raphael Spiekermann, Paraparaumu

Dr. Hammond Williamson, Christchurch

Mr. John Alpe, Christchurch

Chris Jones

Mrs. Janet Dean, Tauranga

Ms. Elaine Browne

Mrs. Jodie Nelson, Takapau

Mr. Walter Stone, Auckland

Miss Janet Bovett, Auckland

Mr. Markus Linder, Gore

Mr. Jonathan Barkhuizen, Auckland

Mrs. Margaret Ripley, Christchurch

Miss Kenzie Heta, Auckland

Debera Haefele, Auckland

Mrs. Wendy Travis, Auckland

Mrs. Fleur Utting, Otaki

Mr. Kevin Scullion

Elinor Collins Collins, Gore

Mr. Maurice Subritzky, Upper Hutt

Dr. Vikki Bland

Mrs. Angela Bryant, Levin

Mrs. Janice Beban, Christchurch

Mr. Micaiah Gillies, Swanson

Mr. Eduardo Alfante, Auckland

Mrs. Sarah Neary

Mrs. Lesley Dominey, Rotorua

Dr. Peter Tribe, Cambridge

Andrew Mckerrow

Mrs. Sally Seabright, Christchurch

Mr. Murray Eichler, Hamilton

Mr. Glenn Rogers, Waiheke Island

Mrs. Claire Vekony, Upper Hutt

Jacqueline Hurley, Rangiora

Dr. Graham MacBride-Stewart, Auckland

Ms. Jordana Shortal, Christchurch

Mrs. Michelle Arnold, Christchurch

Mrs. Janet Sheila MacBride-Stewart, Takapuna

Mr. David Arnold, Christchurch

Mrs. Ann Ling, Tikipunga

Mrs. Helen Kay, Auckland

Mrs. Sera Tapu-Ta'ala

Mr. Frederick Ling, Tikipunga

Dr. Salina Iupati, Wellington

James T Mackie, Tikipunga

Joe Stevens

Mrs. Ivy Tan

Mrs. Kay Allen

Miss Ann Tomy, Auckland

Dr. Rosalie Evans, Alexandra

Mr. Brian O'Connor, Auckland

Allen andDorothy Dove, Wharehine

Mr. Wytse De Vries, Feilding

Mrs. Frances Hadfield, Tauranga

Mrs. Janine White, Upper Hutt

Bronson Yandall, Auckland

Martin Stevenson, Hamilton

Mrs. Christine Greer, North Shore City

Mrs. Rachel Roberts, Porirua

Cheryl Miller, Tauranga

Mrs. Hayley Lenihan, Masterton

Mary Bhalla

Mrs. Ruth Conder, Auckland

Mrs. Yvonne D’Souza

Ms. Thea Stevenson, Timaru

Danielle Baker

Mr. Nigel Cooper, Waiheke Island

Mrs. Lynn Delany, Reikorangi

Peter Worsp, Kaiapoi

Mr. Tim Smith, Howick

Ms. Hetty Donk

Mrs. June Forrester, Palmerston North

Mrs. Phillipa Gourdie, Christchurch

Mrs. Denise Beerkens, Invercargill

Mrs. Shona Longley

Mrs. Kathleen Jackson, Hastings

Ms. Kerry Montgomerie, Auckland

Mr. Dan Akkerman, Hastings

Mrs. Dorothy Grover, Pinehaven Upper Hutt

Christine Martin, Hamilton

Miss Jean Reid, Napier

Mrs. Phyllis Dalziell, Massey Auckland

Gloria Riddick

Paulus Schuchmann

Murray Martin, Hamilton

Donna Stevens

Mrs. Dalena De Vries, Feilding

Priscilla Stuart, Auckland

Andrew Jackett, Motueka

Mrs. Alison Hazard, Merrilands

Patrick Jackson, Milford

Miss Lynne Mori

Mrs. Diane Barrow, Dannevirke

Mrs. Emma Fifita, Motueka

Mrs. Susan Duthie

Mrs. Erika Locke

Miss Marie Grogan, Napier

Mrs. Perdita Jane Trask, Nelson

Mr. Mark Blackie, Auckland

Miss Anne-marie Grogan Tennet, Napier

Jeff Jones, Christchurch

Mrs. Margaret Strid, Auckland

Mr. W.  Bernadin Kurera, Auckland

Miss Fen-Lan Cherry Chang, Epsom Auckland

Mr. Andrew McLauchlan, Auckland

Mrs. Beth Suckling, Dargaville

Mr. Rob Silcock, Nelson

Mr. Paul Yong, Auckland

Dr. Alex Potanin, Wellington

Ms. Kathryn Burrell, Dunedin

Mrs. Margaret Lindsey, Gisborne

Mrs. Lynda Wilson, Hamilton East

Mrs. Wendy Bouter, Ohaupo

Janet McQueen, Wellington

Mrs. Frances O'Neill

Mrs. Marie Smith

John Rubie, Rangiora

Mrs. Sandra Van de Water, Auckland

Mrs. Helene Walton, Upper Hutt

Mrs. Naomi Kaya

Mr. William Goh Eng Hoe, Auckland

Judith Schwass, Wellington

Mr. Hamish Wood, Paraparaumu

Ms. Venus Yerkovich, Maungaturoto

Mrs. Janice Diez, Hamilton

Mrs. Tui Pasco

Linda Eagle, Napier

Mr. JJ Manning, Christchurch

Mr. John Kinney (I am in full agreement with this letter), Wellington

Mr. Peter Cornwall, Auckland

Mr. Malcolm Garthwaite, Tauranga

Ms. Melania Lui, Wellington

Phillip Weston, North Shore City

Alix Lucas-Fyfe

Margaret McDonald

Michael Walton, Upper Hutt

Carey Conn, Whakatane

Miss Caroline Bowald

Mrs. Susan Sharkey, Wanganui

Mr. Lyn Lindsey, Gisborne

Mrs. Theresa Campbell, Christchurch

Mrs. Sarah O'Brien, Waikanae

Mr. Denis Wood, Paraparaumu

Trevor Clarke, Tauranga

Mrs. Ann Ryan, Wellington

Mrs. Karen Winder

Miss Rachael Clerk, Wellington

Mr. Joseph Gunn, Wellington

Mrs. Philippa Gunn, Wellington

Mrs. Dorothea Russell, Auckland

Sarah Gurney, Otaki

Miss Holly Baines, Warkworth

Mrs. Faith Marshall

Ms. Julie Fenn, Nelson

Mrs. Katrina Derham, Hastings

Mrs. Naomi Tressler, Timaru

Mrs. Susan Kirkham, Lower Hutt

Mrs. Jenny Greening, Christchurch

Mrs. Kathy Courtney

Miss Myah Dobbie

Joanna Wamala, Auckland

Miss Mags Osikai, Tuakau

Roslyn McDonald, Tokoroa

Mrs. Ann Sergeant

Mrs. Mirren Verbeek, Christchurch

Mr. Mary and John Culling, Ashhurst

Mr. Ken Kissling

Mr. Hayden Stephenson, Auckland

Mrs. Rachiel Montalla, Frankleigh Park

Mrs. Helen Gerretzen, Otaki

Mr. Robert Goijarts, Auckland

Mr. Nicolaas Klaassen, Auckland

Julie Rowse

Miss Menen Miranda, Wellington

Miss Alicia Rees, Auckland

Mrs. Katherine Hall

Mr. Statella Giovanni, Glenfield

Mr. Christopher Gerretzen, Otaki

Fr Laisney, Whanganui

Mr. Keith Grafas, Te Puke

Mr. Jason Kelly

Pauline Browne, Tikipunga

Mrs. Lynda Ballard

Ms. Cindy Ruakere, Tauranga

Mrs. Patricia Moosman, Hamilton

Mrs. Olwyn Mcgregor, Christchurch

Jonathan Foster, Wellington

Albert Couperus, Rangiora

Mr. Neil Shipman

Joy Brogden

Sean Ryan

Dean Brogden

Mrs. Annette Rayneau, Tauranga

Ms. Mary McLaughlin, Wellington

Dr. Jeff Hoskins, Tamahere

Mrs. Wilhelmina Cooper, Auckland

Marlena Bayley

Miss Erin Holwill, Gisborne

Mrs. Gayleen Putt, Ngahinapouri

Mr. John Ward, Woodend

Mrs. Lynda Otter, Tamatea

Mr. Mark Putt, Ngahinapouri

Mrs. Dot Chipman, Mangatangi

Mrs. Anna Breed, Auckland

Mr. Nick Bayley, Napier

Mrs. Helen Stephen-Smith, Waikanae

Miss Ruth Hockings, Tauranga

Marc Anthony Van de Laar

Mrs. Elwyn Barnes, Eltham

Mrs. Eileen Healy, Upper Hutt

Mrs. Lynda Domigan, Christchurch

Mr. Matthew Tarbotton, Auckland

Eden Baillie

Mr. Garth Lucas, Dunedin

Mr. Richard Fyfe, Dunedin

Mrs. Margaret Stewart, Waipawa

Mrs. Mary Morgan, Whanganui

Dr. Mark Purchase, Auckland

Mrs. Clare Moore, Waipukurau

Mrs. Gail Cunninghamj, Christchurch

Mrs. Joan Mckerrow, Timaru

Mrs. Arja Amersfoort, Rangiora

Mrs. Kathryn Spiers, Kapiti Coast

Suzanne Proudfoot, Bethlehem

Mrs. Philippa O'Neill, Dunedin

Mr. Don Brebner, Omokoroa

Mrs. Melinda Kerkhoven, Christchurch

Jason Dunick, Auckland

R Brehmer

Mark Roberts, Reefton

Mrs. Lynette Reid, Wellington

Mrs. Margaret Smart, Upper Hutt

Mrs. Irene Peterson, Auckland

Mrs. Chris Vickerman, Paeroa

Mrs. Anneke Majoor, Hastings

Mrs. Julia Du Fresne Kynoch, Waipukurau

Mr. Cees Majoor, Hastings

Dr. Duncan Gadsden, Te Horo

Mr. Stephen Potton

Dr. John Arnold, Dunedin

Mrs. Melania Phoon

Mrs. Angela Potton

Paula White

Ms. Bernadette Zohs

Mrs. Lisa Bryce, Tauranga

Mr. Dean Emmerson, Auckland

Danielle Van der Zwaag, Upper Hutt

Janice Magee

Mr. John David Ajoc, Upper Hutt

S Masterton

Miss Susan Johnson, West End

Mrs. Ellen Lucas, Dunedin

Mrs. Patricia Milne

Dr. Ruvimbo Bangure, Wellington

Ms. Marie Kearney

Ms. Adrienne Nunns-Smith, Greytown

Mr. Mark Penny, Auckland

Mr. Leon Steyn, Auckland

Miss Jo Marsden

Mr. Phillip Groves, Wanganui

Ms. Sophia Nunns-Smith, Wairarapa

John Murray, Kaiapoi

Mrs. Mary Pollard, Raumati Beach

Mrs. Annie Cox, Kaikoura

Miss Elisha Nunns-Smith, Greytown

Mrs. Margaret Rieger, Palmerston North

Mrs. Cynthia Anderson, Papamoa

Tracey Jourdain, Palmerston North

Mr. Richard Law, Palmerston North

Mrs. Denise Pike, Timaru

Mrs. Regina Camacho

Dr. Pippa McLay, Whanganui

Mr. Bill Anderson, Papamoa

Mr. Ralph Kennard, Invercargill

Dr. Philippa Edwards, Greymouth

Mrs. Ana Francisco, Auckland

Miss Brenda Healey, Temuka

Mrs. Michaela Taylor, Gisborne

Mrs. Christine Lancastle

Mr. Douwe Goedhart, Manaia

Mr. Bruce Joslen, Kaiapoi

Mr. Ken Patterson, Shannon

Mr. Nikola Krajancic

Mr. Murray Taylor, Gisborne

Mrs. Diane Scrimgeour, Orewa

Ms. Mary Devine, Motueka

Marianne Versluys, Glenview Hamilton

Mrs. Evelyn Rubie, Rangiora

Mrs. Gina Sunderland, Upper Hutt

Mrs. Janette Johnston, Timaru

Mr. Mark Johnston, Timaru

Ronel Marais

Dr. Graham O'Brien, Nelson

Mrs. Roseanne Sheridan, Oamaru

Mrs. Carol Bracegirdle, Wellington

Mr. David Ward, Lower Hutt

Mr. David Wratt, Nelson

Mr. Russell Vaughan, Redwood

Mr. Neville Muntz, Leithfield

Mrs. Sarah Barham, Queenstown

David Medricky, Franklin

Mrs. Marie Heffernan, Wellington

Mrs. Colette Kyle, Otaki

Miss Jennifer Paul, Auckland

Mr. Richard Huang, Auckland

Mrs. Dilys Watson

Fiona and Grant Meyer

Mr. Mike Walker, Bulls

Hannah Dyson

Mrs. Rae Griffin, Havelock North

Mrs. Andrea Perry, Hamilton

Margaret Curtin, Nightcaps

Mr. David Beckwith

Mrs. Kathie Ritchie, South Dunedin

Edwin Navarro

Mrs. Anja Bruijl, Stoke Nelson

Glenn D Fernandes, Auckland

Mrs. Irene Bignall, Korokoro

Mrs. Anja Van Lijf, Normanby

Mrs. Angela Frazer, Winton

Mrs. Janet Armstrong

Frank and Jennifer Kennedy, Torbay

Mrs. Vivienne Richmond

Mrs. Val Owen

Bronwyn Grant, Havelock North

Mrs. Trish Rankin, Tauranga

John Cleland, Mosgiel

Mr. Peter Foster, Te Aro Wellington

Mrs. Sarah Sims, Thames

Mrs. Sherilyn Bradshaw

Mr. Anthony Leatherbarrow, Upper Hutt

Mrs. Merle Manson, Whanganui

Mrs. Dorothy Ericksen, Auckland

Mr. Salvin Thomas

Mrs. Ingrid Verbokkem, Whitemans Valley

James Heffernan

Ms. Donna Hansen, Auckland

Mrs. Elsie Skelton

Miss Christine Glace Angcla

Mrs. Laura Martin, Hamilton

Mr. Joshua Spence

Mrs. Christine Dykstra, Wellington

Mr. Louis Fick, Ohaupo

Mrs. Marie Grooby

Mr. Allistair Meikle, Gore

Mrs. Ann Meikle, Gore

Mr. Clarry Wellington, Te Awamutu

Mrs. Sarah Fordyce, Browns Bay Auckland

Mrs. Leigh Veale

Dr. Faga Loresio Mario, Papakura Auckland

Mrs. Therese Van Loon, Katikati

Mr. Gary Veale

Ms. Di Bishop, Christchurch

Mrs. Annemarie Barr

Mr. David Fatialofa, Manukau

Mrs. Rosanna Ball

Mrs. Nicola Frogley, Auckland

Dr. Moana Morton-Jones, Paraparaumu

Penelope Walshe, Waikanae

Mrs. Christine Stephenson, Tauranga

Ms. Heather Lowry, Papakura

Mr. Paul Hayes

Mr. Matthew Cook, Whangarei

Mrs. Barbara Mitchell, Nelson

Mrs. Marian Bjerga

Mrs. Smitha Thomas

Mr. Jonathan Shannnon, Browns bay Auckland

Mrs. Gwen Roberts, Auckland

Mrs. Denise Claxton, Auckland

Ms. Celine Collins, Cromwell

Mrs. Sharlene Royle, Lower Hutt

Chris Johnson, Havelock North

Miss Yvonne Crossan

Mrs. Penny Carroll, Auckland

Ms. Helen Dalziell, Warkworth

Miss Yvonne Crossan

Mr. Neville Cross, Timaru

Mr. David Martin, Motueka

Adrian and Trudy Van Noppen, Tauranga

Mr. Antony Urbahn, Auckland

Mr. John Cleary, Dunedin

Marcella Van Zoelen

Justin Thirkell, Wellington

Mrs. Janyth Moore, Rangiora

Mr. Benjamin Ching, Greymouth

Mrs. Margaret Curwood

Mrs. Teresa Cleary, Dunedin

Mrs. Natasha Young, Hastings

Dr. Paula Cummings, Christchurch

Mrs. Irene Donaldson

Mrs. Judith Lorenz, Christchurch

Mrs. Lynne Toomey, Dunedin

Reece Hewitt, Pukekohe

Mrs. Judy Chrystall

Mrs. Harata Wirihana, Lower Hutt

Mrs. Frances Pretorius, Hamilton

Elizabeth Pfahlert, Wellington

Annette Case, Hamilton

Mr. James Foster, Auckland

Dr. Penelope Bilton, Mosgiel

Mr. Rodger Moore, Rangiora

Mr. Kevin Plato, Christchurch

John O'Connell

Miss Yujin Lee, Papakura

Mrs. Hilary Flynn, Auckland

Mr. Ian Corkill, Auckland

Mrs. Sandra Heeringa

Mr. Rolland Pereira, Auckland

Mrs. Christine Kinley, Auckland

Ms. Mary Muir, Auckland

Moe Taboru, Auckland

Mrs. Marianne Senn, Auckland

Mr. John Fong

Mr. Philip Bedford, Whangarei

Mr. Ashley Fernandes, Auckland

Mrs. Lynley MacKenzie

Angela Hickling, Napier

Mrs. Diane Newbold, Auckland

Mrs. Lynda Anderson

Philip Cody, Otaki

Miss Saini Tulutu

Mrs. Isabella Kriek, Whangarei

Gareth Davies, Kumeu

Miss Natalie Whitelock, Hamilton

Graham and Bronwyn Phillips, Hamilton

Mrs. Josie Rohde, Whakatane

Bernie Allen, Auckland

Mrs. Patricia Goodwin, Timaru

Mrs. Yvonne Fletcher, Papakura

Mrs. Valerie Morgan, Hamilton

Mrs. Mary Bailey

Frans Van Schalkwyk

Mrs. Barbara Gault

Mrs. Dalina Armstrong, Carterton

Dr. Iain Ward, Christchurch

Mr. Conor Entwistle

Tony Palmer, Christchurch

Mrs. Rebekah Baines, Warkworth

Mrs. Dawn Raine, Te Awamutu

Mr. John Brosnahan, Ohope

Mr. David Horne, Timaru

Ms. Debora Willis, Waikato

Mrs. Stephanie Horne, Timaru

Mrs. Laura Addinall, Tauranga

Mrs. Vivienne Feeney

Ms. Josephine Volpicelli

Lucila Reyes

Mrs. Claudia Wood, Nelson

Miss Katie Northcott, Tauranga

Mr. Ryan Young, Auckland

Susanne Kyle

Adrian Poole

Jane Rollings, Christchurch

Mrs. Cora Granger, Rolleston

Ms. Carolyn Young, Mayfair

Ms. Katy Grant, Wellington

Catherine Bailey

Mr. Murray Kestle, Hamilton

Dr. Bronwyn Lamond, Kaikoura

Miss Julie Adams, Auckland

Ms. Sandra Inglis

Kevin Waugh, Gisborne

Miss Catherine Gillies, Auckland

Mrs. Beverley Spence, Galatea

Mrs. Pauline Berry, Timaru

Mr. Tom Spence, Galatea

Owen Crequer, Christchurch

Ms. Katherine Luketina, Hamilton

Bronwyn Tait, Kapiti

Shona Macleod, Takanini

Mrs. Maureen Braakhuis, Wellington

Dr. Robert De Laborde, Thames

Mrs. Anita Teh, Auckland

Mrs. Glynis Reid, Christchurch

Mr. Philip Lynch, Upper Hutt

Dr. Corinne Wigfall

Christopher Koe, Auckland

Mr. Dale Imray, Lower Hutt

Mr. Ben Gardiner, Cambridge

Mrs. Katie Van de Laak, Waikato

Mr. Roger Morgan, Wanganui

Mengyun Rao, Auckland

Paul Schirley, Hamilton

Mr. Dean Viviani, Hamilton

Dr. Mark Arbuckle, Auckland

Miss Leanne Den Hartigh, Hamilton

Mrs. Annette Viviani, Hamilton

Miss Liza Wilson

Mr. Matthew Fong, Auckland

Mrs. Sylvia Hartley, Auckland

Ms. Krystyna Porter, Napier

Miss Arna Northcott

Dr. Andreas Leinfellner, Masterton

Mrs. Rosaleen Peden, Morrinsville

Mrs. Jennie Gore, Te Kauwhata

Mr. Jeremy Kaye, Christchurch

Mrs. Georgie Halpin, Auckland

Mrs. Trish Warnes, Rangiora

Quintin Tayles, Whangarei

Janet Buhler, Avonside

Mrs. Pamela Lowrey, Havelock North

Mr. Frank Parry, Hamilton

Joan Koe, Auckland

Mrs. Alison Heckler, Warkworth

Mrs. Marama Mae, Takanini

Mrs. Patricia Williams

Mr. Henry Harrison, Auckland

Mrs. Helen Morgan, Hamilton

Mr. Peter Bell

Ms. Amy Rollings, Christchurch

Mrs. Shirley Smith

Mr. Bob Schimanski

Mrs. Susan Ridley, Porirua

Mrs. Jan Pendergrast, Tauranga

Mrs. Ruth Pearce, Paraparaumu

Miss Editha Gomez

Mrs. Jean Wright, Auckland

Ms. Seena Sebastian

LaiYeen Tham

Mr. Shiu Goundar, Auckland

Ms. Lyeken Kan, Auckland

Susan Gill, Wellington

Miss Gabrielle Hungerford-Morgan, Wanganui

Mrs. Georgia Ria, Gisborne

Mrs. Judy Williams, Merrilands

Mrs. Bijay Goundar, Auckland

Mrs. Donna Lloyd, Omokoroa

Mr. Ian Riddell, Hamilton

Mr. Francis Hungerford -Morgan, Auckland

Mrs. Gloria Pidgeon, Nelson

Mr. David Paul Winnington, Nelson

Mrs. Miriam De Vries, Hastings

Mr. Benjamin Hungerford-Morgan

Ms. Raewyn J Beard, Hamilton

Kathy Sharpe, Wellington

Mr. Robert Pidgeon, Nelson

Mrs. Rosalie Mailand, Auckland

Mr. Kevin Addinall, Tauranga

Mrs. Sue Mower, New Plymouth

Linda Holland

Miss Megan Walker, Auckland

Mr. David Greening, Christchurch

Anthony Benson, Auckland

Miss Faith Chadfield, Whanganui

Hannah Bupha-Intr, Trentham

Mr. John McKenzie

Mr. Joel McBreen, Woodend

Mr. Neil Henderson, Te Karaka

Mrs. Emma Streeter, Hamilton

Mrs. Hannah Dawson, Upper Hutt

Mr. Mark Mitchelson, Auckland

Jason Boyle

Sharon Ferguson, Dunedin

Jason Boyle

Jimmy McCoskrie

Mr. Trevor Wilson, Hamilton

Mrs. Nicola Andrews

Prof. Margaret Lancaster, Wellington

Mr. Kooi Tan

Mrs. Joelle Tait, Auckland

Mrs. Patsy O'Sullivan, Auckland

Mrs. Judy Osborne, Palmerston North

Mrs. Sheila Imbo

Kathy Sterne, Christchurch

Ms. Roslyn Vercoe

Dr. Ian Gwynne-Robson, Eastbourne

Debbie Robinson, Miramar

Mr. Lloyd Wilkinson, Tawa

Mrs. Jacqueline Blackwell

Mr. Sam Goris, Auckland

Mrs. Annamarie Hulley, Hamilton

Ms. Olga Malakhova, Lower Hutt

Mrs. Frann Sawtell

Mrs. Carolyn Kaye, Christchurch

Mrs. Mandy Hoskin, Gisborne

Mrs. Lourdes Banal, Auckland

Mrs. Sonia Keen, Dunedin

Mrs. Renee Dodunski, Waihi

Mr. David McNeill, Auckland

Mr. Eli Moore, Kaitaia

Miss Vidya Furtado, Auckland

Kathleen Cain, Lower Hutt

Liza Dyer

Alison Fistonich, Gordonton

Andrew Fistonich, Hamilton

Mrs. Annetta Moran, Glenfield

Mr. Bradley Fordyce, Palmerston North

Mr. Trevor Brosnahan, Timaru

Charissa Nicol

Mary-Anne Woodfield

Mrs. Donella Coulter, Ashburton

Mr. Chris Markham, Tauranga

Dr. Daniel Ching, Timaru

Ms. Federica Vaino, Wellington

Mrs. Marilyn Portman, Auckland

Mrs. Cheryl OConnor, Nelson

Mrs. Sauhani Joana Mario, Auckland

Jessica Allen

Mr. Barry Gallen, Cashmere

Catherine Tsai, Hamilton

Mrs. Iliganoa Killian, Auckland

Mrs. Victoria Poulgrain, New Plymouth

Mrs. Marie-Jeanette Van der Wal, Christchurch

Mr. Michael Willemse, Hamilton

Dr. Andrew Nicol, Christchurch

Anita Bosgra

Mr. Lyall Duffus, Hamilton

Mr. Keith Wilson, Morrinsville

Monique Riddell, Hamilton

Mel McKenzie, Wellington

Barbara Smith, Auckland

Josephine Stuart, Invercargill

Chiara Velasco

Mrs. Suanny Alcantara

Mr. John Smith, Whangarei

Mr. Bill Moore, Kaitaia

Mr. Matt Johnston, Lower Hutt

Dr. Avril Boyd, Timaru

Mrs. Sylvia Campbell, Auckland

Mr. Michael Ryan, Waiuku

Mr. Philip Cullen, Whangarei

Mrs. Claire Morgan, Auckland

Denise Shirley, Wellington

Marina Pisac, Auckland

Monica Devine, Waterloo

Ms. Patricia Lynch, Auckland

Miss Justine Mitchell, Auckland

Mr. Jude Brodie, Auckland

Mrs. Estelle Henrys, Wellington

Dr. Richard Gee, Auckland

Mr. Philip Rickerby

Kathleen Chave, Te Aroha

Mrs. Pat Titheridge, Auckland

Phil McQueen, Wellington

Miss Mary Campbell, Auckland

Mrs. Ann Yandall, Auckland

Mrs. Angela Dean, Auckland

Mrs. Cherie Hanson, Christchurch

Mrs. Joanne Head, Rolleston

Russell McMahon, Te Atatu

Mr. John Loay

Dr. Mary Tucker, Auckland

John Pettit, Wellington

Mr. Joshua Brodie

Robyn Freeman, Hamilton

Mrs. Juliet O'Brien

Barbara Dineen, Dunedin

Shannon Murphy, Auckland

Mrs. Pennie Farlow, Masterton

Lyn Woodford, Hamilton

Mr. Justin Kitshoff, Auckland

Mrs. Jane O'Connell, Whanganui

Lyn Smith, New Plymouth

Mrs. Jill Guillemin, Warkworth

Mr. Dean Scott

Ms. Monique Madamba, Wellington

Gunter Frohling, Wellington

Bernadette Goulding, Auckland

Sharyn Weeks

Ms. Laura How, Auckland

Mrs. Joy Webb, Tauranga

Mr. John Siew, Auckland

Mr. Peter Weeks, Hairini

Mrs. Gaylene Anderson, Christchurch

Ms. Miriama Eisenhart

Mr. Jeremy Wanhill, Tauranga

Mrs. Helen Sopoaga

Sally Noa, Auckland

Mr. Jonathan Platt

Ms. Elizabeth Ogle, Auckland

Mr. Christopher Romero, Invercargill

Mrs. Sandra Romero, Invercargill

Mr. Benjamin Jon Hodge

Larie Ogle

Mrs. Jill Devlin, Totara Park

Carol-Anne Bailey, Hamilton

Mrs. Trevlyn Lutchman, Totaravale

Mrs. Fiona Arnold, Dunedin

Julie Green, Hamilton

Dr. Kirstie McAllum, Hamilton

Mrs. Catherine Griffin, Wellington

Mrs. Nicole Evans, Auckland

Mrs. Rosemary Newson, Tauranga

Mrs. Melanie Ayers, Christchurch

Mary Pepping, Auckland

Mrs. Jene Lubbe, Christchurch

Mrs. Ann Conaghan, Invercargill

Mrs. Jean Moss, Warkworth

Mrs. Anna Swetman, Tauranga

Sharmaine Muncey, Porirua City

Peter Highsted, Wellington

Mr. Jotham Alex, Auckland

Mrs. Christine Prattley

Miss Louise Malloy

Lydia M. Hall

Mrs. Lisa O’Connor, Kaikoura

Miss Robbie Waenga, Kaitaia

Mrs. Anna-Lisa Stokes

Mrs. Lisa Posthuma, Auckland

Miss Lydia Posthuma, Mairangi Bay

Josephine Gorman, Wellington

Mr. Richard Harward, Auckland

Mrs. Lorraine Marshall

Barbara Kolaczynski

Anetta Lutui

Miss Edel Meleisea-Felix, Auckland

Ms. Lisa Chalmers, Paraparaumu

Ms. Alice Wood, Wellington

Ms. Rosemary Williams

Miss Sophia Torresan, Auckland

Dr. Fiona McLean, Auckland

Mrs. Metilda Morais-Snell, Wellington

Mr. Ralph Burden

Miss Cisca Forster

Mrs. Marty Eldershaw, Upper Hutt

Dr. Jonathan Lee, Warkworth

Mrs. Jean Wong, Auckland

Mrs. Gabrielle Allen, Wellington

Mr. Derek Smith

Mabel Furtado

Mr. Noel Grant, Havelock North

Dr. Robert Kyle, Napier

Larissa Besselaar, Hamilton

Mrs. Judith Griffin

Mr. Phillip Wang, Auckland

Mr. Matthew Perry, Hamilton

Mrs. Christine McClintock, Auckland

Mrs. Elaine Clark

Janie Kingi, Whanganui

Allan & Raewyn Mitchell

Mr. Mark Hillary, Auckland

Mrs. Marie Hillary, Auckland

Mrs. Rosanne Martin, Waitakere

Cornelis Van der Wal, Hamilton

Jill Smith

Ms. Kim Boyce-Campbell, Kaikoura

Dr. Catherine Gray, Hastings

Abigail Baines, Wellsford

Dr. Thomas Reid

Magdalene Kennedy -Good, Lower Hutt

Mr. Robert Leith

Mr. Ken Smith

Mrs. Susan Jones, Auckland

Sharon Calder, Riverton

Mr. Peter Sharpe, Kaitaia

Mrs. Sandra Sharpe, Kaitaia

Mrs. Maureen Oliver, Auckland

Mrs. Sarah Alden

Phoebe Wei

Marcienne Forsman

Mrs. Hilary Lewer, Wellington

Mrs. Sharon Ross, Wellington

Mr. Tony He

Tara O'Brien

Gilda McArthur, Nelson

Mrs. Jocelyn Plumpton, Napier

Mr. Don Alexander, Christchurch

Mrs. Marian Kilgour, Auckland

Mrs. Susan Ferris

Mrs. Maria Schmetzer

Mr. Tom Hockley, Te Awamutu

Mr. Nico Vegt, Hamilton

Mr. L A Huxford, Kapiti Coast

Gordon Plunkett

Adam Augustino

Mrs. Elizabeth Guntur, Upper Hutt

Miss Susan Singer, Porirua

Rachel McKenzie, Auckland

Mr. Norman Mowbray

Mr. Lionel D'Souza, Blockhouse Bay

Mr. John Malcolm, Mangere

Ms. Yvonne Thomas

Mrs. Katherine Smith, Rotorua

Mrs. Belinda Du Piesanie, Auckland

Frances Chen

Mr. Bill McMurray, Hamilton

Mrs. Lisa Rua, Whakatane

Michael Salmon, Christchurch

Mrs. Patricia Wiseley

Mrs. Florence Bruce, Invercargill

Mr. Philip Sampson, Greendale

Mrs. Anne Grierson

Mrs. Coralie Shotton, Christchurch

Mr. Brett Cooper, Auckland

Mrs. Jill Tait, Auckland

Naomi Wilson

Ms. Margaret Buckton, Auckland

Mr. Colin Ayling

Kirsten Alberts, Rangiora

Mr. Sammy Tham, Auckland

Mrs. Marie-Therese Lemmon, Waikanae

Mrs. Marina Tham, Auckland

Colleen Older, Wellington

Miss Naomie Tham, Auckland

Mr. Darrell Mellow, Upper Hutt

Mrs. Bridget Sundgren, Helensville

Warren Frost, Prebbleton

Donna Olive, Stoke

Mrs. Sheela Suresh, Auckland

Mr. Sunil Pinto, Auckland

Mr. Francis Halpin, Whanganui

Mr. Nick Vallender, Whanganui

Mr. Jeh Tham, Auckland

Miss Margaret O'Sullivan, Wellington

Heather Glaysher, Hamilton

Mr. Lloyd Davy, Auckland

Dr. Russell Lienert, Christchurch

Billie Newman, Oamaru

Catherine Anne Harbour

Mrs. Linda Baxter

Mr. Roger Barley, Maunu

Mrs. Sherree Dayal, Auckland

Mrs. Mary Metcalf, Auckland

Mrs. Glenda Whare

Alexia Hanlon, Hamilton

Miss Sophie Matthews, Auckland

Mrs. Jacky De Boer, Rangiora

Leah Watson, Hamilton

Mr. Deepak Pala, Auckland

Neal Wilson, Taradale

Francine Moyon, Lower Hutt

Mrs. Tofamamao Pereira, Auckland

Mrs. Rita Williams

Dr. Sarah Viegas, Rangiora

Mrs. Claudia Klein, Tauranga

Mrs. Christine Grant, Auckland

Mrs. Sarala Keshi Reddy, Auckland

Miss Estelle Woodford-Robinson, Wellington

Mrs. Kate O’Byrne, Blenheim

Ms. Christine March, Auckland

Miss Therese Hungerford-Morgan, Whanganui

Jillian Cody

Mrs. Susan Stiles, Redwood

Lucita Villaflores, Pukekohe

Ms. Ann Brabant, Birkenhead

Mr. Bruce McDonald, Torbay

Reverend Tina Thorpe, Rangiora

Peter Jenkins, Warkworth

Russell Turner

Lee Bouzaid

Mr. Richard McLeod, Auckland

Mr. Dene Vincent, Timaru

Mrs. Karen Greenhow, Dunedin

Mrs. Pauline Norrish, Kaukapakapa

Mrs. Isla Vincent, Timaru

Miss Linelei Sagala-Opa, Dunedin

Mrs. Maryanne Laurie, Raglan

Mr. William Barry, Tauranga

Mrs. Shirley Barry, Tauranga

Dr. Karina Cooper

Miss Sarah Baines

Mrs. Marjory McSaveney, Auckland

Mr. Kelvin Deal, Whakatane

Miss Sharon Newsome, Mt Maunganui

Dr. David Jamison, Auckland

Mr. Richard Austin, Feilding

Miss Priscilla Pyle, Whangarei

Mrs. Susan Bracefield, Auckland

Mr. Paul McBryde, Marton

Hugh Bowron, Dunedin

David Mullon, Richmond

Mr. Stefan Williams

Dr. Alister Miller, Hastings

Mrs. Pauline Dann, Napier

Mr. Rodney Shepherd, Kensington

Mrs. Fay Coventry, Gore

Mr. Nicholas Cullen, Whangarei

Edna Evans, Tauranga

Ms. Theresa Brown, Wellington

Miss Tricia McDonald

Miss Maureen Glassey, Auckland

Donald Kempt, Christchurch

Ms. Valerie Hargreaves, Waitara

Mr. Graham Silkstone

Ms. Deborah Archer, Riwaka

Mrs. Stacey Leenders, Upper Hutt

Carolyn Simpson, Christchurch

B Martin, Auckland

Mrs. Marie Stafford, Christchurch

Mr. Colin Beaumont

Therese Barry, Otaki

Mrs. Siutaisa Pua, Auckland

Mrs. Melodie Groube, Paraparaumu

Miss Monique Barrow, Hamilton

Dr. Jennifer Macleod, Dunedin

Sheree Haycock, Beachlands

Mrs. Colleen Deighton

Mrs. Leona Foster, Wellington

Mr. Sam Woolf, Wellington

Mrs. Janine Dann, Rongotea

Mr. Donald Schwartfeger

Mr. Kerry McKewen, Auckland

Mrs. Fiona Vincent, Waiuku

Ms. Victoria Boffey, Auckland

Mr. Anton Ten Hove, Christchurch

Nicola Sandbrook

Mr. Paul Hegglun, Christchurch

Mrs. Pamela Cotter, Auckland

Mrs. Joanne Yuhayco, Whangarei

Mr. Quiryn Wassenaar, Auckland

Mr. Michael McDonald, Auckland

Miss Dimitra Courtney, Auckland

Mrs. Susan Trendall, East Coast Bays

Mrs. Patricia Hofsteenge, Wellington

Ms. Moya Gardner, Whangarei

Anne Offolter, Dunedin

Mr. David Walker, Christchurch

Sita Pereira

Rachel Brown

Dr. Aine McCoy, Wellington

Mark Chamberlain

Mrs. Margaret Jones, Paraparaumu

Adrienne Rodgers

Mrs. Elizabeth Houliston, Gore

Ms. Barbara McBeath

Sylvia Morgan

Mrs. Judith Wheeler, Waikanae

Zara Pyle

Mrs. Lynne Scheidegger, Whakatane

Mrs. Jill Ogle

Caroline Loo

Mrs. Seema Woollaston, Auckland

Mrs. Heather Driessen, Rangiora

Mr. Brian Wheeler, Waikanae

Mrs. Carmel Hoeft, Auckland

Ms. Beverly Hill, Wellington

Mr. Patrick Murray, Christchurch

Mrs. Fiona Simpson, Dunedin

Jennifer Crump, Dunedin

Mrs. Catherine Mellow, Upper Hutt

Mrs. Gwynneth Denise Reynolds, Canterbury

Mr. John Cullen

Mrs. Maureen Smithson, Paraparaumu

Evelyn Gutierrez

Mr. Keith Smithson, Paraparaumu

David and Keren Pickering, Christchurch

Karen Livingston, Auckland

Pamela Hopkins, Auckland

Mr. Glen McConnell, Christchurch

Morné Labuschagne, Pukekohe

Thérèse Oliver, Auckland

Mrs. Lusia Enoka

Ron Hay, Castle Hill

Mrs. Pamela Elliot, Tauranga

Mr. John Shone, Havelock

Mrs. Rebecca Steer

Mrs. Judith Shone, Havelock

Mrs. Helen Bedford, Whangarei

Mr. Mario Petralia, Brisbane

Mr. Gary Elliot, Tauranga

Mrs. Carol Barnard, Christchurch

Mr. Owen Lynch

Mrs. Anne Russell-Brighty, Christchurch

Mrs. Jane Briant-Turner, Auckland

Mrs. Marion McEwing, Dargaville

Mr. Jeffrey Ross, Christchurch

Wendy Stokes, Rangiora

Mrs. Kim Shaw, Wellington

Mr. Cameron Grindlay

Mrs. Suzanne Gasson, Auckland

Mrs. Noela Rendle, Christchurch

Mrs. Chrissy Kooger, Whangaparaoa

Mrs. Kathryn Tupou, Kolomotua

Mrs. Marie Baxter, Feilding

Mrs. Anna Hemsley, Auckland

Dr. Sylvia Pack, Wellington

Ms. Alison Reichenbach, Wellington

Mrs. Anne-Marie Sutherland, Palmerston North

Mr. Brent Probert, Palmerston North

Dr. Prue Murdoch, Dunedin

Mr. Peter Stafford, Christchurch

Mrs. Claire Holley, Greymouth

Miss Petra Riddell, Gordonton

Mr. Alan Holley

Mrs. Leanne MacDonald, Auckland

Mrs. Karen Knauf, Tauranga

Mrs. Margaret Swinbourne, Palmerston North

Mr. Andrew McIntosh

Mrs. Kirsten Eyre

Mr. Joshua Eyre

Miss Elena Saunders, Hamilton

Mr. Philip Holder, Auckland

Mr. Richard Graham

Mr. Greg McMullan, Christchurch

Mrs. Riety Roughton

Jodie Rollings, West Melton

Lindy Nevill, Mosgiel

Mrs. Ann Armstrong, Geraldine

Michelle Teahan

Katherine Miras, Richmond

Susan Gill, Southbridge

Mr. Stephan Van der Zwaag

Mrs. Wilhelmina Draijer, Richmond

Mrs. Karen Uttley, Enderley

Miss Samantha Catchpole, Hamilton

Mrs. Maria Vogelbein, Kihikihi

Mrs. Vivienne Thorne, Dunedin

Lisa Swan

Mrs. Beth Subritzky, Maraetai

Mrs. Claudia Wiesner

Mr. Jackson Fletcher

Mrs. Barbara Graham, Auckland

Mr. Dean Murrell, Christchurch

Miss Roshana Ching

Mr. Kevin Barrron

Mr. Jason Hall, Makarau

Mrs. Robyn Murray

Mr. Paul Tetley, Auckland

Mrs. Margaret Higgins

Mr. Christopher Piper, Wanganui

Mr. Terry Mullins, Wanganui

Mrs. Johanna Bertram

Mrs. Wendy Matthews, Auckland

Mr. Rockey Smith

Mr. Stewart Bent

Geoff Murdoch, Dunedin

Mrs. Anne King, Point Chevalier

Mrs. Agnes Gruijters, Auckland

Karen Phillips

Miss Bernadette Vidya Anthony Mohan, Wellington

Mr. Peter Fletcher, Palmerston North

Mrs. Barbara Dennison, Porirua

Mrs. Dianne Wildbore, Feilding

Mr. Murray Aikenhead

Anne Van den Broeke

Mr. Neil Summers, St Heliers

Mrs. Linley Van Echten

Maria English

Mrs. Deirdre Dobson-Le, Dunedin

Mrs. Negin Imani, Wellington

Anthony and Catherine Molloy, Morrinsville

Jim and helen Grayson, Red Beach

Mr. Michael Ferri, Hamilton

Mrs. Olive De Laborde, Thames

Dr. Mary Zajkowski, Petone

Dr. Penny Henley, Napier

Hinemoa Carpenter, Swanson

Mr. Ben Shepherd, Hamilton

Mrs. Josie Taylor, Hastings

Dr. Graeme McCrory, Hastings

Dr. Fred Van Gelderen, Dunedin

Mr. Isaac Poole

Mr. Christopher Blair Donkin, Dunedin

Mrs. Dale Lalonde

Mr. Paul Lalonde, Feilding

Mrs. Teresa Hooper

Ashley Gilbert, Dunedin

Neville White, Feilding

Mr. Chris O'Brien, Christchurch

Miss Emily Maguire, Auckland

Mr. Adrianus Verbokkem, Wainuiomata

Ms. Donna Burgess

Heather McLaren

Mrs. Jessica Gough, Christchurch

Ms. Anna Kozyniak, Wellington

Mrs. Stephanie James-Sadler, Lower Hutt

Dr. Deborah Proverbd, Hamilton

Ms. Lessy Joseph, Churton Park Wellington

Mrs. Maria Corkin, Auckland

Mrs. Rebecca Lennie, Christchurch

Mrs. Margaret Sainty, Lower Hutt

Jo Austin, Christchurch

Mr. Roger Sainty

Mrs. Catherine Larsen, Feilding

Mrs. Alison Kurene, Christchurch

Mrs. Margaret Williams

Pat McGonagle

Mrs. Diana Edwards, Upper Hutt

Mrs. Maureen McDonald, Orewa

Mrs. Jennifer McPhee, Christchurch

A Crampton, Auckland

Mrs. Elizabeth Sutherland, Gisborne

Mrs. Raewyn Lamond, Paraparaumu

Mrs. Ruth Benfield, Christchurch

Mr. John Lamond, Wellington

Carol Molloya, Auckland

Miss Amanda Rogers, Lower Hutt

Dr. Susan Genner, Tauranga

Kerry Gooch

Mrs. Merilyn Rigg-Weston, Carterton

Michele ONeill, Auckland

Mr. Joel Shepherd, Hamilton

Mr. Paul Houston, Feilding

Mr. Steve Hoy, Hamilton

Mrs. Audrey Stuart

Mr. Levi Reid, Horotiu

Marilyn Hearn, Rotorua

Mr. Sanjeev Nand, Hamilton

Mrs. Gayle Harrison, Auckland

Mrs. Jocelyn Marsh

Mrs. Faten Denis   (Mrs) Mukhtar, Howick

Mr. Robert Lynn, Levin

Miss Anne Doherty, Papakura

Ashleigh Hampson, Marton

Mrs. Rhondda Vincent, Runanga

Miss Margaret Asher

Natalie Duchesne

Mr. David Merriman, Pakuranga

Miss Esther Jenkinson, Waipawa

Chris Spark, Christchurch

Mr. Harrison Fleming, Auckland

Dr. Ruth Bollen, Auckland

Mrs. Helen Keast, Cambridge

Mrs. Barbara Johnston, Tauranga

Mr. Samuel Johnston, Tauranga

Philippa Maurer, Auckland

Lynda Kamphuis, Hamilton

Mrs. Mary Butler, Blenheim

Mrs. Cheryl Tumai

Mrs. Elisabeth Legg, Auckland

Miss Angela Wratt, Nelson

Mrs. Judy Bailey, Otaki

Mrs. Nancy Leahy, Inglewood

Mrs. Belinda Stott, Christchurch

Mr. Alan Hughes, Feilding

Mr. Raymond McKendry, Dunedin

Mrs. Margaret Pritchard, Feilding

Dr. Lorna Macann, Waikanae

Pat Grimes, Tauranga

Mrs. Kiri Spraggs, Te Puke

Mrs. Raewynne Breman, Tauranga

Mrs. Bridget Ryan, Christchurch

Raewyn Jenkins

Petilisa Matangi, Auckland

Mr. Stephen Oldfield, Feilding

Diana Neild

Mrs. Leigh Guddat, Whangarei

Dr. Steve Withington, Christchurch

Mrs. Maureen Cairns, Red Beach

Mrs. Jean Simpson, Auckland

Nina Wright, Christchurch

Mrs. Anna Moore

Mrs. Christine Mulligan, Dunedin

Sylvia Parkin

Mr. Uaita Levi, Manurewa

Dr. Richard Goodwin, Cambridge

Mr. Benjamin Truman, Christchurch

Mr. Roderick (Rory) Redmayne, Christchurch

Miss Susan O'Loughlin

Dr. Amanda Landers, Christchurch

Mr. Joel Shoaf, Napier

Mr. Rob Nelson

Mr. Jeremy Neild, Palmerston North

Mr. Geoff Payne, Wellsford

Miss Alex Powell, Wellington

Mrs. Alison Gray, Dunedin

Mrs. Melissa Hodgkinson

Mrs. Johanna Whittaker, Chartwell

Miss Florence Tapiki, Hamilton

Mr. Richard Berghan, Hamilton

Mrs. Deborah Scheib, Wellington

Mrs. Christine Carter, Papamoa Beach

Miss Jemesa Landers, Dunedin

Andrea Davies, Kumeu

Dr. Debbie Keith

Lois Emson, Matamata

Mr. Thomas Boyce

Harry Oudenhoven, Auckland

Sharleen Walker

Mr. Kevin Shone, Nelson

Mrs. Julie Courtenay

Mrs. Sara Jane Kowalewski, Hamilton

AC Suen

Mrs. Tessa Keast

Mrs. Angie An

Mrs. Kathryn Clout, Tauranga

Cherie O'Sullivan, Tauranga

Mr. Peter Leong, Auckland

Bert Jackson, Hamilton

Etaine Murray, Tauranga

Dr. Elias Martis

Mrs. Marilyn Burton, Cambridge

Mrs. Dorothea Van der Zwaag, Upper Hutt

Mr. Douglas Barnes, Tauranga

Mrs. Priscilla Martis, Auckland

Dr. Monica Johnson, Wellington

Mr. Eli Whitten, Hamilton

Mr. Jonathan Suen, Auckland

Mr. Bent Bent, New Plymouth

Mrs. Heather Whitehead, Auckland

Mr. Graham Leech, Upper Hutt

Dr. Amanda Sommerfeldt, Invercargill

Niamh Fletcher, Hamilton

Mrs. Katherine Briant, Auckland

Mr. Josh Fawcett

Mrs. Gillian Linton, Auckland

Mr. James Irwin, Normanby

Mr. Charlie Poihipi

Mr. Johan Slabbert

Cindy Handwatch

Mrs. Robin Twemlow, Whitianga

Mr. Nick Wilson, Palmerston North

Mrs. Maureen Murfitt, Auckland

Patrick Mullin, Ashhurst

Bernadette Joyce, Christchurch

Anna Bjerring, Hamilton

Marie Dale, Auckland

Mr. Jairus Robb

John De Senna

Sarah Peacock

Mrs. Beth Cunningham, Auckland

Mr. Paul Eden, Oxford

Mr. Geoff Dale, Auckland

Mrs. Bertha Clarke, Hamilton

Mr. Paul Mortensen

Waldina O'Kane, Upper Hutt

Ms. Te Koingo Acton, Wellington

Miss Katherine Whaley, New Plymouth

Mrs. Juan Withington, Christchurch

Dr. Edward Alexander Johnston, Darfield

Mrs. Maria Ekens

Mr. Stephen Michael Hickey, Orewa Auckland

Dr. Naomi Barley, Havelock North

Mrs. Jill Thurston, Tauranga

Julie Calkoen, Hastings

Mr. Howard Thurston, Papamoa

Mrs. Christine Johnstone, Masterton

Mrs. Jackie Austin, Te Awamutu

Mr. AJ Key, Queenstown

Mr. Bryan Edwards, Christchurch

Mark Mitchell, Hamilton

Matt Warner

Mrs. Rosalie Goodwin

Mr. Colin Dawson, Tokoroa

Mr. Donald Goodwin

Mrs. Margaret Carson, Upper Hutt

Mrs. Carolina Meintjes

Mr. Kobus Meintjes

Mrs. Margaret Mortensen

Mrs. Nikita Austin

Mrs. Sue Van Schreven, Queenstown

Fredrika Meintjes

Ken Light, Lake Hawea

Mrs. Anne Degia-Pala, Auckland

Mr. Anton Cochrane, Nelson

Mrs. Beryl Rothwell

Mr. Murray Hewitt, Palmerston North

Wendi Wicks, Wellington

Mrs. Emma Jukes, Napier

Helen Grayson

Mrs. Linda  Rose Henderson, Hamilton

Sally Hanna, Hamilton

Miss Kelly Abernethy

Mrs. Janette Busch, Christchurch

Kathleen McGurk

Katrina Kraenzlin, Matamata

Mrs. Brenda Botha, Whangaparoa Auckland

Mrs. Glenys Knopp, Darfield

Mrs. Lucy Marayag, Timaru

Mrs. Chris O'Sullivan

Mr. Eddy Knol

Mairi Barrett, Onehunga

Mrs. Pamela Gray, Palmerston North

Mrs. Chevelle Tunnell, Invercargill

Sheryl Rogers, Ashhurst

Mrs. Judith Eaton, Christchurch

Mrs. Audrey Mitchelk, Napier

Mr. Eŕrol James, Timaru

Mr. Jim Vince, Christchurch

Mr. Anthony Royal, Tauranga

Mrs. Jan Gerring, Hamilton

Dr. Renita Martis

Mr. Stephan Blackford

Mrs. Catherine Trueman, Raglan

Mr. Joseph Beamish, Dunedin

Mrs. Monica Calis, Auckland

Catherine Johnstone, Christchurch

Carmen Armstrong

Dr. Judith Millar, Christchurch

Mrs. Samantha Whyte

Ms. Jennine Kelleher, Hamilton

Rosalind Godfrey

Meryl Hessell, Te Puke

Ms. Marianne James, Nelson

Mr. Ken Shelley, Christchurch

Ms. Sarah Crawford, Porirua

Cristina Bocaniala, Orewa

Mrs. Marie Reed

Mr. John Clayton, Matamata

Josephine Benali, Porirua

Mrs. Michelle Morris

Mr. Andrew Mitchell, Napier

Cara Jowers, Auckland

Mrs. Wendy Baird, Masterton

Mr. Kyle Walton, Auckland

Melanie Squires, Napier

Miss Barbara Berkett, Tauranga

Colin Campbell

Patricia Plummer, Napier

Mr. Barry Vaughan

John Whiting, Wellington

Ruth Bowers, Wakari Dunedin

Elspeth Lewis, Tauranga

Trevor Brewer, Tauranga

Mrs. Becky Steel, Auckland

Jocelyn Streeter, Napier

Mr. Russell Wilson, Bellevue

Mrs. Carolyn Forlong, Taumarunui

Mrs. Tania Pause, Auckland

Mrs. Deborah Willoughby, Wellington

Anne Newbold, Cambridge

Mrs. Margaret O'Brien, Christchurch

Sue Hine, Wellington

Mrs. Karen Richardson, Taumarunui

Mrs. Margaret Hunt, Marton

Mr. Kevin O'Brien, Christchurch

Rose Lange

George Streeter

Mr. Nigel Mander, Upper Hutt

Mr. Noel Miers, Gordonton

Mr. Stephen Lundall, Napier

Mrs. Whiromena Acraman, Whitianga

Aroha Paki, Christchurch

Mrs. Nelda Hazelhurst, Whanganui

Mr. Michael Chandler, Christchurch

Miss Arohaina Whareaitu, Whanganui

Mrs. Margaret Carswell

Mrs. Sue Allen, Eltham

Mrs. Lenie Nilsen, Paraparaumu

Ms. Elizabeth Shewan, Otautau

Mrs. Lorraine Clark, Reporoa

Mr. Levi Trewavas, Auckland

Mrs. Veronica Leggett, Matamata

Mrs. Vivienne Kempthorne, Auckland

Mrs. Carla Standen, Whanganui

Mrs. Stephanie Harawira, Auckland

Kate Ogden, Christchurch

Heather and Ernest Dickson, Gordonton

Mr. John Biersteker, Levin

Mrs. Wilma Biersteker, Levin

Dr. Martin Sullivan, Palmerston North

Siliaga Ale

Mrs. Lisa Lassing

Isaac Harris

Ms. Vicki Terrell, Auckland

Chris Ford, Dunedin

Mrs. Mary Nash, Palmerston North

Ms. Lynn Michel

Ms. Patricia Wakefield

Mrs. Elaine Herbert

Mr. Colin Lamond, Tauranga

Miss Lee Ngatoa, Whanganui

Mrs. Rose Ansley

Mr. Lew Marsh, Feilding

Mrs. Nila Uili, Lower Hutt

Mrs. Beverley Marsh, Feilding

Mrs. Mel Zajkowski

Mrs. Jenny Bird

Mr. Maurice Howe, Whangarei

Adam Millen

Miss Grace Bucknell

Miss Judy Davis, Auckland

Mrs. Kara McLean, Hawera

Murray Bishop

Jay Mclean

Miss Eliana Tamihana, Hamilton

Mrs. Nancy Jamieson, Whakatane

Mrs. Lyn Spence, Rangiora

Mr. Bill Spence, Rangiora

Dr. Stephan Pretorius, Tauranga

Florence Assemat

Ms. Claire Matthews, Wellington

Mrs. Brenda Lees

Prof. Sarah Derrett, Dunedin

Christine Hatchard, Ngongotaha

Donna Henstock, Hamilton

Mr. David Sale, Rangiora

Mrs. Evelyn Jean Hodgkinson

Mrs. Elizabeth Kennedy, Christchurch

Mrs. Jenna-marie Hoyle, Whanganui

Ms. Annette Ranson, Waikanae

Mike Du Plooy, Tauranga

Mr. David John Hodgkinson, Napier

Miss Naomi Gratty, Dunedin

Michael Sweeney

Mrs. Patrice Barron

Mr. Joost Paans, Masterton

Floris Visser

Dr. Hilary Cleland

Michael Monk, Hamilton

Mrs. Serena Leong, Auckland

Mrs. Miriam Sage, Hastings

Ms. Margaret Fletcher, Matangi

Mrs. Amadea Simmonds, Tauranga

Mrs. Margaret Briant, Auckland

Ashley Kowalewski

Mrs. Marian Evers

Mrs. Louise Rostron, Whanganui

Miss Katrina De Roo

Dr. Carissa Fonseca, Auckland

Mrs. Regan Coker, Wanganui

Ms. Joanne Lim, Auckland

Mr. Rob Haughey, Christchurch

Megan Emery

Dr. Johanna Coetzee

Anna Rostron

Alison Goosen, Whanganui

Miss Kim Powers

Ms. Elina Moss, Dargaville

Mrs. Aletta Van velthuizen

Mrs. Betty Wilkings, Auckland

Mr. Dirk Van Velthuizen

Mr. Fredrik Willem Van Beek, Greytown

Miss Cheryllyn Caetano, Northland

Ms. Marlene Wipane, Auckland

Mrs. Lisa Stewart, Matamata

Mrs. Elizabeth McKay, Christchurch

Mrs. Lesley Parker, Christchurch

Mrs. Ruth Harrison

Mrs. Estelle Pape, Auckland

Mr. Bernard Wilkins, Christchurch

Miss Louise Averill, Auckland

Helene Fourie, New Plymouth

Sally Boom

Mr. Marinus Van der Put, Masterton

Mrs. Cornelia Van der Put, Masterton

Helen Cummings, Opawa

Mr. Jonathan Clark

Dr. Hans De Ruiter, Wellington

Mr. Leonard Buttner

Mr. Gavin Topp, Christchurch

Mrs. Marianne Vine, Whanganui

Tim O'Sullivan, Christchurch

Alexia Walua, Hawera

Mrs. Suzanne Staveley, Hawera

Mr. William Fay, Wanaka

Mrs. Mariasol O'Sullivan, Christchurch

Mrs. Mary Brown, Papamoa

Mr. William Brown, Papamoa

Mr. Adam Sutcliffe, Christchurch

Mrs. Ada Geuze, Carterton

Mrs. Gloria Forman, Christchurch

Mrs. Lauiula Sula

Mrs. Jan Jopson, Mosgiel

William Stuart Brown, Papamoa

Charlene Hape, Tauranga

Mr. John Wilkie

Mrs. Josie Coronado, Hamilton

Mr. Greg Fenner, Auckland

Sheryl Read, Wanganui

Mr. Kevin Forman, Christchurch

Mr. Josh Crozier, Auckland

Mrs. Fiona Reid, Auckland

Anna Cullen, Timaru

Mr. Peter Jackson, Christchurch

Mrs. Elizabeth Stolten, Auckland

Mr. Blair Houghton, Hamilton

Mr. Robert Clarke, Helensville

Heather Burnan

Carmen Smidt, Wanganui

Mr. Johannes Van Rijn, Carterton

Mrs. Margaret Coote

Nigel Trolove, Oxford

Chris & Pat Barfoot, Auckland

Miss Maryann Leong, Auckland

Ms. Lisa Storm, Auckland

Mrs. Joy Ellis

David Withington

Mrs. Heather Cassidy

Mr. Tony Azouri

Mrs. S Poppe

Glory Riddick, Hawera

Robert Densem, Auckland

Mrs. Lia Visser, Greytown

Mr. Brent Gary Sanders, Whitianga

Ms. Honora Kearns, Christchurch

Ms. Julie Walker, Lawtence

Mrs. Lisa Barlow, Dunedin

Miss Julia Schmetzer

Mrs. Margaret Van Dorp, Gisborne

Ms. Christina Sem, Waikato

Mr. Gerard Duignan, Lower Hutt

Marian Mephan, Auckland

Mrs. Paula McIntosh, Auckland

Mrs. Yvonne Nicholls

Mrs. Tracy McLeod, Timaru

Mr. Fa’amanu Telea, Christchurch

Mr. Steven Warrington, Whanganui

Mrs. Gillian Flores

Ms. Donna Jessie, Tauranga

Helen Barry, Christchurch

Noeline Gibbons, Matamata

Kerry Gibbons, Matamata

Miss Alana Mays, Masterton

Mr. Richard Ellis, Palmerston North

Mrs. Kath Wells, Upper Hutt

Wes Hinckes

Mr. David Black, Rangiora

Mary McElhinney, Hamilton

Miss Jenny Green, Dunedin

Mrs. Lois McMurdo, Invercargill

Miss Lesley Dawson, Hamilton

Mr. David Starkey, Greenlane

Mr. Robert Claydon, Auckland

Mrs. Thelma Aperloo, Carterton

Mr. Brian Gardner, Christchurch

Mr. Arie Wessels, Carterton

Mrs. Glenda Kimpton, Ngaruawahia

Mrs. Kathi Ryder, Christchurch

Ms. Michelle Anderson, Stratford

Naomi Twigden, Auckland

Deborah Brunton, Auckland

Mr. Johan Van Zyl

Ms. Elaine Di Campo

Mrs. Joy Allen, Cambridge

Mr. Kyoung sub Lee, Auckland

Robyn Hunt

Mrs. Sola Chand, Auckland

Mr. Simon Archer

Mr. John Binns, Tauranga

Mrs. Gwen Binns, Tauranga

Mrs. Elizabeth Brown, Wellington

Mr. Sisaro Bulatiko, Auckland

Mrs. Jo Dey, Tauranga

Mrs. Rosalind Gale, Christchurch

Ms. Lynda Jellyman, Hamilton

Dr. Ruth Moore

Mr. Derek Houghton, Hamilton

Mrs. Christine Fraher, Christchurch

John Collier

Dr. James Ng

Jane Dick, Christchurch

Peter K Wilden

Mrs. Cynthia Kernohan, Auckland

Mrs. Dayna Gray, Auckland

Mrs. Philippa Watson, Christchurch

Mrs. Margaret Cowan, Marchweil

Ms. Melanie Perry, Christchurch

Ms. Mischele Rhodes, Otorohanga

Mrs. June Starr, Auckland

Mrs. Maria Shadbolt, Wellington

Mrs. Mary Botha, Lyttelton

Anjali Kemp, Auckland

Dr. Graham Sharpe, Wellington

Mr. James Weir, Gore

Leen Amersfoort

Catherine Suen

Miss Holly Roughton, Auckland

Mrs. Sally Bosch, Martinborough

Jo Houghton

Mr. Jim Kloeg, Hamilton

Miss Margaret Maisey, Auckland

Mrs. Vanessa Mason, Whanganui

Annaliese Johnston, Wellington

Toetu Nuualiitia, Auckland

Mrs. Annette Handley, Remuera

Mrs. Maretta Rees, Crawley West Sussex

Mr. David Redfern, Dunedin

Mrs. Vicki Nuualiitia, Auckland

Mrs. Mary Savill, Tauranga

Mrs. Deanna Bosenius, Hamilton

Elva Prier, Tauranga

Dr. Roger Oed, Hamilton

Mrs. Rowena Monk, Hamilton

Mrs. Janet Williams, Prebbleton

Mrs. Jenny Smart, Christchurch

Dr. Karen Rowan, Wellington

Mrs. Jennifer Kennedy, Torbay

Adriaan Du Plooy

Mr. Kerrin Thomson, Auckland

Mrs. Nicola Badger, Auckland

Mrs. Aileen Holland

Ms. Peggy Lee, Auckland

Mrs. Tracey Luxford

Mrs. Miriam Ten hove, Hamilton

Mr. Jacobus Aperloo, Carterton

Mr. Anthony Ten hove, Hamilton

Dr. Mary Breheny

Miss Emma Kelly, Christchurch

Ms. Nelly Slabbekoorn

Rose Stuart-Menzies

Neil Menzies

Mrs. Melissa Jeffries, Blenheim

Mr. Mark Jeffries, Blenheim

Mrs. Frances Leibbrandt, Whanganui

Lee Mccracken

Mrs. Jasmin Alexander, Waitara

Mrs. Renee Van Praag, Wairarapa

Ivor Jacobsen, Auckland

Mrs. Catherine Stack

Miss Hester Vroon

Mrs. Felicity Logan, Feilding

Mrs. Heather Wingfield, Dunedin

Rita Hargreaves

Mrs. Jane Young, Wellington

Mrs. Janette MacKay, Auckland

Miss Elizabeth O’Sullivan

Beverley Pattinson

Ms. Siew Yoke Tay, Auckland

Mrs. Nel Van barneveld, Carterton

Mr. Chris Potgieter, Albany

Mr. Chris Konings, Timaru

Mrs. Marie Bishop, Orewa

Mr. Wai Choy Chong, Auckland

Mr. John Hugo McGrath, Auckland

Bernard Bottrill, Carterton

Ms. Kerry Gaffaney, Levin

Nicole Garey, Greenhithe

Therese Matheson, Christchurch

Prof. David Robb, Auckland

Mrs. Fiona Caughley, Christchurch

Mrs. Amanda Kraak

Mrs. Erana Wojtas, Christchurch

Mrs. Bernadette Wan, Auckland

Mr. Paul Cornish, Hawera

Ms. Heather Stewart, Ashburton

Mrs. Tabea Burden, Auckland

Mr. Daniel Wu, Christchurch

Mr. Sjirk Couperus

Mr. Thomas Hatch, Blenheim

Mrs. Sharon Tricklebank

Gabielle O'Connor, Christchurch

Mrs. Barbara Stuart

Mr. David Mae, Auckland

Mary and Bob Cheesman

Mr. Sebastiaan Vos, WestCoast

Ms. Eileen McParland, Lower Hutt

Peter Lewis, Auckland

Mrs. Sheridan Walker, Whangarei

Anne Lewis, Auckland

Josephine O'Sullivan

Nathan Buxton, Ranui

John Dawson

Miss Tracey Weston, Hastings

Mrs. Janet White, Feilding

Mrs. Lynda Boyd, Hamilton

Mr. Anthony Brebner

Mrs. Anne Brebner

Mr. Rob Harrod, Christchurch

Mrs. Nicola Denmead

Ms. Anne Cairney, Auckland

Mr. Joshua King, Avondale

Mrs. Robyn Broughton, Christchurch

Mr. Rex Wilmshurst, Auckland

Julie Robertson-Steel

Mrs. Maureen Lawrence

Mr. Phil Coates

Mr. Ryan Peters, Blenheim

Mrs. Tracy Pigou, Blenheim

Eric Symons, Invercargill

Mr. David Smithson

Mrs. Kristin Phipps, Rotorua

Mrs. Rachel Allright, Blenheim

Mrs. Anya McKee

Mrs. Belia Bosch, Carterton

Mr. Thomas (Tom) Roche, Feilding

Mr. Timothy Leen, Auckland

Mrs. Jillian Leather, Whangarei

Ms. Colleen Edgecombe, Lower Hutt

Mr. Bryan Walker, Whangarei

Mrs. Suzie McCarthy

Mr. Rodger Leather, Whangarei

Mrs. Heather Schneider, Tapanui

Mrs. Julia Havell, Petone

Mrs. Rosemary Pearce, Te Anau

Mr. M Tarr

Mr. Paul Clayden, Auckland

Mrs. Maria Aitken, Palmerston North

Mr. Gary Woodward, Hamilton

Mary Williams, Lower Hutt

Matthew Turnbull, Christchurch

Mrs. Megan Jordan, Nelson

Mrs. Marnell Uys, Blenheim

Mrs. Stephanie Wood, Auckland

Mr. A Jordan, Nelson

Mrs. Christine Standen, Waverley

Mrs. Anna Burke, Wanaka

Mr. Rex Standen, Waverley

Mr. Gerard Braakhuis, Carterton

Miss Patricia McCarvill, Matamata

Sarah Mitchell

Mrs. Janet Evans, Wellington

Judy Symonds, Amberley

Mrs. Kaye Dyer, Blenheim

Linda Wilson, Napier

Mrs. Claire Elizabeth Zingel, Auckland

Kylie King

Mrs. Melanie Peters, Blenheim

Mr. Ollie Dale, Glendowie

Miss Fiona Bluett

Mr. Ross Freeman, Hamilton

Mrs. Karen Heslop, Richmond

Mrs. Lorraine Austin, Blenheim

Mrs. Gwenda Betbeder, Manurewa

Bryson Cole

Mrs. Kathleen Campbell, Hautere

Mrs. Megan Freya Stallard, Wellington

Diane Allan, Plimmerton

Ms. Allie Pope, Wellington

Patrick Fraher, Christchurch

Mrs. Jessica De Jong, Masterton

Mr. Derek De Jong, Masterton

Mr. John (Fred) Peens, Auckland

Mrs. Jessica Cooper, Christchurch

Mrs. Heather Tripp

Mr. Charles Southward, Palmerston North

Mrs. Amber Watson, Blenheim

Mr. Chris Bolland, Wellington

Mrs. Janet Foulger

Averil Robinson, Pirongia

Mr. David Christie, Timaru

Mrs. Tracy Kirkley, Auckland

Mrs. Patricia Bell, Tauranga

Mrs. Frith Gibbons, Wellington

Aidan Cunningham, Dunedin

Mr. Pete Rhodes-Robinson, Wellington

Mr. Andrew Cotter, Christchurch

Mrs. Susan Ramsay, Blenheim

Ms. Anna Allen, Hastings

Mrs. Francyntje Bryant, Feilding

Mr. Craig Scott, Orewa

Maria Bagalay

Dr. Rebecca Smith, Lincoln

Ms. Allison McRae, Paeroa

Mrs. Dianne Grul

Donna Peterson, Auckland

Mrs. Abigail Kalinowski

Mr. John Holtslag, Upper Hutt

Mrs. Temaleti Tolutau

Mr. Owen Williams

Mrs. Sarah Thomson, Auckland

Mr. L J Bos, Auckland

Mrs. Cadence Clarke, Kawerau

Andy Robertson

Mr. Francis Ritchie, Hamilton

Miss Robyn Verrall, South Auckand

Mr. Terry Speirs, Lower Hutt

Mrs. Mary Hira, Palmerston North

Mrs. Francee Pilcher, Lower Hutt

Mr. Neville Coutinho, Auckland

Mrs. Anne Collins, Marlborough

Mrs. Jenny Campbell, Mossburn

Mrs. Gaylene Armstrong

Mrs. Janice Neal

Mrs. Mary Snelling, Dunedin

Mr. Christopher McKernan, Auckland

Mrs. Olivia Newbigging, Opotiki

Mr. Albert Bredin, Warkworth

Mrs. Beris Loveridge, Wanganui

Mrs. Marcia Middlemiss, Auckland

Mrs. Cindy Quilty, Te Kauwhata

Brian Bonnar

Morgan Hutton, Whangarei

Mr. Alex McNaughten, Takapuna

Judith Verbeek, Masterton

Mrs. Heather Crump, Blenheim

Mr. David Larsen, Blenheim

Mr. Thomas  A Flynn, Wainuiomata

Mike Gourley

Evan Squires, Auckland

John Callaghan, Lower Hutt

Helen Fisher, Wellington

Mrs. Summer Burke, Birkenhead

Mr. Mark Tobias, Wellington

Dylan Ramohitaj, Auckland

Marla Hughes, Christchurch

Mrs. Christine Edlin, Wellington

June Sinclair, Auckland

Mr. Rommel Anthony, Porirua

Andrew Fraser-Mackenzie

Jorden Nom, North Canterbury

Mrs. Lana Morgan, Opotiki

Mrs. Vicki Wood, Palmerston North

Mrs. Julie Geuze

Mrs. Jan Whitton, Tauranga

Mrs. Dominique Stewart, Hamilton

Mr. Paul Weeding, Hamilton

Mr. Christopher Landers, Christchurch

Mrs. Esme Grounds, Dunedin

Richard Braakhuis, Wellington

Gincy Bejoy, Westport

Bejoy Thomas, Westport

Ashish Bejoy

Mrs. Eileen Auckram, Auckland

Mrs. Elizabeth Bertenshaw, Christchurch

Mr. Ross Bertenshaw, Christchurch

Mr. Mike Buckley, Auckland

Mrs. Susan Steele, Forrest Hill

Ms. Margaret Fairweather, Auckland

Mr. Alistair Forlong, Hairni

Mr. Tom Brown, Hastings

Mrs. Carolyn MacLean, Tauranga

Miss Mary Caldwell, Christchurch

Miss Amelia Mah, Dunedin

Katherine Macpherson, Christchurch

Mr. Derek Squires, Napier

Mrs. Elaine Squires

Mr. Arnold Karp, Whangarei

Mrs. Therese Karp, Whangarei

Ms. Kathryn Willoughby, Auckland

Mrs. Heather-Ann Hodgkinson, Whakatane

Mr. Isaac Fransen, Rotorua

Mr. Timothy Neale, Auckland

Lesley Twaddle, Hamilton

Dr. Christopher Moughan

Mrs. Ofelia Speirs, Lower Hutt

Dr. Sarah Hulme-Moir, Wellington

James Fistonich, Auckland

Mrs. Vida Heersping, Lower Hutt

Mrs. Patricia Sowman, Blenheim

Mr. Martin Schot, Carterton

Mr. Kevin Menhinick, Tauranga

Mrs. Alice Robertson, Raglan

Robyn Philpot, Palmerston North

Lorraine Moughan

Mrs. Margaret Matterson, Auckland

Ms. Anne Marie Parsons, Dunedin

Mrs. Saskia Simpson, Palmerston North

Mr. Kenneth Domney, Silverdale

Mr. Ewart McMillan

Mr. Gerry Smy, Auckland

Dr. Sinéad Donnelly, Wellington

Mrs. Ann Davidson, Christchurch

Mrs. Natasha Kestle, Auckland

Mr. John Dickson, Opotiki

Mrs. Mony Neale, Auckland

Rachel Ralph, Hamilton

Moira Lagaluga

Howard Wright, Auckland

Mr. John Brian Bennetts, Christchurch

Alwyn Kruger, Auckland

Mrs. Pip Harrison

Mrs. Ruth Hart, Auckland

Mrs. Mary Taylor

Mrs. Trish Poland

Mrs. Rhonda Harris, Bay Of Plenty

Mr. Phong Hoang Nguyen

Miss Bethany Addinall

Mrs. Colleen Logie, Auckland

Mr. Benjamin Webber, Auckland

Miss Margaret OSullivan, Auckland

Dr. Bernie Russell, Whangarei

Raymond Mok, Auckland

Mrs. Louise Dobson, Birkenhead

Greg Wansink, Dunedin

Mr. David Smeaton, Palmerston North

Miss Ann Crawford, Rotorua

Mr. David Vincent

Dr. Anna Teata

Mr. David Campbell, Otaki

Mr. Simon Kramer, Christchurch

Helen Bergin, Auckland

Margaret Hay, Upper Hutt

Mr. William Delany, Auckland

Mr. Phil Morgan, Opotiki

Rowan West, Blenheim

Jacqui Malcolm, Kumeu

Francey Green

Mrs. Kiriwai Bishop, Fairlie

Miss Renee Marks

Soji George, Auckland

Caroline Shaw, Nelson

Miss Natasha Stewart, Papakura

Mary Farrow

Bruce Christensen, Auckland

Mr. Hendrik Optland

Mrs. Soo Liew, Auckland

Mrs. Jacqui Mitchell, Blenheim

Mr. Johnathan Smit, Herald Island

Mrs. Rosemary Burrell, Greymouth

Mr. Nigel Pyle, Whangarei

Mrs. Marja BOS, Auckland

Amy Munroe

Matthew Van Echten, Shannon

Ruth Gibbs

Mrs. Emily Lange, Hamilton

Mrs. Sharon Hunt, Blenheim

Mrs. Anne Keall, Auckland

Margaret Whiting, Hamilton

Mrs. Hina Harris, Auckland

Mrs. Glenys Dunne, Richmond

Mrs. Maricel Crisostomo, Ranui

Puna Williams

Dr. John Thwaites, Christchurch

Cherilyn Clayton

Derek Zandbergen

Mr. Luis Boyd

Mrs. Myra Elliott, Whangarei

Mrs. Leanne Whitfield, Wellington

Mrs. Alex Kara, Palmerston North

Mrs. Melodie Smith

Mrs. Merle Duxfield, Pongaroa

Aurora Fernandez, Auckland

Emilio Jr. Fernandez, Auckland

Kris Bennett, Dunedin

Mrs. Lynne Keane, Porirua

Mr. Dan Du Toit, Hamilton

Dr. Jacklyn Ting

Ms. Cheer Eng Tan, Auckland

Rhonda McCormick, Masterton

Phaik Quek, Auckland

Rebekah Wong, Auckland

Mrs. Nicola Geuze, Wellington

Mr. Gian Pimentel, Auckland

Mrs. Lusia Kopa

Mrs. Rebekah Buxton

Soraya Peke-Mason

Mrs. Joan Sullivan, Wanganui

Joel Brown, Whangarei

Mr. Peter Hill, Whanganui

Mrs. Anthea Ramohitaj, Auckland

Jim Maunsell, North Shore

Mrs. Linda Easton, Whangarei

Mrs. Dulcie Clausen, Palmerston North

Mr. Eric Easton, Whangarei

Mr. Bruce Vincent, Waiuku

Mr. Ross Crump, Riversdale

Mrs. Dulcie Clausen, Palmerston North

Mrs. Robyn Palmer, Auckland

Mrs. Stacey Moore, Hamilton

Mrs. Kathryn Gibson, Christchurch

Mrs. Bridget Barnett, Taupo

Janice Gray, New Plymouth

Mr. Richard Huang, Auckland

Chuan Yung Ting, Auckland

Mr. Thomas Feilding, Feilding

Jos Reid, Nelson

Miss Felicity Meijer

Mrs. Roleen Claassens, Blenheim

Mrs. Laraine Coombes, Christchurch

Mrs. Carmel Armstrong, Timaru

Ms. Cathy Maslin, Temuka

Gen Wei

Mrs. Shirley Manning, New Plymouth

Mrs. Dianne Goodwin, Nelson

Mr. Nathan Van der laan, Carterton

David Titheridge, Auckland

Mrs. Annette Savill, Ngaruawahia

Mrs. Lindor Scurr, Milton

Mrs. Sus Allen, Ashburton

Ms. Anne Perratt, Auckland

Shelley Shaw, Tokoroa

Ms. Karen Taylor, Hamilton

Lucy Riche, Auckland

Mrs. Verna Koperu, Porirua

Mr. Brion Whitford, Porirua

Ms. Carmel Spencer, Hastings

Mrs. Ann Lake, Auckland

Mrs. Louise Halgryn, New Plymouth

Mrs. Joanna Wilton

Jodi Stevens, Blenheim

Mrs. Nicky Sowry, Nelson

Mrs. Vanessa Petero, Tauranga

Mrs. Suzanne Johnson, Whangarei

Mrs. Elizabeth Benson

Jan Leggett, Masterton

Miss Lauren Carswell, Auckland

Mr. Doug Clark, Blenheim

Mrs. Lynette Piper, New Plymouth

Christopher Worsnop, Tauranga

Ms. Karen Chow, Auckland

Mrs. Desiree Powell, Waipukurau

Mrs. Nellie Engels, Tirau

Ms. Deborah Railey, Auckland

Mrs. Marianne Gunn, Christchurch

Julie Boersen, Auckland

Mrs. Penelope Dawson, Auckland

Mrs. Shona Bunt, Blenheim

Helen Smithson, Whangarei

Mrs. Robyn Cotton, Auckland

Stacie Dow, Invercargill

Mrs. Sarah Bedwell

Mrs. Patricia Clarke, Wellington

Mrs. Pamela Morris, Albany

Odette Bonifacio, Wellington

Ms. Nootoa Tereu, Tokoroa

Angelique Nagel, Auckland

Deon Nagel, Auckland

Mr. Allan Goulstone

Mrs. Jenny Duggan

Mr. Timothy Wiesehan, Pakuranga

Mrs. Emily Silby, Auckland

Mrs. Kelly Henderson, Hamilton

Mrs. Jane Nimmo, Greymouth

Mrs. Elizabeth Juden, Whanganui

Mr. Dale Pearson, Glenfield

Mrs. Clare Hetet, Tauranga

Mrs. Madeleine Misselbrook, Palmerston North

Mrs. Lynnette Dykstra, Waikanae

Mrs. Grace Downs

Mrs. April Marer, Nelson

Paul Conder, Auckland

Miss Cassandra Lenord

Bik Hou

Mrs. Terri Palmer, Te Atatu Peninsula

Mrs. Esme Jansen van Vuuren, Auckland

Mrs. Amy Elizabeth, Ashburton

Mrs. Daniela Clark-Rourke, North Shore

Ms. Laura McLean

Mr. William Isbister, New Plymouth

Mr. Greg Coldicutt, Omokoroa

Georgia Graham

Jill McLoughlin, Auckland

Ms. Dawn Bakker

Mr. Tony Sargent

Margaret McLoughlin, Hamilton

Mrs. Lammie De vries, Masterton

Bede McLoughlin, Hamilton

Mrs. Vivian Grapentin, Palmerston North

Ronelle Shepherd

Mrs. Evi Abplanalp, Whangarei

Mr. Gregory Jones, Christchurch

Mr. Alan Whyte

Carol Chatfield

Mr. Tom Holder, Invercargill

Mrs. Helen McGregor, Lower Hutt

Murray Gibbs

Karen Old, Whangarei

Mrs. Alma Santos, Auckland

Miss Olivia Hooper, Hamilton

Mrs. Jocelyn Kendrew, Wellington

Mrs. Juliet Mellor, Upper Moutere

Dr. Juliet Fleming, Nelson

Mrs. Janet Ridsdale, Palmerston North

Mrs. Charmaine Young, Lower Hutt

Mrs. Benita Robinson, Lower Hutt

Dr. Moira Camilleri, Auckland

Mr. Wayne Matthews, Hawera

Mr. Bruce Burn, Gisborne

Mrs. Jillian Matthews, Hawera

Daniel Everett, Auckland

Mr. Steven Meade, Wanganui

Mrs. Sylvia Hencke, Feilding

Mr. Andrew Carley, Christchurch

Gregory Neaves, Waikato

Mrs. Jill Van der Plas, Christchurch

Mrs. Michelle Friedman

Ms. Patricia Cuttance, Wellington

Mr. Gerard Jacobs, Christchurch

Mrs. Jenifer Rive, Shannon

Mrs. Barbara Hempseed, Orewa

Mr. Jolan Search, Auckland

Mrs. Nicole Van den Engel, Hamilton

Berys Cousins, Marton

Ms. Jenny Heslop Brown

Mrs. Rebecca Monk, Hamilton

Mrs. Miriam Clarke, Christchurch

Dr. Alan Jenner, Auckland

Mrs. Ingrid Bylsma, Onewhero

Michael Hallagan, Wellington

Mr. Paul Ballard, Feilding

Mr. Laurie Bylsma, Onewhero

Mr. David Winfield, Christchurch

Mrs. Kara Pohatu

Mrs. Gloria Finnigan, Hamilton

Mrs. Delwin Allely, Hamilton

Mr. Kerry Moore, Waipukurau

Dr. Aileen Collier, Waimauku

Dr. Jim McVeagh, Auckland

Mrs. Catherine Carranceja, Christchurch

Mrs. Carol Anger

Ms. Cristina Serrano, Wellington

Mr. Albert Louman, Christchurch

Daniel Finnigan

Mrs. Dickie Louman, Christchurch

Mrs. Veronique Chiplin, Auckland

Mr. Stuart Bauld, Auckland

Mr. Samuel Feleti, Auckland

Joan Flintoff, Christchurch

Anne Thomson, Dunedin

Mrs. Julie Thompson, Whangparaoa

Mrs. Michelle Amos, Palmerston North

Grace Ikiua, Auckland

Lifi Ikiua, Auckland

Mrs. Margaret Clark, Whangarei

Miss Carmel Anne Walsh, Auckland

Robyn Van der Werff, Upper Hutt

Mrs. Emma Tan, Hamilton

Dr. Paul Maurice, Christchurch

Mr. Philip Walley, Castor Bay Auckland

Mr. Brian Kelly, Christchurch

Mrs. Sandra Martin, Christchurch

Mr. Stuart McEwing, Auckland

Mrs. Lois Inch, Woodend

Mrs. Stephanie Ham, Blenheim

Ms. Karen Pearson, Auckland

Miss Ann Lynch, Paeroa

Yvonne Watson, Palmerston North

Mrs. Katie Lawrence, Wellington

Bryan Tutty, Auckland

Miss Sarah Welch, Huntly

Mr. James Yang

Margaret Browne, Auckland

Beverley Simpkins

Mrs. Seow Kiat Lim, Dunedin

Mr. Max Fowler, Hamilton

Amy Shepherd, Pirongia

Mr. Erik De Boer, Rangiora

Sarah Thompson, Twizel

Mrs. Elvira Sim, Auckland

Elspeth Ludemann, Windsor

Ms. Jacqui Tucker (Bowden-Tucker), Blenheim

Ms. Valerie Hargreaves, Waitara

Ms. Imi Tovia, Auckland

Mrs. Lurline Nixon, Gisborne

Ms. Jane Glasgow, Upper Hutt

Miss Caroline Marshall, Auckland

Mr. Kevin Zhou

Mrs. Maureen Smith, Dunedin

Mrs. Gillian Vine, Dunedin

Mrs. Marilyn Korte, Lower Hutt

Mrs. Lyn Moore, Invercargill

Mr. Gary Swift, Auckland

Mrs. Catherine Fay, Wanaka

Mrs. Rebecca Tiller, Auckland

Alicia Norchi

Dr. Debbie Bright, Hamilton

Jan Carr, Hamilton

Robin Spence

Arlene Patawran

Mrs. Jill Moore, Rotorua

Mr. Russell McQuoid, Hamilton

Mrs. Cynthia Alfonso, Wellington

Mrs. Elizabeth Dimbleby

Mrs. Linda Sutton, Wellington

Ms. Sue Dawson

Mr. Ian Robinson

Ann White

Mrs. Sauhani Mario

Ms. Mary Mario

Mr. John Omundsen, Hawera

Dr. Douglas Simes, Oxford

Helen Sligo, Wellington

Miss Clare Devine, Hamilton

Miss Carmen Torrance, Hamilton

Ms. Barbara Currie, Oamaru

Rob Kampen, Tauranga

Mr. Chris Shone, Tokoroa

Mrs. Rayna Shone, Tokoroa

Karen Mackintosh

Mr. J-P De Vaal, Auckland

Mr. Bob McCoskrie, Auckland

Francene Garland

Mr. Alexander Stoneman, Invercargill

Mr. Peter Brooks, Auckland

Michelle Heath, Ohope

Robyn Barker, Hamilton

Mr. Terence Gross, Auckland

Mrs. Maria Farmer

Mrs. Gail Russell, Whangarei

Maddy Butnett

Mrs. Mary Macnaughtan, Te Kuiti

Mr. Robert Newbigging

Ms. Bernadette Cheyne, Auckland

Mr. Jason Farmer, Hamilton

Mr. Anthony Ryan, Takapuna

Miss Desarae Rapana, Palmerston North

Mrs. Bernadette Ryan, Takapuna

Mrs. Jeanette Fraser, Auckland

Mrs. Judy Landkroon, Upper Hutt

Mr. Jos Landkroon, Upper Hutt

Mr. Scott Fraser, Auckland

Katherine Shaw, Leeds

Rebecca Caughtry, Christchurch

Mrs. Catherine Mettrick, Paraparaumu

Mrs. Pam Churchman, Wellington

Mr. Geoff Mettrick, Paraparaumu

Mr. Bruce Kimpton, Ngaruawahia

Mr. Philip Henderson, Blenheim

Mrs. Sandra Libeau, Invercargill

Mrs. Robyn Henderson, Blenheim

John Penman, Rotorua

Mr. Ian Hardcastle, Auckland

Mrs. Fiona Blythe

Mrs. Helen Hardcastle, Auckland

Mrs. Grace Griffiths, Wellington

Mrs. Cindy Pearless, Nelson

Mr. Brad Griffiths, Wellington

Mr. Tim Norris, Hastings

Mr. John Caetano, Auckland

Mrs. Catherine Rogers, Cambridge

Mr. Phillip Hadley, Pukekohe

Dianne Apanui

Mr. Mike Tobin

John Ross, Wellington

Mrs. Doreen Oppatt, Paraparaumu beach

Mr. Paul Wilson, Auckland

Mrs. Tanya Jondahl

Mary Mekhail, Dunedin

Miss Shani Meyer, Wellington

Mrs. Brigid Hayes, Palmerston North

Ms. Tessa Hayes

Mr. Allan Brown, Wellington

Mrs. Sylvia Hawes, Matamata

Mr. Terry Hawes, Matamata

Mrs. Helen Carr, Wellington

Mrs. Abbey Thorne, Christchurch

Mrs. Jean Sales, Tauranga

Mr. Benjamin Gittos, Wellington

Ms. Wendy Mascarenhas, Somerville

Dr. Faafetai Sopoaga, Dunedin

Mrs. Barbara Dawson, Manukau City

Mrs. Joan Ashcroft, Paraparaumu

Mrs. Carolyn Lucas, Auckland

Ian Wood, South Auckland

Mrs. Alejandra Turner, Auckland

Mrs. Lisa Brown, Auckland

Mr. Stephen Brown, Auckland

Deborah Birch

Mrs. Annaliesa Vaatstra, Whanganui

Mrs. Susan Sheehan, Auckland

Mrs. Brenda Ennor, Auckland

Mrs. Averyl Kay, Mapua

Dr. Graham Kay, Mapua

Mr. Mark Dorsey, Hamilton

Mrs. Sandra Grogan, Tauranga

Mrs. Margaret Bourne, Christchurch

Dr. Gerhard Nortje

Mrs. Valerie Robb, Auckland

Mrs. Dorothy McEwen, Hastings

Mr. John Carter, Feilding

David Finlay, Dunedin

Danielle Gibbs, Hamilton

Mrs. Lynette Peebles, Christchurch

Diane Burns

Moira Gallagher, Dunedin

Bianca Jago

Ms. Tina Sleigh, Dunedin

Moira Olson

Miss Madison Gilling, Ngaruawahia

Mr. Daniel Morgan, Christchurch

Cherry McElligott, Cromwell

Mrs. Audrey Doak, Hastings

Mrs. Wendy Travis, Auckland

Mrs. Catherine Englert, Waikanae

Mrs. Diane Slagter, Napier

Mrs. Kirsten Braam, Christchurch

Mr. Luke Kirkeby

Mrs. Julie Gorman, Christchurch

Ms. Angela Loh, Auckland

Mr. Sam Kalma, Waitoa

Miss Juliette Posthuma, Wellington

Mr. Maurice Howe, Whangarei

Mrs. Jillian McLay, Nelson

Mrs. Elizabeth Sheridan, Auckland

Mr. Mark Munroe, Auckland

Mr. Adam Bruce

Ed Havelaar, Christchurch

Priyanthi Mylvaganam

Miss Robyn Drake, Auckland

Mrs. Raewyn Sing, Hamilton

Mrs. Sylvia La Trobe

Mr. Darryl Beardsley, Christchurch

Mrs. Katrina Markenstein, Masterton

Mr. Steven Markenstein, Masterton

Dr. Richard Germann, Tauranga

Mrs. Sherilyn Hall, Lower Hutt

Mrs. Patricia Hughes, Timaru

Miss Fay Ferguson, Napier

Mr. Martin Smith, New Plymouth

Mrs. Caren Barnett, Taupo

Prof. Sheryl Nalder, Takaka

Christine Boekhout

Heather Hill, Auckland

Mrs. Anna Colsell

Mrs. Angelita Ong, Palmerston North

Mr. Sean Cleary, Auckland

Mrs. Marlize Le Roux, Auckland

Mrs. Linda Parsons, Nelson

Anna Swindells, Wellington

Mrs. Rebecca Kelsen, Hamilton

Andrea Champion, Auckland

Ms. Annie Gray, Auckland

Mrs. Maureen Woodhams, Wellington

Miss Lorraine Hughes

Mrs. Sue Kara, Upper Hutt

Dr. Peter Crow, Whitby

Mrs. Heather Evans

Mrs. Elizabeth Price, Palmerston North

Mrs. Agitha Joseph, Auckland

Mr. Melbin Pappachan, Auckland

Mrs. Jacqueline Brown, Waikanae

Mr. Vladimir Prtenjaca

Maria Prtenjaca

Veronika Sieben

Tatjana Sieben

Dr. Joel Tissingh, Whangarei

Mr. Vaughan Allright, Blenheim

Luke Brannigan

Paula Brannigan

Sam Brannigan

Bev Sutherland

Miss Rachel Bannister, Christchurch

Mrs. Barbara Smith, Wanganui

Mr. Brian Walker, Auckland

Mrs. Raewyn Jarvis-Hall, Auckland

Mrs. Carol Clark, Whangarei

Mrs. Pip Adam, Whakatane

Mr. Edward Thomsen, Wellington

Mrs. Juliana Thomsen, Wellington

Miss Fiona Thomsen, Wellington

Mrs. Patricia O'leary, Wanganui

Mr. Peter Smith, Wanganui

Prof. Andre Van Rij, Dunedin

Mrs. Bridget George, Blenheim

Mrs. Sue Frankland, Tauranga

David Todd, Papakura

Mr. Angus Campbell, Porirua

Mr. David Hoyle

Mrs. Ava Little

Mr. Russell Johns

Bede Roughton, Auckland

Mrs. Gail Marshall, Clareville

Mr. Sean Gardiner, Auckland

Helen Eckhold, Invercargill

Ms. Joylene Whibley, Napier

Mr. Kevin Kam, Auckland

Mrs. Dorothy Jensen, Rotorua

Patricia Mckenzie, Taupo

David McKenzie, Taupo

Mrs. Gaye Herries, Napier

Mrs. Natalie Turner, Auckland

Mr. James Turner, Auckland

Ms. Elizabeth Turner, Rodney

Pauline Velasco, Wellington

Catherine Kilgour, Ashburton

Mr. Matt Gregory

Mrs. Judy Eden, Auckland

Mr. Wayne Robinson, Stokes Valley

Mrs. Joanne Huggins, Auckland

Phillip Wright, Christchurch

Mr. David Gianotti, Auckland

Mrs. Ingrid Goodenough, Auckland

Miss Ariel Heswall

Mrs. Kathleen Currie

Mr. Adam Freeman, Christchurch

Miss Kim Chatfield, Auckland

Mrs. Alison Gianotti, Auckland

Mr. Mark Van Boxel, Papakura

Mrs. Colleen Butcher, Tasman

Mr. David Mogeri, Hawera

Dr. Dr.Karl McElhinney, Hamilton

Mr. Dany Rassam, Wellington

Arthur Brammer, Invercargill

Mrs. Julie Baker, Christchurch

Albert Kwok, Auckland

Mr. David Hay, Auckland

Mrs. Elaine Wareham, Auckland

Mr. Michael Cook, Hamilton

Mrs. Christine Blandford, Christchurch

Mrs. Elise Nicholls, Nelson

Mrs. Jennie Milne, Auckland

Mrs. Christobel Chatfield, Hamilton

Mr. Terry Donovan, Te Awamutu

Mr. Wayne Stewart, Otumoetai

Mrs. Fiona Mossop, Tauranga

Mrs. Hermina Couperus, Auckland

Mr. Jarrod Seaton, Gisborne

Joy Warbrick, Auckland

Mr. Ewen Laurenson, Wellington

Colin Crocker, Auckland

Patricia Fletcher, Plimmerton

Miss Kerry Hague, Auckland

Miss Andrea Power, Rotorua

Mrs. Suzanne Church

Mr. Gordon Summerville, Auckland

Mrs. Jocelyn Griffiths, Kawerau

Mrs. Jill Chiles

Ms. Angela Rees, Auckland

Katie Thomson

Mrs. Joanne Hoffman, Nelson

Helen Mackie

Mrs. Joan Tolmie, Masterton

Mr. Egbert Borger, Paparoa

Mrs. Jocelyn Toclo, West Auckland

Mrs. Melanie Moss, Auckland

Mrs. Susan Haines, Gisborne

Mrs. Beverley Knapp, Gore

Christine Lewis, Hamilton

Mr. Allan Richardson

Mrs. Dianne Scouller

Mrs. April Wallace, Auckland

Miss Jeanette Hancock, Christchurch

Andrew Spence

Mrs. Valerie Brimble

Mr. Simon Owen, Taupo

Sarah Blackshaw, Porirua

Mrs. Margaret Summerville, Auckland

Rundell Lopez

Mrs. Glenda Aitkenhead, Auckland

Mrs. Jillian Hanna, Christchurch

Christopher David Griffiths, Kawerau

Mr. Malcolm Potter

Ms. Fay Drage, Levin

Mr. Ross Sullivan

Mrs. Joan Tinning, Hastings

Christopher Purdon, Hawera

Miss Esther Rogers

Claire Stirrat, Auckland

Mrs. Mary Bateman, Auckland

Mrs. Faith Molloy, Hamilton

Mr. Pieter Maarschalk

Mrs. Anne-Maree Smith

Katie Tissingh

Mrs. Rachel MacClure, Christchurch

Hermann Frank, Timaru

Prof. John Hannah, Nelson

Mrs. Roseanne Andrew, Whitianga

Miss Isobella Kenney, Auckland

Mr. Rick Wilson, Christchurch

Mr. Alexander O'Donnell, West Melton

Mrs. Viv Oswald, Dunedin

Mrs. Elizabeth Beazley, Whangarei

Max Thomson, Auckland

Mrs. Delilah Alinea Basabas, Auckland

Mrs. Sarah Burton, Nelson

Mr. Murray Smith

Mr. David Cooper

Mr. Brett Otto, Paeroa

Matt Selby-Bennetts

Trevor Wright, Rangiora

Mrs. Janice Guerin, North Shore City

Mr. Allan Tinning, Hastings

Lionel and Elizabeth Johnson, Papamoa

Mr. David Perry, Porirua City

Mr. Ken Andrew, Whitianga

Mr. Graham KnightPalmerston, Palmerston North

Mrs. Katharine Clynes, Auckland

Mr. Riva Kazo, Auckland

Mrs. Larrianne Casserly, Christchurch

Mr. David Millar

Tania Lee, Upper Hutt

Donald Sime, Dunedin

Mr. Robert Steedman

Pam Uden, Kaihoka

Mr. Michael Van Es, Lower Hutt

Mr. Robert Smith, Auckland

Mr. Leonard Bocock

Mr. Richard Tiddy, Te Awamutu

Mr. Jacob Burns, Hamilton

Mr. Aaron Crawford, Wellington

Douglas Gibbs

Mrs. Andrea Boult, Wellington

Mrs. Rosemary Winquist, Auckland

Mr. Denis Smith, Auckland

Mr. Martin Werndle, Kawerau

Mrs. Esther Hankinson, Hastings

Mrs. Deborah Brown

Miss Sarah Geaney, Rotorua

Mrs. Kristy Playford Thomas, Taihape

Mrs. Helen Jaquiery

Mrs. Margaret Morton-Jones, Kawerau

Judith Anderton

Graham McIlroy, Waitati

John Hitchcock, Mairangi Bay

Dr. Alexander Stewart, Tauranga

Mrs. Lois Dalgleish, Wanganui

Rita Bota, Upper Hutt

Mr. Vincent O'Connor, Auckland

Mr. Matthew Hill, Christchurch

Ms. Diane Whitehead, Manukau

Miss Laura Cullen, Hamilton

Ms. Anne Loay

Mrs. Audrey Knight, Knight

Mrs. Claire Redwood

Mr. GraeMe Morton-Jones, Kawerau

Mr. Allan Dalgleish, Wanganui

Mrs. Freda Simkin, Palmerston North

Ms. Lynnette Greeff, Auckland

Mrs. Georgina Covich

Ruth Murray, Upper Hutt

Mr. Carlo Magno Viana, Auckland

Mrs. Sue Carnachan, Kinloch

Mr. Rodney Peek, Manurewa

Mr. Theo Grul, Hamilton

Mr. Bill Horton, Hamilton

Mrs. Isobel Snyder, Christchurch

Mr. Richard Bateman, Auckland

Mr. Bryce Judd

Mr. Geoffrey Harper, Tauranga

Rea Jenkins, Christchurch

Mrs. Karlene McCormick, Whakatane

Mrs. Alison Morgan, Auckland

Mrs. Christine Ball, Auckland

Peter Hind, Richmond

Mrs. Carol Hudson, Tauranga

Mrs. Sylvia Winterburn, Hairini

Mrs. Jillian Harper, Tauranga

Miss Annette Wilson

Kay Hitchcock, Mairangi Bay

Mei Chen, Christchurch

Bruce Aldridge, Christchurch

Mrs. Ellen Grul, Hamilton

Fiona McCartney, Tauranga

Mrs. Maureen Benham, Dargaville

Mrs. Kathleen Clements, Pakuranga

Mr. Stephen Whitwell, Otumoetai

Ben Gorman, Rangiora

Jan Wilson

Mrs. Geraldine Ainsworth, Christchurch

Mr. Brian Shearer, Waikanae

Mr. Mike Power, Rotorua

Anthony Jennings, Auckland

Mr. Zac Turner, Auckland

Mrs. Lizzy Williams, Christchurch

Dr. Michael Webster, Dairy Flat

Mrs. Joanna Wallis, Tauranga

Mr. Nick Read, Auckland

Mr. Bill Tissingh, Paeroa

Mr. Simeon Hemus

James Sanson, Whanganui

Mrs. Yvette Chard, Takapau

Mrs. Carol Greenwood, Auckland

Mrs. Norma Ardern, Warkworth

Mrs. Deborah Judd, Rolleston

Mrs. Robyn Bell, Invercargill

Mr. Michael K H O' Loughlin, Ohope

Vanetta Rosenberg, Dunedin

Mr. Richard Treadgold, Te Puke

Mrs. Anna Noall, Whangarei

Mr. Denys Searls

Mr. Arnold Kaijser, Hastings

Mrs. Liz Staite, Ashburton

Dr. David Foris, Katikati

Mrs. Jackie Simmons, Nelson

Cindy Williams

Mr. Peter Armstrong, Warkworth

Mrs. Catherine Baird, Hamilton

Mr. Nathan Wallis, Tauranga

Mr. Trevor Jones, Takapuna

Val Stewart, Christchurch

Josefa Sutton, Manurewa

Mrs. Josephine Turner, Wellington

Catherine Sellman, Tauranga

Mr. Michael Eder, Ranfurly

Mr. Richard Noall, Whangarei

Mr. David Thomson, Dargaville

Mrs. Tessa Beswick, Te Puna

Patricia Rogers

Mrs. Carol Jones

Mrs. Carla Kaijser, Hastings

Mr. Peter Anderson, Auckland

Mrs. Natalie Donaldson, Auckland

Craig Farrow, Nelson

Janette Smithson, Paraparaumu

Mrs. Klaudia Batten

Dr. Peter Sun

Mr. Peter Keys, Manukau City

Mr. Marty Barrett, Auckland

Mrs. Sheryll Pettett

Mrs. Calvina Godinho

Jeff Reid

Miss Lynette Bay, Christchurch

Mr. Gary Daunders, Putaruru

Mrs. Louise Donald, Auckland

Mrs. Judy McLaughlin

Ken Orr, Christchurch

Mr. Lester Blair, Masterton

Mr. Dan Fieten

Philip Walding, Christchurch

Mrs. Catherinhe Benefield, Wanganui

Mr. Ngatai Smith

Mr. John Titlow, Leeston

Mrs. Jaimie Phipps, Cromwell

Miss Meghan Meaden

Mrs. Jelline Vosslamber, Christchurch

Mr. Keith Lucas, Napier

Eric Walker

Mr. Robert Jackson, Auckland

Dr. Willikam Leonard Wright, Hamilton

Mike Brewer

Lillybeth Melmoth

Mrs. Averil Wilkinson, Lower Hutt

Melissa Buys

Mrs. Julia Tanurdjaja Morgan, Blenheim

Mrs. Shirley Bisschoff, Auckland

Mr. Paul Whitehead, Kerikeri

Tim Goulding

Mr. Robert Elwood, Renwick

Mrs. Gillian Wright, Hamilton

Marie Gore, Thorndon

Mrs. Jacqueline O'Brien, Normanby

Mr. Brian Sauer, Methven

Mr. Clive Abbott, Auckland

Mrs. Deirdre Dawson, Hamilton

Mr. David Welford, Timaru

Sjirk Bajema, Oamaru

Mrs. Barbara Lee, Hunua

Mrs. Maureen Harris, Kerikeri

Mr. Norman Elliott, Auckland

Mrs. Bryanne Weber, Wanganui

Mr. Chris Brazendale, Tauranga

Dr. Andrew McKenzie, Tauranga

Eleanor Smith, Wellington

Lindsay Smith, Wellington

Ms. Emma Haruru

Ms. Janice Wu, Auckland

Miss Elfriede Keppler, Auckland

Mrs. Lynette Cassidy

Mrs. Gaynor Crawford, Wellington

Mrs. Lee Smith, Te Awamutu

Mrs. Hilary McKenzie, Tauranga

Mrs. Paulette Pawson, Oamaru

Mrs. Dororhy Clark, Taradale

Sandy Miller, Auckland

Dean Letfus, Auckland

Linda Cameron

Mr. Anthony Steven Cassidy

Mrs. Ruth Whitehead, Kerikeri

Mr. Gerald Jacobson, Mayfield

Mrs. Amy Ha'angana

Robert Braly, Auckland

Musa Musa

Mrs. Kay Lawry, Tauranga

Mrs. Stephanie Walmsley

Mr. Marinus Koppe

Mrs. Robyn Larsen, Auckland

Mrs. Tonya Dowman, Tauranga

Stephanie Judd, Dunedin

Mr. David Worboys, Dannevirke

Mr. Angus Macdonald

Diane Willcock, Hamilton

Neil Cameron

Mrs. Memory Colling, Nelson

David Braks, Tuakau

Mrs. Lanice Waitai, Kaitaia

Mrs. Ann Barrow, Christchurch

Mr. Vance Fraser, Wellington

Miss Kerry-Anne Miller, Auckland

Mrs. Aaltje Heesterman, Havelock North

Mrs. Lisette Young, Auckland

Mrs. Rachel Batten, New Plymouth

Duncan Van Dorp, Wellington

Jennifer Hammoud, Feilding

Stan Manterys

Mrs. Rachelle Shilston

Mr. John Phillips, Mt Maunganui

Mrs. Peck Tan

Mr. Robert Hart, Dunedin

Mr. Howard Murray, Westport

Mrs. Lorna Baxter, Auckland

Timothy Pawson, Oamaru

Mr. Colin Attwood, Te Awamutu

Mrs. Patricia Gregory, Hamilton

Debbie McLaren

Mr. Patrick French, Paparoa

Mrs. Karen Johnson, Mangawhai

Mr. Ralph Cullen, Auckland

Ms. Jocelyn Garvin, Auckland

Mr. Dominic Orr, Christchurch

Mr. Chee Chan

Ms. Raewyn Newcomb, Napier

John Bayes

Mr. Donald Elemento, Wellington

Mrs. Margaret Clayton-Greene, Hamilton

Mrs. Kristina Elemento, Wellington

Mrs. Shontelle Poloie

Mr. Ivan Zi, Hamilton

Mr. Wayne Bottema, Auckland

Mrs. Sarah Watson, Wellington

Mr. Leon Rakete, Auckland

Mr. Paul Archbald, Silverstream

Mrs. Gabrielle Charlton, Te Awamutu

Mrs. Rita Cochrane, Auckland

Mr. Joseph Poloie

Mr. Brad-Lee Miller, Auckland

Mrs. Sheryl Thomson, Papatoetoe

Mrs. Jolene Cardno

Mr. Ian Graham

Mrs. Rowan Durward, Christchurch

Debra Steele, Tauranga

Esther Grubb, Tauranga

Rita Leofo

Miss Emma Sheppard, Mt Eden

Mr. Kim Harris, Kerikeri

Miss Helen Butler, Napier

Mary Williams, New Plymouth

Karen Phillips

John Barno

Mrs. Annette Hikk, Hamilton

Alysson Harris, Hastings

Mr. Rainer Hensel, Wellington

Mr. Alan Charlton, Te Awamutu

Mrs. Delia Farrell, Rotorua

Mrs. Mary Turner, Palmerston North

Mrs. Sandra Merkle, Auckland

Mr. Daniel Thomas, Auckland

Mrs. Sasha Hartley, Auckland

Linda Manning, Dannevirke

Ged Farrell, Rotorua

Mr. Henk Blom

Leanne Edwards, Auckland

John and Ailsa Beck r Beck, Taumarunui

Mrs. Rae Crichton, Mt Maunganui

Aaron Akkerman, Marton

Mrs. Carol Sanders, Murchison

Mrs. Ann-Maree Fernandes, Taupo

Mrs. Paulette Stewart, Dunedin

Mrs. Pauline Cook

William Oliver

Mr. Mark Phillips, Nelson

Mrs. Lesley Sumner, Nelson

Mrs. Noeline Cullen, Maungaturoto

Mrs. Susan Westbury, Rangiora

Margaret Oliver

Luke Arthur

Mrs. Debbie Kitshoff

Mrs. Linda Rawsthorne, Christchurch

Mr. Arthur John Oemcke, Palmerston North

Mrs. Corin Winters

Adele Olsen, Whanganui

Mrs. Maria Blom

Mr. John Phillips, Tairua

Mrs. Candice Carubio, Wellington

Mr. Richard Worth

Mr. Michael Galpin, Timaru

Mr. Carl Emerson, Puhoi

Robert Markley, Auckland

Judith Sharman, Pirimai

Mrs. Janet Rutherford, Queenstown

Mr. Daniel Nickoley, Auckland

Mrs. Nicola Dunn, Warkworth

Mrs. Jenni Poupouare

Mr. Nicholas Heesterman

Mr. Peter De Mooij, Mount Maunganui

Mr. Graham Hill

Mrs. Yadelinah O’Hagan, Lower Hutt

Mrs. Alison Condon, Motueka

Mr. Thomas McCallum, Auckland

Mrs. Editha Galpin, Timaru

Mr. George Armitage, Tauranga

Mrs. Monique Ashford, Dannevirke

Michael Bunt, Dunedin

Mr. Roman Drecki

Mr. Grant Fausett, Pukekohe

Mrs. Itufa Fruean

Ms. H L Anne Sung

Mrs. Sally Paul, Gisborne

Mrs. Rosie Boom

Norman MacLean, Invercargill

Mr. René Sjardin, Tauranga

Mr. Chris Condon, Motueka

Mr. David Wensley, Christchurch

Mrs. Christine Eves, Blenheim

Mr. John Bottomley, Auckland

Mr. Patrick Sih, Auckland

Mr. Evan Silva

Bridget Ingham

Mrs. Lyn Cameron, Te Atatu

Mr. Dale Ogilvie

Mr. Martin Harris, Warkworth

Mrs. Angela McCluskey, Auckland

Mrs. Lisa Bottomley, Auckland

Mrs. Heather Oatway, Hamilton

Mrs. Susan Mahon, Auckland

Mrs. Jan Yaxley, Warkworth

Nathan Rattray, Hastings

Mrs. Christine Winters

Mark and Jill Corban

Philippa Semini

Mrs. Raewyn Wilson

Mrs. Sheryn Adamson, Wellington

Sarah Dudfield, Cambridge

John Breitmeyer, Rangiora

Mrs. Silleste Shepherd, Palmerston North

Mr. Bradyn Parkinson, Waikanae

Mrs. Gerlinde Stradwick, Auckland

Deborah Rodgers, Hamilton

Mrs. Ann Bythell, Otaki

Mrs. Jean Taylor, Christchurch

Mrs. Julie Stevens

Kevin Winters

Mr. Grant Lincoln, Auckland

Mrs. Christine O'Neill

Elizabeth Becroft

Ms. Deborah Banks, Hastings

Mr. Paul Kriletich, Pukekohe

Mrs. Karen Cook, Edendale

Mrs. Mary Avis, Tauranga

Mr. Graham Turner, Waikanae

Mrs. Yvonne Simms, Mangonui

Mrs. Joanne Knudsen

Mrs. Ruth & Bruce Shute, Hamilton

Stuart Lang, Timaru

Mr. Edward (Ted) Crawford, Papakura

Mr. Colin Stevens, Glentunnel

Ms. Catherine Simmons, Nelson

Mr. Michael Deppe, Waikanae

Mrs. Monica Kessell, Whangarei

Mrs. Melissa Collier, Christchuch

Miss Aimee Knudsen

Mr. Kevin Vincent, Palmerston North

Mr. Mike Goddard, Tauranga

A Wagner

Mrs. Leigh Burrows

Mr. Gary Chan, Auckland

Mrs. Bernadette Chambers ONZM, Wellington

Mr. Graham Barton, Auckland

Mr. Ismail Waja

Mrs. Ngaire Murphy, Auckland

Mr. David Hunter, Christchurch

William Baxter

Mr. Warwick Jacques, Carterton

Mrs. Leanne Davidson, Auckland

Christina Sik, Lower Hutt

Dr. Darby Brooke

Mr. Lindsay Knight

Mrs. Wilhelmina Wynia, Christchurch

Mrs. Jane Langham, Wellington

Mr. Peter Collier, Christchurch

Mrs. Ruth Gilmour

Mrs. Michele Bensley, Auckland

Mr. Ronald Pengelly, Hamilton

Mrs. Helen Perham, Hamilton

Ancy Morris

Mr. Brian Gee, Taupo

Mrs. Sue French, Paparoa

Mrs. Kathleen Stuart

Mr. Michael Lucas, Tauranga

Mr. Sam Lamb

Mr. James McSaveney, Christchurch

Mrs. Shirley Smith, Auckland

Mrs. Kristal Gould, Northland

Mrs. Paula Walker, Napier

Ms. Bede Alexander, Picton

Miss Grace Gibberd

Mrs. Dianne Downward

Mrs. Shona Maclepd, Auckland

Mr. Philip Arthur, Invercargill

Mrs. Eileen Garratt, Tauranga

Mrs. Sandra Palmer, Christchurch

Ms. Jennifer Sutton

Denis Kelly, Pukekohe

Bob Boardman

Kay Whitton, Pukekohe

Mr. Bruce Early, Cambridge

Mr. Ron Ashford

Miss Rachelle Clarke, Pleasant Point

Mrs. Christine Holmes, Hamilton

Mrs. Karen Villarroel

Mrs. Jackie Sampson, Nelson

Mr. Christopher Goddard, Papatoetoe

Heather Burgess, Christchurch

Derm Buchanan

Mrs. Debbie Blythen

Mrs. Rose Minnée, Tauranga

Mr. David Leenders, Upper Hutt

Ian Barker, Rotorua

Mrs. Rosemary Nicholl, Gisborne

Dr. Dennis Gordon, Wellington

Raewyn Johnson, Westport

Mrs. Irene Major

Alan Pitts, Kerikeri

Scott Milne, Auckland

Mrs. Carolyn Hodson, New Plymouth

Mr. Neville Coutinho, Auckland

Gary Husband, Rotoiti

Mr. David Mallia, Chridtchurch

Denise Pitts, Kerikeri

Mr. Paul Adams, Auckland

Mrs. Jantina Leenders, Upper Hutt

Mr. Matt Cameron, Watlington

Mrs. Stephanie Van Vuuren, Opunake

Mr. Craig Yarndley, Te Awamutu

Braidie Patience, Auckland

Kathryn Robertson

Bryce Kennedy

Mrs. Mary Bensley, Auckland

Mr. Frederick Creighton

Tony and Sue Kerr, Auckland

Mr. Ian Clark, Lower Hutt

Mr. Bede Martin, Kaiapoi

Mr. Mike Mullane

Elmien Saathof, Rolleston

Mr. Stephen Wheeler, Tauranga

Ms. Quen Quen Wang, Auckland

Mrs. Ali Heta, Otaki

Peter White, Wellington

Cliff Tyler, Dairy Flat

Mrs. Mary Rayner

Mrs. Elizabeth Grindlay, Auckland

Bruce Coyle

Mrs. Heidi Davidson, Dunedin

David Gibbs

Birgit Lulek, Auckland

Mr. Douglas Naude, Tauranga

Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson, Oxford

Mr. Peter Yates, Tauranga

Mr. Kevin Barnes, Te Puna

Mrs. Diniece Turner, Hamilton

Mr. Norris Aitken, Auckland

Mrs. Margot Farrand

Mrs. Lynn Wicken, Hamilton

Mrs. Kelly Clark, Auckland

Mr. Joshua Gibbs

Mr. Gerald Carter, Auckland

Mrs. Jo Cotton, Christchurch

Mr. Kenneth Anderson, Oxford

Mr. Andrew Davidson, Dunedin

Mark Mitchell, Marton

Mr. D Clarke, Auckland

Mrs. Mary Aruja, Auckland

Mr. John Wise, Auckland

Mrs. Josephine Clarke, Timaru

Mrs. Catharina Naude, Tauranga

Prof. Geoff Duffy, Murrays Bay

Mrs. Vanessa Schlogl, Wellington

Mr. Kevin Harper, Rotorua

Ms. Dale Boddy, Nukuhau

Mr. Clive Verburgt, Auckland

Mrs. Catherine Andrew, Wellington

Mrs. Joy Lauchlan, Tauranga

Miss Savanah Udy, New Plymouth

Linda Tawera, Havelock North

Mr. Tim Hembrow

Mr. Gianni Crestanello, Auckland

Paul Clarke

Mrs. Arna Mountain, Auckland

Mr. Chris Whyte

Mrs. Rachel Cameron, Timaru

Mr. Dene Thomas, Auckland

Kevin Salisbury, Auckland

Alexis Cournane, Invercargill

Mohammad Thompson, Auckland

Mrs. Frances R Atkinson, Christchurch

Mrs. Lesley Simpson

Mrs. Barbara Fitzgerald, Mount Maunganui

Mrs. Joy Ritchie, Brookfield

Mr. Ross Simmonds, Richmond

Mrs. Diane Glynan, Wellington

Harold Trask, Tasman

Peter Judd, Auckland

Mrs. Diane Drager, Te Awamutu

Sharon Gibbs

Mrs. Caroline Cook, Auckland

Mrs. Marie Ross

Mrs. Rosemary Wise, Auckland

Mrs. Carolynn Harris, Warkworth

Mr. Victor Milne, Howick

Malcolm Morris, Auckland

Mr. Bill Watts, Nelson

Mr. Phil Botha

Mr. Graham Workman, Masterton

L Reid, Waingaro

Mrs. Wendy Fowler

Mrs. Anna Bosman, Auckland

Lorraine Rea, Whanganui

Lesli Mancktelow

Mr. Nicholas Hitchins, Christchurch

Mrs. Monique Pearce, Auckland

Mr. Kenneth Crosswell, Hairini

Mr. Ian Paton, Auckland

Mr. Paul Houston, Auckland

Mr. Owen Blackburn, Auckland

Stephen Freymark

Mr. Colin Beaton, New Plymouth

Mrs. Rochelle Hanna, Te Awamutu

Mrs. Stephanie Knaggs, Hamilton

Ms. Hannah Riddle

Mr. Paul Crump, Havelock

Dr. David Shearer

Mr. Gilbert Mills, Auckland

Mr. David Thompson, Lower Hutt

Brendon Townsend, Oxford

Jacquie Tiddy

Mrs. Mary Beaton, New Plymouth

Mrs. Doreen Shearer

Mr. Russell Van de Laak, Cambridge

Mrs. Pat Wright, Auckland

Mr. Lionel Hayes, Auckland

Mrs. Pamela Crump, Havelock

Mr. Colin Miller, Matiere

Bruce Tiddy

Mr. David McBride

Mrs. Kay Clayton

Mrs. Barbara Prebensen

Mrs. Margaret Crilly, Auckland

Mr. Elwin Putt, Fitzroy.

Mr. Pat Buckley, Tauranga

Ms. Kathy Keall, Auckland

Ms. Moana Sinclair, Tauranga

Mr. Alistair Young, Auckland

Morag Stroud, Orini

Mr. Malcolm Hardy, Tauranga

Mr. David Mays, Masterton

Tracy Setters

Mr. David Allen, Porirua

Mr. Alan Telford, Auckland

Mrs. Janice Hardy, Tauranga

Dr. Fong Soy Eng, Auckland

Mrs. Susan Abercrombie, Whangaparaoa

Mrs. Isabel Smith, Winton

Mrs. Bev Kater, Auckland

Mrs. Lynette Murphy, Taupo

Ms. Suzanne Parkinson, Auckland

Mrs. Carole Carter, Auckland

Miss Rachel Hardy, Tauranga

Mr. Ben Vivian, Cambridge

Mrs. Sue McMillan, Dunedin

Deirdre Reynolds, Snells Beach

Marianne Roughton, Auckland

Mrs. Rosalie Heath, Matamata

Mrs. Liena Watson

Mrs. A De Ruiter-Boon, Wellington

Mrs. Heather Bruce, Hamilton

Mrs. Tracy Richardson

Mrs. Sarah Bottema, Auckland

Mr. Phil Holderness, Auckland

Mr. Colin Goulton

Dr. Neil Pollock

Mr. William Cooney, Wellington

Mrs. Julie Hamilton, Oamaru

Mr. Michael Pun, Auckland

Philip Sapsford, Christchurch

Mr. C De Ruiter, Wellington

Mr. Rommel Arwin Bello, Wellington

Mr. Stephen Moore, Christchurch

Mr. Lawrence Shepherd, Stratford

Mr. Brian Carson, Palmerston North

Mrs. Deborah Finnigan, Auckland

Mrs. Raewyn McAullay, Auckland

Mr. Dean Whitehead, Tauranga

Mr. Simon Shamy

Mrs. Denise Johnston, New Plymouth

Linda Williscroft, Thames

Mrs. Sylvia Carter, Feilding

Mr. Robert Alexander Davidson, Christchurch

Ms. Karen Marra, Christchurch

Mr. Michael Burke

Mrs. Lyn Wilson, Palmerston North

Mrs. Jill Lang, Cambridge

Mrs. Cherie Rameka, Cable Bay

Mrs. Annette Stewart, Auckland

Ms. Learne Mcgrath

Mrs. Deanna Kloosterboer, Auckland

Mrs. Phillippa Boyce, Cambridge

Judith Munn, Matamata

Sue Berryman, Stoke

Mrs. Sue Dykman, Auckland

Mr. Jacek Drecki, Auckland

Donna Drake

Mrs. Esther Eagle, Tauranga

Mr. Chad Lethborg, Auckland

Mr. Peter Mulholland, Wanganui

Mrs. Cheryl Morris, Auckland

Mrs. Erika Bonnevie, New Plymouth

Derek Young

Mrs. Andrea Simmonds, Nelson

Mrs. Maureen Frew, Darfield

Mr. Ian McKillop, New Plymouth

Mrs. Sharyn Simpson, Blenheim

Steve Drake

Mrs. Patricia Fordham, Mangawhai

Mrs. Margaret Moore, Christchurch

Gary Lee

Mrs. Julia Brown, Kaukapakapa

Mrs. Joan Deppe, Waikanae

Mr. Evan Frew, Darfield

Mrs. Logeswari Sadacharam, Hamilton

Mrs. Catherine Smith, Trentham

Mr. Bruce Forlong, Auckland

Ms. Marjorie Familton -Diack, Rolleston

Ms. Sophia Devlin, Auckland

Mrs. Isobel Mollins, Lower Hutt

Mr. David Ewen, Auckland

Mrs. Jill McKillop, New Plymouth

Mr. Murray Mansfield, Te Awamutu

Mrs. Cindy Christey

Mrs. Natalie Meszaros, Wellington

Mr. Jos Van Hooijdonk, Hastings

Mr. Robbie Engelbrecht

Mrs. Amy Tusa, Auckland

Laurie Smith, Hamilton

David Richards, Dunedin

Stephen Penk

Leslie Frink

Mrs. Retha Kleynhans, Howick

Mr. Hans Schouten, Invercargill

Mr. David Meszaros, Wellington

Mrs. Averil Wooding

Anneke and Friso Bosman, Waiheke

Mr. Graham Wood, Whakatane

Mrs. Charity Tan, Tauranga

Mr. Kevin Dickens, Blenheim

Mr. Dawson Beets, Katikati

Mrs. Cherry Paul, Mosgiel

Mrs. Annalisa Vaatstra, Whanganui

Mr. Henri Pennings, Hamilton

Mr. Joseph Castro, Huntly

Mrs. Donnamarie Dickens, Blenheim

Annabel Bates, Auckland

Mrs. Samantha Caceres

Mrs. Candice Nadine Dalziel, Christchurch

Mr. Gordon Macintyre

Donald Tomas

Mrs. Karen Roughan, Lawrence

Marilyn Goodfellow

Mr. Markus Abel, Tauranga

Janet Winch

Mr. Ken Blockley, Richmond

Mr. Ralph Suckling, Tuakau

Mrs. Helen Walsh, Auckland

Mrs. Courtney Wilson, Christchurch

Mr. Alan Spinks, Hastings

Mrs. Desma Cook

Ms. Elisha Roest

Jane Ross, Christchurch

Mr. Raymond Johnstone, Tauranga

Mrs. Aileen Barry, Mount Maunganui

Mrs. Jillian Walst, Kerikeri

Mr. Patrick Noton

Mrs. Suzanne Nash, Kerikeri

Fred Jordan, Katikati

Peter Dozzi, Wanaka

Dr. Riaan Kriek

Mr. Terry O'Neill, Oamaru

Lloyd McGarvey, Christchurch

Mr. Peter Moore, Upper Moutere

Mrs. Angelene Goodman, Timaru

Mr. John Walst, Kerikeri

Arnout Wassenaar

Mrs. Margaret Haliburton, Napier

Ms. Carolyn McKenzie, Otaki

Mr. Eric Holman, Greymouth

Colin Booth, Te Puna

Mr. Vincent Baptista

Mrs. Margaret Borcovsky, Enner Glynn

Paul Scott, Eastgate

Austin Fernandes

Mrs. Paulette Johnstone, Tauranga

Mrs. Margaret Schouten, Invercargill

Mr. David Schultz, Churton Park

Mr. Andrew Wilson, Palmerston North

Mrs. Desiree Baptista

Mrs. Kristie Duke, Upper RIccarton

Mr. Matthew Hook

Mr. David Grindlay, Golflands

Miss Joan Duncan, Auckland

Mr. Neil Shaskey, Kaiapoi

Eileen Wong Too

Mrs. Elaine Herbert, Auckland

Linton Conway, Mt Albert Auckland

Quinton and Josephine Reeves, New Plymouth

Mrs. Jane Mann, Hamilton

Grant Mead, Manukau

John Batistic, Rangiora

Mr. Richard Moulder, Auckland

Mrs. Glenys Youngson, Hillsborough

Mrs. Laurie Engels, Otaki

Mr. Kevin Massey-Borman, Greenbay Auckland

Mr. Jurgis Cibulskis, Auckland

Mrs. Lauren Swafford, Collingwood

Ms. Jennifer Tucker, Westshore

Mrs. Wendy Thorley

Mrs. Valerie Rayner

Mr. Rowan Brebner, Ohope Beach

Mrs. Pam Benseman, Whanganui

Mr. Murray Orr, Christchurch

Mr. Robin Hannah, Thames

Dr. Steve Finnigan

Helen Moulder

Mr. Murray Smith

Mrs. Anne-Marie Dangerfield, Warkworth

Mr. Michael Sleeman, Rotorua

Mrs. Naomi McMath, Leeston

William George Scrimgeour, Orewa

Mrs. June Evans, Renwick

Mrs. Emma O'Connor, Hamilton

Ms. Yvonne Vujcich, Kaikohe

Mrs. Yvonne Smith

Mrs. Ela Andersen, Auckland

Mrs. Margaret Grace McLay, Te Awamutu

Mrs. Catherine McGregor

Mrs. Marie-Josee Morvan

Mr. Campbell McMath, Christchurch

Mrs. Glenys Ramsey, Kerikeri

Mr. William Van’t Wout, Christchurch

Mrs. Amber Dawson, Auckland

Mrs. Julia Martin, Cambridge

Mr. Matthew Leigh-Hunt

Mrs. Ngarui Wihongi, Hamilton

Mr. Terry Kurukaanga, Porirua

Mrs. Sue Monahan, Rapaura

Mr. Roger Earp, Lower Hutt

Mrs. Janine Simcock, Tauranga

Wendy Townsend, Oxford

Mr. James Rayner, Waimate

Mrs. Margaret Lett, Rotorua

Jasmine Farrell, Orepuki

Mr. Jeremy Dixon, Wellington

Mrs. Patricia Ellis, Whangarei

Cheryl Hall, Auckland

Mrs. Sylvia Massey-Borman, Greenbay Auckland

Mr. Bob Gill

Mr. Ernie McLay

Mr. Terry Kurukaanga, Porirua

Mr. Gregory Ellis, Whangarei

Miss Gemma Roughton

Dorothy Sheridan, Dunedin

Mrs. Sarah Lang, Timaru

Mr. John Batty, Feilding

Mrs. Anecita Loay, Randwick Park

Mrs. Wendy Biberstein, Awapuni

Mrs. Aileen Verry, Hamilton

Mrs. Vicky Preston, Tauranga

Kamahl Duncan, Massey Auckland

Mrs. Amy Joy Jordan

Mrs. Leonie Graham, Ngaruawahia

Dr. Mong-Oon Yeow, Hamilton

Mrs. Susan Eastman, Tauranga

Mr. William Verry, Hamilton

Mr. Graham Preston, Tauranga

Mrs. Margaret Russell, Bayview Auckland

Barbara Summerfield, Ashburton

Mrs. John and Sue Wordsworth, Whangarei

Mr. Grant Evans, Matamata

Evelyn Lalahi, Spreydon

Mr. Anthony Pitt, Auckland

Mrs. Norma Collard, Turangi

Mrs. Ceri Moody, Gore

Mr. Joshua Bate, Wellington

Chris Poole, Auckland

Mrs. Naomi Senior, Tauranga

Mr. Chris Walker, Marshlands

Mrs. Rosemarie Braly, Reb Beah

Mrs. Rona Mitchell, Kaihu

Jeff Dillon, Kenmure

Pam Driver, Auckland

Mr. Roger Gregersen, Orewa

Mrs. Julie Collingwood, Napier

Mrs. Jo-Amy Grote, Albany Auckland

Mrs. Hazel Pitt, Auckland

Mrs. Deborah Larsen, Waitara

Mrs. Rosemary Everitt, Kerikeri

Mr. Murray Stevenson, Ruakaka

Mrs. Pamela Geddes, Invercargill

Mrs. Susan Spiers, Rotorua

Ross Haliburton, Napier

Mr. Gavin Brown, Kaukapakapa Rodney

Mr. Bruce Lietze, Alexandra

Mr. Howard Martin, Cambridge

Mr. Frank Krynen, Auckland

Jane Wallace, Massey

Brett Martin, Middleton

Mrs. Helen Prangnell, Auckland

Mrs. Belinda Prout, Te Awamutu

Mrs. Therese Kean, Rotorua

Mrs. Caroline Krijnen, Auckland

Mrs. Barbara Philip, Cambridge

Mrs. Emma Barlow, Christchurch

Mrs. Silvia Herring, Kumeu Auckland

Mrs. Cathy Shelton, Manurewa

Mr. Peter Mortlock

Mr. Ivan Brooker, Fairfield

Frank Rigg, Auckland

John Wilding, Riverhead

Mrs. Julie Ford, Hamilton

Mr. W Kelvin Hicks, Auckland

Mrs. Margaret Shepherd, Te Awamutu

Mrs. Norma Laing, Nelson

Bev Mortlock

Mrs. Tracy Anderson, Browns Bay Auckland

Mrs. Natalie Roberts, Hastings

Edwin Ling, Howick Auckland

Janet Higham

Howard Tiddy, Morrinsville

Mr. Brian Boddy, Christchurch

Mr. Peter Fraser

Mr. Dean-James Miller, Auckland

Mr. Kelvin Raine, Tauranga

Mr. James Markwick, Beachhaven  Auckland

Mrs. Bernadette White, Karori Wellington

Mrs. Helen Wootton, Christchurch

Mrs. Jennifer Blakey, Auckland

Mrs. Judy Jack

Andrew Park, Hamilton

Jonene Edwards, Rotorua

Mr. John Miller, Auckland

Mr. Geoffrey Poole

Mrs. Janet Ness, Turangi

Mrs. Jennifer Duffy

Mr. Kevin McKenna, Palmerston North

Mr. John Bristow, Christchurch

Mrs. Angela Larsen, Shirley Christchurch

Mrs. Jill Briscoe

David Maunsell

Mrs. Ngaere Fox, Tauranga

Ms. Vivvy Devonshire

Mr. Bruce Anderson, Browns Bay Auckland

Mrs. Bronwyn Pester

Mrs. Karin McKenna, Palmerston North

Mr. Michael Adams

Mrs. Yvonne Sloan, Taupo

Mr. Tim Van Ameringen

Ms. Vivvy Devonshire

Mr. Selwyn Hooker, Forest Lake

Mr. Wayne Widdowson

Mr. Michael Ward, Hastings

Mrs. Hazel Adams

Mrs. Pamela Ann Band, Papamoa

Mrs. Leonie Heath, Auckland

Mrs. Helen Sheat, Warkworth

Mr. Lee Baker, Dunedin

Mr. Adrian Pester

Mr. Kuan Sian Loh, Currently in Hong Kong

Mr. Mark Treadgold, Auckland

Mrs. Nicola Jones, Tairawhiti Gisborne

Mr. Steve Lowe, Porirua

Mr. John and Pamela Oakden, Te Kauwhata

Mrs. Jean Holmes, Rotorua

Mrs. Corrie Van Werkum, Auckland

Mrs. Heather Shaw, Red Beach

Mrs. Nicola Godfrey, Upper Hutt

Mrs. Monica Smith, Wellington

Mr. Caleb Olsen, Wellington

Russell Hohneck, Cambridge

Mrs. Naomi Browne

Mrs. Valda Matthews, Napier

Mrs. Samantha Hughes

Dr. Dennis Chan, Dunedin

Mrs. Sandy Grogan, Auckland

Sharron Hillier, Linwood

Mrs. Robyn Hewson, Timaru

Mr. Brian Christensen, Lower Hutt

Mr. Richard Grogan, Auckland

Ms. Janice Tetley-Jones, Tauranga

Mrs. Emeline Vaimoana Tongaonevai, Hoon Hay Christchurch

Mr. Keith Jenkin, Christchurch

Dennis Veal, Timaru

Mrs. Gwenda Hungerford, Wellsford

Mrs. Jennifer Joe, Auckland

Chris Walters, Hastings

Alan Solomon

Miss Janice Millar, Auckland

Mr. Anthony Brady, Christchurch

Mrs. Sharon McCormick, Whangarei

Mr. Frank McGuckian, Castor Bay

Mrs. Faye Farrelly, Tauranga

Ms. Mary Overbeek, Kawhia

Mrs. Barbara Doig

Mrs. Enfys Soothill, Hawera

Mr. Daniel Kruger

Mr. Aidan Prior

Mrs. Gloria Pickford, Palmerston North

Mr. Brian Caughley, Wellington

Mrs. Colleen Kruger

Mr. Dennis Goldfinch, Auckland

Ms. Heather Rakoroi

Mrs. Shirley Artemiev

Dr. Zane Norvill, Palmerston North

Mr. Derek Blakey, Auckland

Ms. Charissa Kruger

Mrs. Gudrun Turner, Nikau Valley

Mr. Peter Baron, Greta Valley

Mr. Timothy McCallister, Manukau

Mr. Andrew Mackie, Invercarcargill

Mrs. Kerian Savill, Auckland

Mr. Darryl Turner, Paraparaumu

Mr. Tony Jurgeleit, Tairua

Mr. Donovan Kruger, Matamata

Mrs. Diana McCallister, Manukau

Mr. Stuart Lockett, Pukekohe

Mrs. Julie Morley

Mr. Don MacLean, Devonport

Mr. Paul Greybe, West Harbour

Mrs. Barbara Stevens, Tauranga

Bernard Moran, Glenfield

Mrs. Margaret Jenkin, Christchurch

Mr. Carey Martin, Lower Hutt

John Sheehan, Auckland

Peter Wright, Stokes Valley

Mrs. Pam Bayliss

Mr. Werner Bosman, Howick Auckland

Mr. Stephen Sinnott, Napier

Mrs. Heather King, Auckland

Dennis Lyons, Glenfield

Bernie Allen, Auckland

Mrs. Mary Ann West, Stoke

Mrs. Margaret Shepherd, Auckland

Michael Higgins, Orewa

Mr. Austin Benn, Ohauiti

Ms. Lili Lemalu, Favona

Mrs. Raelene Souness, Awamoa

Miss Helen West, Stoke

Mrs. Nancy Hazeleger, Palmerston North

Mr. Ian Donaldson, Tauranga

Mr. Hamish Fenwick, Henderson

Ian and Adrianne Lysaght, Whakatane

Mrs. Jenny Roux, Gisborne

Mrs. Aileen Hames, Paparoa Northland

Susie MacLean

Mrs. Viriama Chambers

Mrs. Ruth Clark

Mrs. Julia Blackmore

Darrell Nepia, Shannon

Mr. Aaron Leslie, Fruitlands

Mrs. Patricia McErlain, Strowan

Mrs. Catherine Ann Benn, Ohauiti

Mrs. Rachel Lacey

Herman and Barbara De Jonge, Whanganui

Mrs. Bethney Stewart

John McCoskrie

Ms. Janette Fairhall, Katikati

Miss Hannah Dine, Lower Hutt

Ms. Christine Yap, North Shore City

Mr. Godfrey william Bennett, Otaki

Mrs. Esther Van der Voorn, Wellington

Mrs. Claire Ashcroft, Te Atatu South

Mr. Peter Krammer, Nelson

Mr. Paul McErlain, Strowan

Kieran Gilmour

Mr. Gary Taylor, Addington Christchurch

Mrs. Lisa Isaacs, Wellington

Mrs. Pamela Howie, Stanmore Bay

Bruce McKevitt, Heretaunga

Mr. John Aldworth, Hamilton

Mrs. Jane Adamson, Christchurch

Vinka Nurdjaja

Brian Tohill

Lloyd Brewerton

Sarah Watson, Auckland

Janette McKevitt, Heretaunga

Mrs. Valerie Bennett, Tauranga

Mr. Michael Hooper, Rolleston

Nevin Beukes, Palmerston North

Ewen McQueen, Auckland

Mr. Colin Coupe, Warkworth

Christine Petrie, Coromandel

Craig Summers

Ms. Pauline Alexander

Mr. Gavin Mehrotra, Auckland

Mr. Bevan Crozier, Ashburton

Mrs. Lois Simpson

Mrs. Clare Borst, Kapiti

Mrs. Anne Scurfield

Mrs. Michele Howley, Murchison

Mrs. Heather Booth, Tauranga

Mrs. Esther Stone, Whangarei

Mrs. Janice Bellis, Greymouth

Mr. Ross Chin, Auckland

Mrs. Maureen William, Christchurch

Mr. Graeme Leggatt, Kaitaia

Mrs. Deborah Lee, Cambridge

Mr. Tim Sutton, Manurewa

Dr. Don Nightingale, Whangarei

Nicola MacLachlan, Moncks Bay

Katherine Eichler

Mrs. Julianne Jones

Mrs. Margaret Gillingham

Mr. Alan McKenzie

Mrs. Elizabeth Gray, Cambridge

Mrs. Karen Percy

Mr. Gordon Rhys Jones

Mr. Filipo Levi, Auckland

Mrs. Deborah Jean Burton, Waikanae

Mrs. Isolde Pennings, Hamilton

Mr. Rick Lamont, Christchurch

Mr. Andrew Ross, Napier

Ms. Olivia-Anne Kotuku Chubb, Paraparaumu

Mr. CHarles Donoghue, Whangaparaoa

Mrs. Glenys Wellington, Te Awamutu

Mr. Roger Bickerton, Fendalton Christchurch

Miss Heather Becker

Mr. Mark Dowers

Mr. Garth Mcvicar, Hawkes Bay

Mrs. Evelyn Safiti, Auckland

Mrs. Noleen Sommerville, Waikato

Mrs. Alyssa Rossier, Morrinsville

Estelito Coronado, Hamilton

Mrs. Nancy Mead, Whanganui

Mrs. Nancy Heyes, Takaka

Mrs. Anne McMullin, Porirua

Constantine Harris, Christchurch

Mrs. Margaret Wiseman, Te Puke

Mr. John McNeil, Spreydon Christchurch

Mr. Alan Percy, Whangarei

Mrs. Leigh Willis, Bethlehem

Mr. Ronald Peterson

Mrs. Edith Doran, Bethlehem Tauranga

Pam Sparks, Alexandra

Mr. Jamie Hansen, Auckland

Mrs. Jennifer Galpin, Nelson

Mrs. Sarah Lineham, Christchurch

Mr. Peter Grace, Henderson Auckland

Mrs. Delphine Lomas, Auckland

Dr. Rachael Hawkey, Christchurch

Mr. Bill Rigby, Auckland

Mrs. Miriam Bua, Botany Downs Auckland.

Mrs. Glenda Giles, Christchurch

Miss Elizabeth Tempest, Auckland

Dr. David Nixon, Palmerston North

Mr. Anthony Lineham, Christchurch

Dr. Peter Goh

Mrs. Susan Ralston, Red Beach

Judith Leonard, North Shore Auckland

Mrs. Marlene Goh

Mrs. Janelle Palmer, Auckland

Ms. Natasha Clarke, Auckland

Prof. Krys Pawlikowski, Christchurch

Mrs. Suzy Kirkaldy, Kohekohe

Mrs. Debra Halton, Wellington

Mr. Carl Grapentin, Palmerston North

Mrs. Patricia Palmer

Mr. David Bowie, Otautahi

Mrs. Jennifer Boyd, Gisborne

Miss Sophia Parsons, Christchurch

Mrs. Angela Byfleet, Auckland

Mrs. Elizabeth Maidment, Taupo

Ms. Janice Geard, Masterton

Ms. Kathleen Leamy, Rotorua

Mrs. Kathy Taylor

Mrs. Colette Hogg, Massey

Mrs. Annette Baker, Christchurch

Mr. Trevor Maidment, Taupo

Ms. Anne McNabb, Christchurch

Mrs. Mel Burtenshaw, Auckland

Trish Scott, Wellington

Mr. Ron Louden, Katikati

Dr. Matthew Scott, Wellington

Ms. Sophie Maidment, Taupo

Mr. Matthew Hagen, Whangaparaoa

Mr. Thomas Telford

Mrs. Anthea Russell, Hamilton

Frances Neill, Dunedin

Naomi and Colin Clulee, Waikouaiti

Mrs. Susan Holt, Porirua

Mr. Thomas Patrick Newell, Wellington

Belinda Harrison

Mr. Liam Kelly, Featherston

Mr. Ross Ironmonger, Torbay

Mrs. Gladys Lambert, Tamahere Hamilton

Mr. Mark Palmer, Auckland

Betty Brown, Hamilton

Mr. Ron Mayes, Stoke Nelson

Mr. Barry Smith, Napier

Mrs. Lesley Simon, Christchurch

Mrs. Margaret Newell, Wellington

Mrs. Laura Manu, Pakuranga

Mrs. Cecily Mayes, Nelson

Mrs. Pamela Somerville, Tauranga

Mr. John Lambert, Tamahere Hamilton

Mr. Anthony Mckeown, Auckland

Miss Hannah Waters, Whangarei

Mr. John Fraser, Riverton

Mrs. Janine Bland

Catherine Van Veen, Auckland

Mr. Sai Vea, Wellington

Mr. Alan Bowring, Tokoroa

Mrs. Amy Davies, Christchurch

Mrs. Fiona Van Ameringen, Auckland

Mrs. Aileen King, Manukau

Judy Dodd

Alexandra Price, Newtown Wellington

Mr. Timothy Smith, Howick

Ms. Janette Bradshaw, Invercargill

Graeme Gillies, Whangaparaoa

Peter Allen, Palmerston North

Mr. Mark Quinney, Nelson

Mrs. Emma Northcott, Otorohanga

Mr. Peter Bowcock, Raumati

Miss Mellissa Gallichan

Ms. Sarah Jenkin, Invercargill

Rissell Hohneck, Cambridge

Mrs. Ruth Hickin, Taupo

Mr. Cheng Laik Chua, Auckland

Mrs. Hilary Edmunds, Whangarei

Shirley Ayers

Mrs. Hannah Jairam, Gisborne

Mrs. Miriam Barrell, Christchurch

Mr. Norman Jenner, Waiuku

Dr. Victor Meyer, Amberley

Mr. John Kinsella, Takapuna Auckland

Mrs. Ruth Cook, Gisborne

Mrs. Linda Grav, Auckland

Mr. Pete Rutland, Gore

Mrs. Jane Kristensen

Miss Karla Montgomery, Auckland

Mrs. Heather Tennant, Hamilton

Mr. Alan Bevin, Saint Leonards

Mrs. Heather Davidson, Glendowie

Miss Charann Miller

Mr. Greg Dowling, Te Anau

Susan Adams, Auckland

Annette Perkins, Auckland

Alison Greenwood, Havelock North

Allan Shearer

Mr. Alistair Young, Waimate

Mr. Vernon Cook

Mrs. Susan Hosokawa, Napier

Murray Ward, Auckland

Judith Scott, Auckland

Mrs. Tania Knowles, Silverdale

Mr. Guy Austin, Auckland

Mr. Dennis Cassells-Minnoch, Whitby Porirua City

Stephen Mickleson, Tauranga

Mrs. Rosalie Meiklejohn

Mr. Craig Chapman

Mr. Warwick Rice, Lower Hutt

Miss Mary-Ann Hoekstra, Hamilton

Mrs. Jill Marshall, Hamilton

Christine Mickleson, Tauranga

Mr. Steven Price, Laingholm

Mrs. Helen Trbuhovich, Auckland

Mrs. Natalie Stamilla, Auckland

Mr. Jonathan Knowles, Silverdale

Mr. Tauraa Monga, Auckland

Mrs. Margaret Evans, Blenheim

Mr. Elias Rice, Lower Hutt

Hazel Paulsen, Auckland

Miss Kate Seager, Pirongia

Mrs. Hannah Anbus, Tauranga

Mr. Ian Lange-Smith, Howick

Mr. Scott Lelievre, Masterton

Beverly Joy Smith, Hamilton

Mrs. Heather Steele, Auckland

Mr. Richard Knowles, Silverdale

Mrs. Janice Bird, Westshore Napier

Dr. Malcolm Elliot-Hogg, Hamilton

Colin Simmons, Stoke

Mr. Lindsay Zanker, Oamaru

Mr. Thomas Steele, Auckland

Mrs. Jenny Read

Mr. Tony Bevin, Paraparaumu

Mrs. Diane Taylo, Auckland

Mrs. Jan Siraa, Te Kauwhata

Mrs. Robyn McFarlane, Porirua

Mrs. Wendy Taylor, Rangiora

Mr. Josh Honiss, Invercargill

Mr. Ramon Hollis, Wellsford

Mrs. Rachel Jones, Auckland

John Cope, Huntly

Luke Tattersall

Mr. Robert Bird, Westshore

Norman Turner, Chatswood Auckland

Douglas Weir, Auckland

Mrs. Jacqueline Smith, Kerikeri

Mrs. Shirley Prestidge

Mrs. Pamela Hollis, Wellsford

Dr. Colin McArthur, Auckland

Ms. Tara Walker, Sheffield

Mrs. Ruth Linton, Tauranga

Mr. Michael Kinsella, Takapuna Auckland

Mrs. Alison Fitzgerald

Mrs. Rowan Smith

Mr. John Wallbridge, Glendowie

Mr. Colin Ashby

Mrs. Aurelia Barno, Auckland

Mr. Colin Prestidge

Mr. Kevin Layton, Napier

Mr. Patrick Stack, Ashburton

Mrs. Jan Botica, Auckland

Mr. Robin Mead, Te Awamutu

Mr. Andrew Marriott, Auckland

Mr. Andy Thompson, Auckland

Phoebe Gaby

Mrs. Stella Wade, Timaru

Ms. Penelope Harding, Wellington

Mr. Ashley Lamberton, Palmerston North

Angela Purcell, Whangarei

Mrs. Jenni Prentice

Carolyn Killick, Dargaville

Mr. Peter Fitzgerald

Mrs. Heather Taylor

Mr. Chris Lawry, Christchurch

Mrs. Rita Lopez, Waitakere Auckland

Mr. Jamie Thomas, Hamilton

Mrs. Alison Cooper, Auckland

Ms. Linda Holmes, Runanga

Richard Archer, Papakura

Mr. Ian Konig, Auckland

Miss Heidi Fuglestad, Christchurch

Mr. Stephen Buchanan, Hamilton

Mr. Doug Whitcombe, Masterton

Mr. Imran Daud

Mrs. Joy Wadham, Wellington

Mrs. Jean Berry, Auckland

Mr. Ian Kerby, Blenheim

Mrs. Robin Moyle, Whangarei

Mrs. Kathleen Geddes, Whakatane

Mrs. Rebekah Green, Christchurch

Mrs. Anna Herbert, Hamilton

Mrs. Lynne Coates, Kaiwaka

Mr. Geoff Stevens, Tauranga

Mr. Levi Pennings, Hamilton

Peter Christensen, Grenada Village

Mr. Dave Read, Christchurch

Mrs. Jane Overbye, Gisborne

Mrs. Sharlee Yuan, Auckland

Mr. Edward Coates, Kaiwaka

Miss Shelley Lewis

Ms. Amber Ranganui, Auckland

Ezra Wislang, Auckland

Mrs. Susan Ralston, Red Beach

Mr. Tony Wainhouse, Auckland

Mr. Richard May, Balclutha

Miss Elizabeth Searls, Dunedin

Mrs. Jeanette Wright, Palmerston North

Mrs. Irene O’Loughlin, Ohope Beach

Mrs. Josie Sterne, Christchurch

Mr. Eric Wright, Palmerston North

Michelle Wansink, Auckland

Mr. Nigel Langdon, Nelson

Mrs. Susan Norriss, Christchurch

Stuart Ramsdale

Mr. Peter Brown, Titoki

Mrs. Judith Cameron, North Shore

Pamela Palfreyman, Palmerston North

Mr. David J Monahan, Rapaura

Mrs. Christine May, Balclutha

Mr. Isaac Lassing, Mayfair

Mrs. Louise Greenwold, Wellington

Mrs. Sarah Cox, Te Pahu

Mr. Johannes Knol, Upper Hutt

Mr. Graham Henton, Ohope Beach

Mr. John Preston-Marshall, Twizel

Mr. Benjamin Price, Rangiora

Mr. Adrian Greenwold, Wellington

Mrs. Raewyn Margaret Minnoch, Whitby Porirua City

Mr. Hendrikus Van Lier, Oamaru

Mr. Lawrence Paulsen

Mrs. Alison McMinn, Hastings

Mrs. Vivienne Webby, Levin

Mr. Wiliam Prentice, Timaru

Prof. Justin Taylor, Auckland

Mrs. Ingrid Coles, Havelock North

Wendy and Fraser Gordon

Mr. Steven Adcock, Hastings

Mr. Desmond Hill, Otaki

Ms. Jan Dewey, Pukete

Barb Bowring

Mr. John Shields

Mrs. Shuang He, Auckland

Ms. Michelle Scanlan, Te Awamutu

Mrs. Kathleen Wallace, Invercargill

Mr. John Watson, Lower Hutt

Anne Lovell, Kapiti Coast

Mr. Rangi Rawhiti, Pukete

Mr. Kevin Cameron, North Shore

Mrs. Lovell Greybe, Auckland

Mrs. Carolyn Chisholm

Dr. David Nicholls, Christchurch

Mrs. Angela Paul, Tuakau

Mr. Donald Wallace, Invercargill

Ms. Takayo Ukai, Waikanae

Mrs. Christine Baker, Auckland

Mrs. Alison Bethell, Levin

Mr. Jacob Martin, Christchurch

Krysta Hagen

Mr. John Watts-Thomas, Doonan

Mrs. Jo-anne Brons

Mr. Clive McKegg, Whangarei

Ms. Cathrine Brougham, Greerton Tauranga

Dr. Rose Phan, Tauranga

Mr. Mike Johnson, Ngongotaha

Mr. Alan Minty, Woodlaw

Mr. Pat McCarthy, Auckland

Mr. Neavei Isaac, Dunedin

Judy Olsen, Tauranga

Mrs. Elinor Blackler

Mr. Brent Chambers, Tauranga

Mr. David Medricky

Mrs. Ingrid Lindsay

Mr. Gavin Landreth, Owaka

Mrs. Joy Sharp, Auckland

Miss Janet Kirk, Auckland

Mr. Eric Tan, Invercargill

Andrew Loughnan, Auckland

Mrs. Kathryn Rogers, Stratford

Ms. Adair Oosterbroek, Hamilton

Mrs. Lynley Preston

Mr. Timothy Johnson, Stratford

Mr. Philip Bexley, Auckland

Mrs. Clare Corban-Banks, Longford Tasmania

Mr. Russell Cross, Weymouth Auckland

Mr. Poutoa Papalii, Otara

Mrs. Andrea Small, Christchurch

Mrs. Diana Nicolle, Kerikeri

Mr. Kieran Newell, Wellington

Mrs. Gaylene Thompson, Whangarei

Mr. Graeme Thompson, Auckland

Margaret Gane, Auckland

Mrs. Anne Gourley, Tauranga

Mrs. Ruth Bloxham, Tawa

Mrs. Jan Catchpole, Tauranga

Mr. Joe Thompson, Whangarei

Troy Allan

Mrs. Merle Butcherw, Whanganui

Mrs. Margaret Hurren

Mrs. Sian Nihoniho, Christchurch

Paul Killington

Mr. Al Gourley, Tauranga

Vincent Mills, Auckland

Mrs. Elizabeth Manson, Christchurch

Mrs. Helen Parsons, Waiuku

Mrs. Deanna Celeste Mary Barton, Auckland

Mr. Brian Catchpole, Tauranga

Mrs. Heidi James

Mrs. Virginia Askin, Hororata

Mrs. Ymkje Feenstra

Ms. Janet Alexander, Auckland

Mrs. Angela Archer

Mrs. Janet Scantlebury, Hamilton

Edgar Rumble, Wairoa

Mr. Guy Steward, Auckland

Kerry Mills, Auckland

Mr. Kevin Manson, Christchurch

Nelly Kalizinje

Mrs. Diana McPherson, Rotorua

Gael McInnes, Thames

Mr. Matthew Ford, Auckland

Mrs. Francisca Dunham, Tauranga

Mr. Peter Lafferty, Kaiapoi

Kate Lynch

Mrs. Catherine Dodson, Manukau

Mrs. Sarah De Geest, Wellington

Elizabeth Richards

Don Scott, Auckland

Mrs. Keryn Probert, Whakatane

Mrs. Megan Tierney, Alexandra

Mrs. Linda Andersen, Manukau

Mrs. Kelsey Duvenage, Auckland

Mr. David Richardson, Hastings

Dr. Catherine Ellis, Havelock North

Mr. Victor Andersen, Manukau

Mrs. Emily Bagrie, Randwick Park

Mrs. Barbara Major, Hamilton

Mr. John Lynch, Palmerston North.

Mr. John Luckstedt, Auckland

Jennifer Smith, Paraparaumu

Mr. Troy Major, Hamilton

Mrs. Joanna Rakoroi, Whangaparaoa

Miss Kirsten Rasmussen, Auckland

Ms. Joanne Latham, Christchurch

Mr. John Billington

Mr. Joseph Bagrie, Auckland

Collete Kalolo

Mrs. Lorna Das, Auckland

Mrs. Nicola Feyter, Hastings

Miemmie Prins, Silverdale

Dr. Roy McKenzie, Gore

Mr. George Swanepoel, Tauranga

Mrs. Martonette Van der Walt, Stanmore Bay Auckland

Mr. Jos Van Iersel, Mt Wellington

Mr. Geoffrey Holmes, Manurewa

Mr. Miles Davison

Mrs. Yvonne Ruffell, Cambridge

Mrs. Lynne Button, Christchurch

Mr. William Hubble, Auckland

Graham Collins

Renee Ryan, Auckland

Elizabeth Stachnik, Raumati

Mrs. Sally Horan, Tawa

Gary Anderson

Maria Henderson, Hawke's Bay

Mrs. Linda Watson, Lower Hutt

Mr. Chris Faehrmann, Sydney NSW (nz citizen)

Mr. Murray Downs, Te Awamutu

Mr. Eugene Pereira

Mrs. Lesley Cooper

Mr. Alan Bull, Levin

Mrs. Alice Noble, Greymouth

Mr. Ian Flemming, Napier

Mrs. Anne Kemps, Auckland

Greta Pereira

Mr. Jason Baird, Auckland

Ms. Candice Anderssen, Cambridge

Mr. Brian Martin, Havelock North

Mrs. Mary Grant, Auckland

Mrs. Karen Pasene, Wainuiomata

Mrs. Anne Thomson

Charlotte Volschenk, Tauranga

Mrs. Rosanna Ball

Mrs. Angela Quilty, Christchurch

Miss Maike Schaumkel, Auckland

Mr. Lenard Pasene, Wainuiomata

Mrs. Gillian Kyle, Auckland

Mr. Bruce Mason, Taupo

Mr. David Monastra, Wellington

Mr. John Macdonald, Nelson

Mrs. Rosemary Bloor

Don Ashby, Whangarei

Mr. Les Harvey, Devonport Auckland

Mr. Craig Harris, Hamilton

Mr. Stuart Mann, Hamilton

Mrs. Margaret Bevin, Paraparaumu

Alexander Edmonds

Mrs. Wendy Macdonald, Nelson

Mr. Phillip Dempsey, Whangarei

Mrs. Dale Read, Christchurch

Mrs. Glenys Munn, Auckland

Hannah Edmonds

Rosemary Jenkin, Carterton

Mrs. Becky Bi, Auckland

Mr. Kishor Govind, Churton Park Wellington

Mr. Gordon Miller, Saint Martins Christchurch.

Karlee Rippey, Auckland

Mrs. Susan Beguely, Auckland

Mrs. Laura Denharder, Palmerston North

Maurice Hooper, Rodney Auckland

Mr. John McLaren, Warkworth

Mrs. Melanie Ayers, Aranui

Mrs. Maureen Foulston, Palmerston North

Dr. Rachel Leslie, Auckland

Mrs. Sheryl Gibbs

Michael Edmonds

Mr. Ian Ellis, Havelock North

Mr. Doug Matthews, Havelock North

Zachary Edmonds

Mr. Richard Johanson, Reject this present bill

Mr. Peter De Reus, Oamaru

Mrs. Erin Speakman, Napier

Christine Smith

Mrs. Theresa Shephard, Te Awamutu

Miss Aleisha Hill

Mrs. Barbara Titlow, Leeston

Mrs. Christine Macdonald, Palmerston North

Mrs. Fe Manson, Taita

Mrs. Alyssa Tapsell, Tauranga

James Edmonds

Mr. Claude Titley No

Mrs. Anne Parker, Sunnyvale

Lirene Edmonds

Mr. Andrew Prins, Auckland

Brian Codlin

William Edmonds

Ms. S Becker

Sue Fayter, Christchurch

Ms. Lily Sinke, Paraparaumu

Sharlene Joned, Lower Hutt

Mrs. Diana Cluley, Mount Roskill Auckland

Maryline Morales, Hamilton

Mrs. Janice Gemmell, Christchurch

Jeff Powley, Peel Forest

Mr. Philip Whiteford, Lynfield

Charlotte Bartrum, Tauranga

Miss Nicola Guy, Hamilton

Mrs. Clare Omvig, Blenheim

Mrs. Fale Paea

Mr. Stan Beale, Christchurch

Mr. Marek Kozub, Manukau

Mrs. Jody Arsenio, Palmerston North

Mr. Robert Redfearn, Auckland

Margaret Carey, Timaru

Mr. Michail Sturm, Dannevirke

Mr. Rhys Morgan, Auckland

Mrs. Veronica Beale, Christchurch

Mrs. Raewyn Randell, Mount Roskill

Mrs. Salwa Franks, Papakura

Ms. Sharlene Jones, Lower Hutt

Mr. Barry Doak, Havelock North

Mrs. Madeleine Koretz, Hamilton

Ms. Mary McLaughlin, Wellington

Mr. John Franks, Papakura

Mrs. Leona Fox, Northpark

Mrs. Wawang Prins

Patrick Tennant

Bruce Logan, Christchurch

Mrs. Dominique Stewart, Hamilton

Mrs. Theresa Le Roux, Wellington

Mr. Grant Vincent, Tauranga

Miss Jill Palmer, Wellington

Walter Lewthwaite

Laura Henderson

Mr. Ron Elliott, Taupo

Mr. Max Cope, Howick

Megan Foster

Mr. Michael Koretz, Hamilton

Mr. Stehen Gibbs

Mrs. Anna Salt, Hastings

Helen Barry, Christchurch

Mr. Roger Stratton, Auckland

Mrs. Rebecca Okane, Invercargill

Mr. Andrew Garratt, Christchurch

Mrs. Lorraine Shirley, Tauranga

Ms. Dianne Jones, Christchurch

Mrs. Keely Twidle, Kerikeri

Mr. Howard Cross, Omokoroa

Mr. Brent Soper, Timaru

Mr. Bryn Gillard, Whangarei

Mrs. Cath Carrington, Wellington

Mrs. Patti Epp, Orari

Mr. Robert Van der Salm, Waikouaiti

Mr. Timothy Wye, Porirua

Mr. Callan Gregory-Hunt, Auckland

Mrs. Sheryl Jensen

Mrs. Katrina Bishop, Auckland

Aaron Mattingly, Dunedin

Mrs. Helen Lewthwaite, Christchurch

Miss Delma Begonia, Avondale Auckland

Mr. Stuart Angus, Kerikeri

Mrs. Barbara Harris, Invercargill

Pamela Kam, Auckland

Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, Mangawhai Heads

Mr. James Parsons, Whangarei

Mrs. Lynda Chisholm, Wellington

Ms. Jacquelene Thomson, Rosedale

Mr. Doug Sinclair, Rolleston

Mrs. Marcia Sandford, Nelson

Carol Dempster, Auckland

Ms. Fin Moore, Mount Maunganui

Mr. Murray Smith, Mangawhai Heads

Mr. David Cooper, Auckland

Ms. Annabelle Abuel, Wellington

Dr. Christiana Van Dorp, Wellington

Mr. Vadim Zimin, Auckland

Mr. Norman Page

Mrs. Anne Cope, Auckland

Mr. Leonard Fonseca, Waitakere City

Mr. Paul Jackson, Hamilton

Mr. Ashley Chisholm, Wellington

Mrs. Sarah Angus, Kerikeri

Mrs. Kathleen Graham, Hastings

Mrs. Colleen Hill, Hamilton

Dr. Bruce Peat

Miss Mary Goulding, Amberley

Roy Menzies, Auckland

Laadan Jalili

Maureen Kasenkow

Miss Stella Brennan, Christchurch

Mr. Neil Crawford, Palmerston North

Sharyne Jaunay, Whangarei

Mr. Mark McBride, Pahiatua

Mrs. Elaine Khoo, Hamilton

Mr. John Mcgilly, Papakura

Mrs. Katie De Ruiter, Dunedin

Mrs. Aynsley Langford, Takaka

Mrs. Melanie May, Palmerston North

Elodie Vujcich, Kaikohe

Mrs. Julia Lopes-Pereira, Auckland

Judith Moody, Lower Hutt

Daniel Lavin, Whanganui

Mr. Jik Loy

Mrs. Angela Helbano, Wellington

Maureen Wilmshurst

Mrs. Brigid Mcgilly, Papakura

Mrs. Marcella Trebilco, Cambridge

Mr. Ian Johnson, Tuakau

Mr. Rory Nimmo, Rangiora

Graham Pullyn, Stoke

Mr. Mike Craven, Auckland

Miss No to this Bill Morey, Hamilton

Mrs. Bonita Frink, Auckland

Claire Maetzig

Mrs. Barbara Forbes, Hastings

Mr. Raymond Vincent, Brockville

Mr. Kingsley Sampson, Christchurch

Mrs. Bridgette Winter

Mr. Paul Mulvaney, Christchurch

Mr. Marc McFadyen, Auckland

Mrs. Tracey Siemonek, Lower Hutt

Mrs. Florence Henderson, Napier

Miss Carolyn Brinkman, Manurewa

Mr. Roger Forbes, Hastings

Nigel Debenham, Auckland

Mrs. Christine Badger, Hawks Bay

Mr. Anthony Ross, Blenheim

Mrs. Heather Crawford, Palmerston North

Mr. Alan Siemonek, Lower Hutt

Mr. Keith Ardern

David Gibson, Thames

Mrs. Jen Moleta, Tauranga

Mrs. Joyce Pollock, Auckland

Mrs. Theresa Bevin, Taradale

Mrs. Helena Maarschalk

Mrs. Ruth Asiata, Wellington

Daniel Sampson

Mrs. Susana Kelsall, "Manukau city

Mrs. Katherine Vincent, Dargaville

Mr. Daniel Browne, Wellsford

Mrs. Alexandra Bickers

Mrs. Ann Pyatt, Hastings

Mr. John Steunebrink, Hamilton

Sharon Wilson, Nelson

Mrs. Raewyn Madden

Mrs. Ann Pyatt, Hastings

Mrs. Mandy Keen

Mrs. Julie Davis

Mrs. Jodi Browne, Wellsford

Jane Carson

Maria McDonald, "Brooklyn

Mr. Philip Hollard, "Fairfield

Mr. Barry Doig, Nelson

Mr. Desmond Bickers

Helena Kearns, Christchurch

Dr. Nicola Peat

Mr. Peter James, Rolleston

Eliza Posthuma

Mr. Gary Madden

Peter Isaacs, Pukerua Bay

Mr. Neil Shanks, Wellington

Miss Kelly Madden

Trish Butler, Invercargill

Mr. Rodney Ferdis, Auckland

Mr. Stuart Davie, Gore

Vivian Schwartfeger

Mr. Joshua Madden

Mrs. Karen Waters, Whangarei

Mr. Jack Schoen, Patumahoe


Mr. Johnathan Lauridsen, Inglewood

Mrs. Patricia Low, Ashburton

Mr. Ian Preston

Mr. Keith K V Chong, Auckland

Mrs. Heather Diprose, Hamilton

Dr. Joel Hughes, Gore

Grace Vaate

Mrs. Elizabeth Mansel, Tauranga

Mrs. Sarah MacGill, Remuera Auckland

Mrs. Carol Dortch, Queenwood

Dr. Eileen Brooke, Nelson

Mr. Peter Janssen, Pratola Peligna Italy

Mrs. Sandra Todd

Mrs. Yvonne Cochrane

Mr. Mike Stopforth, Christchurch

Mrs. Chelsea Dando, Auckland

Kyle Buckley, Christchurch

Mr. Peter Masters, Dunedin

Mrs. Helen Rollo, New Plymouth

Mrs. Marie Ioakimi, Wanganui

Mr. Malcolm Milmine, Pokeno

Mr. Keith Sievwright, Tauranga

Glenys Michael, Stanmore Bay

Mrs. Cynthia Graham, Te Kauwhata

Mrs. Susan Speedy, Rototuna

Dr. Robert Sanson, Palmerston North

Mrs. Brenda Brightwell, Auckland

Mr. Rodrigo Bello, Wellington

Mr. David McMillan, Hamilton

Mrs. Sheryl McMillan, Hamilton

Dr. Janine Rayen

Mrs. Regina Simpson, Auckland

Miss Laura Palmer

Mrs. Isabella Boniface, Porirua

Mr. Brian Gianotti, Auckland

Mr. Samuel Andersen

Mrs. Kim Wilson, Te Puke

Mrs. Julie Mundey, Auckland

Mr. Christopher Bargh, Greentops

Liz Anderson, Auckland

Mr. David Bretz, Palmerston North

Mrs. Lynne Laughton

Prof. Graham Lyon, Lower Hutt

Mrs. Karen Gibberd

Mr. Tasman Walter Collier, Gisborne

Desmond Vince

Mr. James Shelton, Wellington

Mrs. Jennifer Bargh, Greentops

Jacinta Stopforth

Mr. Anthony Antao, Mangere

Anne Jones, Christchurch

Jacqui McIver

Michelle Fletcher, Taupo

Mrs. Marian Caetano, Tauranga

Mrs. Carol Wright

Mr. Jonathan Belton, Auckland

Mrs. Heather Sandra Collier, Gisborne

Mr. Joel Duinkerke, "Glen Eden

Alistair McIver

Roger Foley, Burwood

Stephen Grey, Papatoetoe

Mr. Francis D'Souza, Gonville

Mrs. Triona Doocey, Christchurch

Mrs. Marcia Duinkerke, Glen Eden Auckland

Philip Murphy

Mr. Malcolm Sime, Lower Hutt

Mr. Paul Wright, Bombay

Mrs. Julia Martin, Christchurch

Bruce Fraser, Taupaki

Mrs. Mary Elliot-Hogg, Hamilton

Mrs. Jane Thorstensen, Auckland

Mr. Murray Coulter, Ashburton

Mrs. Yvonne Eder, Ranfurly

Frances Peat, Auckland

Mr. Harold Forrest

Mr. Pietro Lubich, Auckland

Mr. Brad Larsen

Mr. Herb Rutley, Auckland

Mr. Owen Dawe, Rotorua

Ms. Catherine Mahony, Wellington

Mrs. Jennifer Leggatt, Kaitaia

Paul Sullivan, Auckland

Mrs. Joan Carroll, Christchurch

Veronica Foley, Burwood

Mrs. Mary Wilson, Whangarei

Mr. John Espin, Te Puke

William Rowland

Mr. Brian Sorenson, Hamilton

Mrs. Debora Nguy

Mr. Roger Hebberd, Nelson

Mr. Errol Keown, Pukekohe

Mrs. Margaret Bradfield, Ranfurly

Mrs. Trish Paris, Avonhead

Mr. Michael Pugh, Tauranga

Natasha Williams, Tauranga

Mrs. Becky Kemps, Auckland

Mr. Stephen Ian Fletcher, Nelson

Mr. Trevor Dawson, Horsham Downs

Mrs. Susan Webber, Lower Hutt

Mr. Ross Burr, Stokes Valley

Mr. David Kilgour Ranford, Tauranga

Mrs. Jeanette Hight, Lower Hutt

Mr. Rex Merrick, Rotorua

Mrs. Lesley Dominey, Rotorua

Mr. Joseph Elliott, Auckland

Mr. Peter Todd

Mrs. Jossephine Pate, Auckland

Mrs. Patricia Todd, Nelson

Mrs. Joy Noelene Ranford, Tauranga

Corryn Vemoa, Tauranga

Mr. Simon Rayner, Wellington

Mr. Oliver Wiesner, Blenheim

Andrea Chittock

Ms. Lyn Isaac

Mr. Bruce Carey-Smith

Mark Jessep, Napier

Mr. Ted Phythian, Remuera Auckland

Mr. Mike Hulme moir, Auckland

Jane Jessep, Napier

Mr. John Green

Mr. Bradley Blackler, Christchurch

Mrs. Lydia Marshall

Anna Van Leeuwen, Auckland

Mrs. Patricia Coupe, Warkworth

Mrs. Joanna Nicol

Mr. Neville Young, Boulcott

Mr. Albert William, Pakuranga Auckland

Mr. Leonard Raaymakers, Wanganui

Mr. Errol Morrison, Blenheim

Mr. Alan Henderson, Napier

Mrs. Antonia Raaymakers, Wanganui

Mr. Neil Rutherford, Pukekohe

Mrs. Anita Wroth, Auckland

Mr. Robert Nawalowalo, Wellington

Mrs. Beth Bay, Te Aroha

Mrs. Sue Whitcombe, Coatesville

Syd Jones

Mr. Alexander Mc Carthy, Auckland

Miss Grace Erbacher, Whanganui

John Gibbons, Wellington

Mr. William D'Souza, Northcross Auckland

Mark Bandara, Auckland

Mr. Phil Gaby, Wellington

Mrs. Iwinca D'Souza, Northcross Auckland

Mrs. Anna Were, Mt Maunganui

Mr. Philip Haughey

Mrs. Shalini Saldanha, Mount Eden Auckland

Mrs. Julie Humphries, Christchurch

Mr. David Hall, Auckland

Mr. Adri Widyanto, Wellington

Miss Judith Hamilton, Hastings

Mr. Pieter Lanser

Mr. Errol Lopes-Pereira, Auckland

Mr. Benjamin Coenradi, Lynfield

Angelina Briguera

Mrs. Karen O'Connor

Mrs. Juliet Johnston, Carterton

Mrs. Susan Collingwood, Auckland

Miss Teresa Kelly

Mrs. Nadia Cannon, Rolleston

Mr. Rob Bakker, Christchurch

Mrs. Carolle Walker, Bulls

Nigel Russell, Hamilton

Miss Kaylene Larking, Wellington

Mr. Greg Sherrard, Rangiora

Mrs. Kerry Terrey, Whanganui

Glenn Clunie, Kinloch

Mr. Andy Langford, Dunedin

Jeff Carson

Neil Stuart-Menzies

Mrs. Anne Gear, Gisborne

Mrs. Virginie Petersen

Mrs. Mary Hurley, Roberts Line

Mr. Brendan Smith, Auckland

Mrs. Katrina Pereka

Mr. Alan Parsons, Napier

Richard Callan, Auckland

Carolyn Goffin, Auckland

Mrs. Maria-Tine Biersteker, Palmerston North

Mr. Andrew Leitch, Hastings

Catherine Pearson, Wanaka

Mr. Michael Hurley, Roberts Line

Ms. Margaret Smith, Christchurch

Mr. Riki Gear, Gisborne

Mrs. Elaine Palmer, Havelock North

Mrs. Barbara Sampson, Hornby Christchurch

Mr. Jeff Drane, Wellington

Miss Jessica Foster, Whanganui

Ruth Thomson

Mrs. Anna Bartlett, Manukau

Mrs. Roanne Raine, Pukekohe

Mr. Robert Palmer, Havelock North

Mrs. Sarah Harris, New Plymouth

Katrina McLay, Auckland

Mrs. Sharon Ross, Tawa Wellington

Mrs. Esther-Mary Parsons, Napier

Mrs. Barbara Shelley, Lower Hutt

Mrs. Georgina Brown, Gisborne

Mr. Leigh Spiers, Rotorua

Mr. Brendan Peet, Feilding

Mrs. Eleanor Keyte-Bailey, Feilding

Paul Gehring, Whangarei

Mr. Gregory Kitt, Hamilton

Mrs. Lisa Condell

Mr. John Vile, Blenheim

Mrs. Katrina Rehu, Wellington

Elizabeth Smith

Mrs. Linda Backhaus, Herald Island Auckland

Mrs. Jean Scarlett, Lincoln

Mr. Dale Innes, Auckland

Mr. William Cheesman, Bluff

Mrs. Jenny McLachlan, Tauranga

Ms. Mary Porter, Wellington

Mrs. April Upfold, Palmerston North

May Ballentyne, Porirua

Mr. Stan Najbert, Porirua

Mrs. Julie Brown, Hamilton

Mr. Alistair Nicholls

Mr. Alistair Pike

Mr. Steve Thom, Upper Hutt

Mr. Shawn Fergusson, Wanganui

Mr. Phillip Nota, Pukekohe

Georgia Barlow

Mr. Johannes Balzer, Auckland

Mr. Peter Martin

Mrs. Deborah Marambos, Woodend North Canterbury

Mrs. Mary-Anne Rea, Waikanae

Mr. Sean Fergusson, Wanganui

Mrs. Anne Gilfoyle, Devonport Auckland

Mr. John Dsouza, Auckland

Miss Haylee Brown

Mr. Timothy Sampson, Christchurch

Mr. Roger Cole, Nelson

Mrs. Anita Wadsworth, Omokoroa

Mrs. Jenny Kemps, Auckland

Mr. Benjamin Shepherd, Palmerston North

Mr. Sam Barham

Mrs. John Lafferty

Dan Harrison, Te Anau

Miss Cathleen Heslan

Douglas Dawson, Upper Hutt

Mr. Ross Brown, Hamilton

Rachel Major

Mrs. Cassia Isaiah, Otorohanga

Mrs. June D’Silva

Mrs. Beverley Blong

Mrs. Katherine Wenzlick, Thames

Mr. Pokkels De Jager, Takanini

Mr. Mark Hofsteede, Lower Hutt

Mrs. Pam Marchant, Motueka

Mrs. Christine Smith, New Plymouth

Gwyn Laybourn

Francis Krippner, Te Awamutu

Mrs. Paula Macfarlane, Invercargill

Ms. Phaik Lim, Wellington

Mr. David French, Christchurch

Mrs. Emily Hutchison, Christchurch

Mr. Ian Story, Auckland

Mr. Jayden Whiteford, Lynfield Auckland

Ellie Gwilliam, Whangarei

Michael Pui, Christchurch

Pat Andrew

Elizabeth Meiklejohn

Mrs. Louise Millikin, Whangaparaoa

Mr. Ken Blythen, Paparoa

Stephanie Chernishov, Waikato

Mrs. Kathryn Readhead

Mrs. Margaret Cameron, Whanganui

Jocelyn Pethybridge

Mr. Glenn Parris, Hastings

Mrs. Zella Vile, Blenheim

Mr. Jon Mauchline, Wanganui

Mrs. Susanne Kyle, Napier

Mr. Rata Korewha, Wellsford

Jane O’Flaherty

Mr. David Wheatley, Papakura

Mrs. Karyn Sadler, Gisborne

Mrs. Maria E Boddington

Mrs. Sal Jackson, Temuka

Mrs. Edel Roughton, Auckland

Arlene Reyes

Dr. Dean Boddington, Tauranga

Mrs. Caroline Chaves

Mr. Terry Bowden, Auckland

Carolyn Bauer

Mrs. Jane Collins

Mr. John Wilson

Mr. Joshua Williams

Mrs. Diane McLaren, Whangarei

Mrs. Dorothy Blumhardt

Phyllis Brock, Auckland

Mrs. Melanie Sheehan, Auckland

Mr. Kena Alexander

Mr. Konstantin Tkatchenko, Christchurch

Mrs. Janice Gillgren, Whangarei

Jocelyn McLean, Wellington

Mrs. Debbie Maher, Whangaparaoa

Mrs. Gail Blythen, Paparoa

Mrs. Robyn Langford, Hamilton

Miss Tania Pyatt

Mr. Martin Leung-Wai, Auckland

Miss Brenda Goodger, Auckland

Jennie Parkinson

Mr. Ralph Duley, Napier

Mrs. Jill White, Katikati

Mrs. Sarah Tittleton, Dargaville

Daniel Gibbs, Porirua

Dr. Neru Leavasa

Mr. Matthew Baird, Hamilton

Luke Janssen, Wellington

Miss Shana Llorando

Mrs. Carmel Anne Malone, Christchurch

Mrs. Carolyn Childs, Christchurch

Mrs. Meredith Gudgeon, Hamilton

Janet Buhler, Christchurch

Ms. Helen Jarvie, Takaka

Mr. Gordon Sanders, Auckland

Mrs. Danny Sheehan, Auckland

Mr. Digby Gemmell, Christchurch

Mrs. Femina Bloemendal, Auckland

Jennifer Gillions, Dunedin

Mr. Robert Agnew

Mrs. Aimee Kamphuis, Auckland

Miss Susan McGregor, Auckland

Mr. Mark Sutherland, Palmerston North

Mr. Paul Butler, New Plymouth

Mrs. Amelia Norfolk, Invercargill

Mr. Barnitus Gregory, Wanganui

Mr. Isoa Matawalu

Mrs. Jo Pelan, Auckland

Rosemary Blackie, Auckland

Mr. R H Simons, Auckland

Mrs. Christine Black, Hamilton

Koti Ledger

Mrs. Eriko Lawrence

Mrs. Madonna Gregory, Wanganui

Kirsty Dronjak, Auckland

Michael Ryan

Mrs. Carol Kirkham, Auckland

Mrs. Gtace Yuen, Auckland

Mrs. Marianne Davidson-Beker, Warkworth

Mr. Robert Miller, Rolleston

Mr. Graham and Faith McCarthy, East Stoke

Denise Singleton

Mrs. Colleen O'Sullivan, Stratford

Patrick Hallis, Auckland

Miss Stacey Blaise Ceniza, Hamilton

Mrs. Torika Matawalu, Auckland

Anna Marelich

Mr. Robin Swafford, Collingwood

Mrs. Jane Jeanes, Hastings

Dr. Ate Moala, Wellington

Mr. Stephen Ready

Libby Williams, Hamilton

Mr. Bill Adam, Whakatane

Raewyn Schumacher, Matamata

Katherine Mayo, Dunedin

Mr. Isaac Murphy

Mr. Christopher Metcalf, Auckland

Mr. Joseph Kirkham, Auckland

Mr. Allan Dewar, Waverley

Mrs. Rosemary MacLean, Auckland

Dr. Wiga Autet, Kerikeri

Dr. Mark Sherwood, Wellington

Mrs. Glenda Smith, Hamilton

Mr. Mike Gallagher

Mr. Terry Wills

Cameron Shaw

Mrs. Jenny Thomson, Nelson

Mrs. Karen Wills

Graeme Moore, Hamilton

Ms. Gengyu Wang, Auckland

Miss Jessie Corbett, Auckland

Mr. Tony Gatman, Silverdale

Mr. Leon Kingi, Otaki

Mrs. Ramanie Weerasinghe, Christchurch

Miss Michaela Wills

Mr. John Evans, Blenheim

Mrs. Lorraine Dittrich

Mrs. Eleanor hamilton Hamilton

Prathusha Joseph, Wellington

Mrs. Stephanie Poulton, Palmerston North

Mr. Grant Lowry

Mrs. Deanne Bridle, Silverdale

Martin Peat, Christchurch

Mrs. Wilhelmina Van Staveren, Auckland

Mrs. Sandra Liddicoat, Hamilton

Mr. Jean Andre Geelen de Kabath

Mrs. Joanna O’brien, Upper Hutt

Mrs. Gillian Harris, Auckland

Kay Peterson, Nelson

Mr. Rory Barnes

Mrs. Pauline Robertson, Nelson

Mr. Dominic Hines, Auckland

Mrs. Marcia Jones, Hamilton

Mr. Ken Harris, Auckland

Mrs. Clare Jones, Auckland

Bart and Robyn Engelsman, Hamilton

Mr. Mo McLeary, Auckland

Mr. Robert Weaver, Te Puke

Mrs. Bev Pollard, Hamilton

Mrs. Sarah Hosken, Hamilton

Mr. Isaac McQueen, Auckland

Mrs. Anne Rodrigues, Auckland

Mrs. Marion Henton, Ohope Beach

Mrs. Susan Luckstedt, Auckland

Mrs. Patricia Smithson, Hamilton

Mr. Kevin Stitt

Mrs. Eileen Bennett, Wanganui

Mr. Aadil Basha

Mr. Guido Stark, Wellington

Mrs. Anne Goodin, Te Kauwhata

Miss Fleur Smith, Hamilton

Helena Ah Siu

Mrs. Koebi Hart, Auckland

Mrs. Mary Kriechbaum, Palmerston North

Miriam Molony

Mrs. Deidre Patchett, Ruakaka

Mrs. Marion Henderson, Auckland

Ian Millen, Hamilton

Sarah Stark, Wellington

Joseph O'Neill

Mr. Bruce Welsh, Wellington

Miss Grace Schuurman, Christchurch

Ms. T J Miskis, Auckland

Averil Guerin, Waikanae

Mrs. Chris Bellamy, Matamata

Mr. James Totton, Auckland

Miss Martha Birimisa, Hamilton

Mrs. Lyn McNickle, Te Awamutu

Mrs. Michelle Barton, Te Atatu

Mr. Ian Mcnickle, TeAwamutu

Rose Newton-Smith, Massey

Mrs. Paula Anderson, Christchurch

Mrs. Jill Spraggs

Mr. Evan Bramley, Hastings

Mrs. Sue Moyle, Nelson

Juhli Burnett

Mr. Peter Ingham, Lower Hutt

Miss Emilie Smithson, Hamilton

Mr. Sam Wadham

Mr. Martin O'halloran

Mrs. Stacey Ashley, Nelson

Ms. Cassandra Costello, Auckland

Mrs. Esther Kontze, Tauranga

Mrs. Felicity O'Halloran, Auckland

Larry Elliott, Auckland

Mary Freeman, Wellington

Mrs. Megan Gall, Cambridge

Mr. Ross Little, Picton

Celia Walmsley Hardina

Ms. Carys Edwards, Bethlehem

Andrew Gowan, Palmerston North

Miss Deborah Murphy, Lower hutt

Mr. Reuben Hayward, Tauranga

Mrs. Pamela Grueber, Blenheim

Ms. Anna Meuli

Mrs. Alana Hargraves, Wellington

Mr. Fritz Moller

Mr. Steven Sandbrook, Wanganui

Julie Belding

Dougal Harding

Mrs. Samalah Sandbrook, Wanganui

Mr. Jim Wolfson, Helensville

Brenda Ieriko, Auckland

Mr. David Young, Auckland

Mr. Jamie Donaldson, Rangiora

Bruce Sandbrook

Anne Casey, Auckland

Mr. Brian De Vetter, Whangarei

Mrs. Marie Rooke, Hamilton

Mr. David Kontze, Tauranga

Amanda Moller

Mr. Andrew Pasene

Mr. Chris Coker

Mr. Craig Marshall, Christchurch

Mr. Jonathan McKenzie, Ohope

Mr. Andy Vaughan

Miss Sharlane Mundt

Mrs. Margaret Gooch, Stratford

Mrs. Stephanie Clark, Hamilton

Mr. Lincoln Badger, Hamilton

Mr. Martin Kontze, Tauranga

Mrs. Necia McBride, Te Puke

Mr. Peter Theobald

Dr. William Phipps, Dunedin

Mrs. Kezia Burridge

Mrs. Claire Garton, Whangarei

Mr. Steve Knight, Christchurch

Mr. Lael Schwartfeger

Mr. Peter Sinclair, Dunedin

Mrs. Bernadette Coup, Lower Hutt

Mr. Matthew Parfitt, Christchurch

Mrs. Lois Kingi, Opononi

Mrs. Koko Bale, Christchurch

Mrs. Beryl Husband, Rototua

Mr. Luke Tetley-Jones, Tauranga

Mr. Caleb Hilton, Hamilton

Mrs. Beverly McMahan, Wellington

Miss Samaria Wignall, Auckland

Mr. Geoff Matthews, Auckland

Emma Savill

Sylvia Hendriksen, Upper Hutt

Mr. Sonny Tapu, Auckland

Mrs. Wendy Dawson, Porirua

Miss Kallia Patching, Auckland

Elizabeth Breckell

Mrs. Evelyn Hall, Auckland

Mr. Slade McFarland, Auckland

Miss Grace Wells, Otago

Mr. Colin Smith, Wellington

Mrs. Barbara Henry

Mr. Patrick Dady, Bulls

Mrs. Jan Cody, Lower Hutt

Mrs. Maureen Phizacklea, Tauranga

Mr. Neil Furness

Mrs. Tai Roach

Mr. Ian James Gavin, Hamilton

Mrs. Helen Gavin, Hamilton

Mr. Martin Frauenstein, Paraparaumu

Mrs. Ruth Charman, Auckland

Mrs. Karen Morine, New Plymouth

Mr. Jack McMahan, Wellington

Mrs. Kathy Sweetman

Mr. John Phizacklea, Tauranga

Peter Curness

Mrs. Sharon Walther

Mr. Fletcher Van Ameringen, Auckland

Mr. Ariel Manota, Lower hutt Wellington

Mrs. Maxine Curness

Peter Smith, Hamilton

Mr. I-Han Kuo, Auckland

Dr. Alexander Squire, Whangarei

Mr. Danny Wolfe

Mrs. Danica McPhee, Auckland

Mr. Adam Kirkeby, Taupo

Mr. Mario McKenna, Wanganui

Mrs. Lesley Rowland, Masterton

Grant Cullen, Auckland

Isobel Ball, Huntly

Mr. John Cullinane, Whanganui

Mr. Pafelio Momoisea, Auckland

Ann Patricia Calkin, Turangi

Mr. Daniel Palfreyman, Palmerston North

Miss Barbara Turner, Tauranga

Mrs. Pelenatete Lam Sam, Auckland

Cindy Delaney, Auckland

Mr. John Wyllie, Auckland

Mr. Kevin​ Bird

Mr. Peter Astwood, Hamilton

Mrs. Mary Lennard, Tauranga

Mr. Richard Williamson, Auckland

Miss Josie Kawana, Whanganui

Sunethra Tennekoon

Ms. Maria Rodgers

Dr. Angelique Esterhuizen

Mrs. Christine Godinet

Hannah Gibbs

Mrs. Fiona Rimmer

Mrs. Angela Fordham, Rangiora

Mrs. Winnie Brown, -

Mrs. Rosie Roberts

Mr. Geoffrey Khoo, Hamilton

Mrs. Sara Morley, Auckland

Mr. Neville Muntz, Leithfield

Rosie Roberts

Mrs. Barbara Briddock

Mr. Jia Shyun Yee, Auckland

Mr. David Briddock

Mr. Habib Raham, Manukau

Mr. Nick Vosslamber

Marilyn Kilpatrick, Otaki

Mr. Kwok Kien Leong

Mrs. Sharne Roche, Paraparaumu

Mr. Daniel Court, Otorohanga

Mrs. Mokauina Fuemana-Ngaro, Auckland

Fr. Matt McAuslin, Whakatane

Mrs. Theresa Cannell, Auckland

Ms. Elaine Fitness, Waihi.

Sheila Grimes, Greymouth

Mr. Richard Kern, Auckland

Mrs. Denise Anglesey, Lower Hutt

Mr. Chris Rutherford, Christchurch

Mrs. Carole Kenealy

Geoff Chapman, Amberley

Mr. Andrew Cannell, Auckland

Mr. Saul Wells-Lakeland

Mrs. Kate Turner, Upper Hutt

Mrs. Donna-Rae Radtke, Hastings

Mrs. Sally Darling, Roxburgh

Mr. Leone Baraki, Hawera

Mr. Timothy Leighton, Christchurch

Miss Sarah Campbell, Auckland

Mrs. Nicola Campbell, Otorohanga

Mrs. Lena Jonk, Red  Beach

Jianwei Zhu, Auckland

Mrs. Wilma Reinders, Wellington

Mr. Frank Eijgenraam, Lower Hutt

Mr. Darren Humphries, Christchurch

Esther Newberry, Hamilton

Ms. Violeta Bersamina

Mr. Jan Jonk, Red Beach

Miss Bryony Large, Auckland

Mr. Colin Campbell, Otorohanga

Mrs. Janice Littlejohn, Taieri Beach

Mrs. Patricia Joseph, Christchurch

Mr. Rowan Morrell, Wellington

Allura Castro

Mr. Ron Lake

Mr. Tuuina Tuuina, Wellington

Mrs. Joanne Daczo, Te Awamutu

Albert Williams, Tauranga

Mr. Jeremy Watson, Auckland

Marianne Mcniel, Auckland

Gloria Williams, Tauranga

Mrs. Annette Benfell, Wanganui

Miss Denise Kapp, Otorohanga

Ms. Rosemary Eijgenraam, Lower Hutt

Mr. Andrew Campbell

Mr. Cam Jarman

Maureen Corbitt, Whakatane

Mrs. Carolyn Soukotta, Wellington

Mr. Brian Booth, Christchurch

Mr. Joseph William, Christchurch

Mrs. Lucy Vave, Glen Innes

Mrs. Anna O'Hara-Smith, Wellington

Mrs. Caragh Mann, Christchurch

Mrs. Yvonne Barnes, Tauranga

Mrs. Amy Jones, Turakina

Simon Markwick, Auckland

Mrs. Gaylene Jones, Lower Hutt

Ken Benfell, Wanganui

Evelyn Kapp, Putaruru

Mr. Dewald Kapp

Mrs. Yvonne Manuel

Ms. Denise Huyser, Putaruru

Martin Smith, Ngaruawahia

Mr. Graeme Henderson, Rangiora

Mrs. Ana Andrews, Tauranga

Karen Smith, Ngaruawahia

Mr. Tu Kapua Hipango, Marton

Mrs. Lynda Henderson, Rangiora

Laila Kanon, Botany Downs

Tina Payne, Auckland

Carolyn Phillips, Mataura

Mrs. Hillary Kieft, Stratford

Rodney Lake, Tauranga

Walter Kapp, Putaruru

Mr. John Tham, Auckland

Mr. Laurence Day, Hamilton

Mrs. Anne Farrow, Oteha

Miss Ashleigh Tuck, Auckland

Mr. Matthew Webster, Auckland

Mrs. Dora Tham, Auckland

Ms. Patrina Pile, Otorohanga

Mrs. Laurelle Van Gaalen, Waikanae

Mr. Brian Dobbs, Waikato

Mr. Stuart Read, Howick

Mr. Joel Rowse, Hamilton

Mrs. Marynita Phillips, Christchurch

Helene Luey, Wellington

Dr. Jeffrey Miller, Katikati

Ms. Darien Cunliffe, Tauranga

Mrs. Joyce Reid, Redwood

Eileen Hoĺlows, Alexandra

Mrs. Clare Tomiczek, Auckland

Miss Janet Curran, Hamilton

Miss Celeste Saba, Wadestown Wellington

Wendy Palmer, Ashburton

Mr. John Dunn, Auckland

Mr. Trevor Robas, Motueka

Miss Christine Le Lievre, Palmerston North

Mrs. Kara Dawson, Waikato

Mrs. Sreeja Jose, Christchurch

Mrs. Gaynor Ngapo, Tokoroa

Dianne Ingham, Lower Hutt

Mrs. Dianne Archer, Auckland

Mrs. Catherine Barradell, Tauranga

Miss Amy Reid

Mrs. Vivian Zheng, Manukau

Sharon Bull

Mr. Jordan McKenzie, Whakatane

Mrs. Jean Rankin

Mr. Anthony Koretz

Miss Lynne Aidney

Mr. William Aitkenhead, Auckland

Mr. Andrew Stewart, New Plymouth

Raewyn Davis, Otrohanga

Mrs. Rosemary Paltridge, Cambridge

Ms. Carol Wemyss, Auckland

Mr. Phineas Mann, Auckland

Mrs. Robyn Hardgrave, Inglewood

Misty-Rose King, Christchurch

Mrs. Kathleen Daley, Marton

Miss Jacinta Morgani, Whanganui

Miss Shanelle Soothull, Palmerston North

Miss Jo-Ann O’Loughlin, Christchurch

Mrs. Flora Andrew, Hastings

George Andrew, Hastings

Marie Finlay, Auckland

Mrs. SIVILAISE Moala, Wellington

John Isabeth

Mr. Mark Schuurman, St Albans Christchurch

Mr. Jonathan Daley, Dunedin

Brian Corbitt, Whakatane

Mr. David Burchett, Johnsonville Wellington

Mrs. Susan Bull, Tauranga

Maria Fiel, Glen Eden Auckland

Mrs. Phil Preece, Collingwood

Mrs. Sally Asiata

Miss Mariette Espach, Timaru

Mr. Jacques Schuurman, Christchurch

Miss Talitha Christina Pennings, Hamilton

Mrs. Margaret Bourke, Masterton

Mr. Brown Vui

Mrs. Kelly Viljoen

Mr. Harry Landkroon, Hastings

Anne Conquer, Mt Albert Auckland

Mr. Brian Conquer, Mt Albert Auckland

Mrs. Sandra Ching-Phang, Churton Park Wellington

Murray Wills, Kumara

Mr. Aldrin A

Ms. Ketina Chivasa, Auckland

Miss Jean Whittaker, Auckland

Mrs. Hinemoa Timutimu, Hamilton

Mrs. Kirsty Glassborow, Howick

Mr. Jacob Farrow, Apache Junction

Mr. Philip Richardson, Torbay Auckland

Mrs. Kathleen Sauni, New Plymouth

Mrs. Angela Shaw, Gisborne

Mr. Jonan Castillon, Timaru

Mr. Nicholas Bonaventure, Auckland

Mrs. Margaret Ngapera, Auckland

Mr. Freedom Aiga, Auckland

Miss Materoa Stevens-Kameta, Hamilton

Allan Langridge

Miss Jessie Gibberd

Mr. Philip Woodmass, Hawera

Miss Maddy Frew

Mr. Donald Tappin, Christchurch

Mr. Matthew Mengel, Dunedin

Mr. Steve Bilton

Philip Mellsop, Favona Mangere

Mr. Leslie Henderson, Ashburton

Mr. John Peter Victor Kersten, Matai Westland

Kathy Prentice

Mrs. Ann Dane, Auckland

Karen Amey-Parsons, Palmerston North

Mrs. Rosalie Flett

Mr. Hudson Millar, Hamilton

Aimee Walker, Auckland

Mrs. Jean Martinovich

Ms. Helen Whittaker, Thames

Marama West, Gisborne

Miss Emily Short, Christchurch

Mr. Stuart Saunders, Farm Cove

Jenny Peers, Auckland

Mrs. Bernadette Nair, Papamoa

Mr. Jan De Lange, Pegasus

Mr. Chris Watts, Hawera

Mr. Perrin Madsen, Pukekohe

Mrs. Stephanie Harris

Mr. Pete Lourie, Te Awamutu

Mr. Paul Davey, Rakaia

Chris and Pat Barfoot, Auckland

Mr. Peter Walters, Palmerston North

Mr. Ray White, Tauranga

Mr. Caleb Honiss, Aranui

Mr. John Wildy, Carterton

Dr. Clinton Pinto, Auckland

Carey White, Rangiora

George Eroes, Milford Auckland

Dr. Christopher Mc Grath, Mosgiel

Mrs. Laurelie Peterson

Nick White, Rangiora

Mr. Timothy Miller, Amberley

Mr. Andrew Stewart, Wellington

Mrs. Rosalind Trusty, Papamoa

Mr. Michael Trusty, Papamoa

Reena Tattersfield, Lower Hutt

Mr. Robert Turner, Hamilton

Mrs. Liesl Papenfus

Mrs. Pauline Hook, Auckland

John Massam, Onehunga

Mr. Allan Spear, Palmerston North

Mr. Dirk Den Harder, Upper Hutt

Mr. Iopu Vaasili, Lower Hutt

Ms. Lorraine Hill, Auckland

Mrs. Heather McDonald, Birkdale

Mrs. Lynley Stewart, Wellington

Mr. Roger Curtis, Hastings

Mr. Lance Coutts

Miss Gaylene Stone, Huntly

Mrs. Bernice Bormans, Tangiteroria

Dale Currin, Tauranga

Tim McIntosh, Paeroa

Mr. Dominic Hassan, Rangiora

Mr. Gerard Ockerse, Auckland

Christina Campbell, Hamilton

Dr. Fiona Perelini, Auckland

Virginia Currin, Tauranga

Mr. Alex McPherson, Whakatane

Mr. Joseph Bormans, Tangiteroria

Mr. Hayden Boyd

Mrs. Angela O'Donnell, West Melton

Mr. Craig Peters, Rotorua

Mr. Dennis Blong, Dargaville

Mrs. Tammy Ockerse, Auckland

Mrs. Veronica O'Connell

Mrs. Rebekah O'Neill, Papamoa

Mrs. Mary Ann Arnold, Matarangi

Liz DeVere, Auckland

Bernadetta Fairweather, Auckland

Tony Brljevich

Mrs. Delwyn Bailey, Whanganui

Mr. Kerry Campbell, Whareora

Mrs. Sarah Brown, Manurewa

Mrs. Patricia Kerrigan, Mangawhai

Mr. Denis Marra, Auckland

Mr. Lael Forrest, Glenfield

Prof. Jonus Christian, Gore

Ms. Cherie Hazlewood, West Eyreton

Mrs. Taulagi Natua, Auckland

Rambod Amigh

Mrs. Alison De Mooij

Mr. Karl Rasmussen, New Plymouth

Mary Jaques, Tauranga

Mr. Tonio De Bono

Mrs. Alan Pfeiffer, Waihi

Mr. Leo Nugteren, Kerikeri

Mrs. Marie Anne Smith, Springston

Mrs. Tracy Donaldson, Auckland

Mrs. Amanda Stichbury, Pukeatua

Mrs. Maree Nugteren, Kerikeri

Miss Rebecca Nugteren, Kerikeri

Mrs. Ailsa Miller, Taumarunui

Mrs. Lisa McKinnon, Putaruru

Mr. Joshua Nugteren, Kerikeri

Mrs. Helen Cook

Mrs. Antonia Gregory, Wanganui

Mr. Michael Kelly, Napier

Julie Crocker, Auckland

Ms. DeLayne Ututaonga, Rotorua

Mr. Caleb Gray, Fairfield

Mrs. Sandra Evans, Tuakau

Mr. Christopher Elliott Hull, Wanganui

Miss Brittney Curry, Palmerston North

Mr. John Posthuma

Laurene Jooste

Dr. Gillian Brown, Hamilton

Mr. Terry Cunningham, Tauranga

Mr. Paul Hetet, Auckland

Mr. John McGimpsey, Christchurch

Peter Van Zweeden, Tauranga

Vladimir Miskovic, Auckland

Mr. Brendon Smith, Hamilton

Mr. Malcolm Montgomery, Papamoa

Mrs. Deidre Neill, Auckland

Mr. Craig Arnold, Auckland

Ms. Angela WEPA

Mr. Colin Stitt, Katikati

Mr. Greg Waite, Rangiora

Mrs. Shirley Montgomery, Papamoa

Mr. Bryan Goldthorpe, Kelston

Michael Oosterman, Christchurch

Linda Tocker, "Papamoa Beach

Mrs. Hayley Smeaton, Longburn

Mrs. Maujreen Stitt, Katikati

Ms. Rachael Teng, Hamilton

Mrs. Monaleen Cabaron, Auckland

Miss Ain Kim

Ms. Christine Tizard, North Shore

Mrs. Claire Pearce, Porirua

Mrs. Hester Naude, Orewa

Mrs. Mary Hastings, Morrinsville

Mrs. Pamela Brooking, Levin

Mrs. Wendy Bedford, Milton

Craig Boyes, Wellington

Mrs. Heather Tiatia, Wellington

Mr. Ernest Trask, Mt Maunganui

Mrs. Maryanne Fransen

Mrs. Noeline Clark, Pegasus Waimakariri

Mrs. Elaine Brandon, Auckland

Mr. Murray Grindlay, Wellington

Mrs. Clare Zyskowski, Invercargill

Mr. Desmond Nicholson, Auckland

Mr. Benjamin Ruskin, Thames

Mr. Renier Roets, Porirua

Mr. Mike Cullimore, Marlborough Sounds

Grace Ram, Putaruru

Ben Poulton, Palmerston north

Mr. Graeme Birch, Orewa

Dr. Graeme Finlay, Grafton

Mr. Harry Ruffell

Celia Reid, Christchurch

Dr. Coral Fonseca, Auckland

Catherine Lynagh

Mr. Carey Clow, New Plymouth

Dr. Sally Davey, Rakaia

Mrs. Laura Earp, Lower Hutt

Mrs. Morini Banks, Hamilton

Mr. Kevin Short, Taupo

Mr. Trevor McAllum

Mr. Darren King, Darfield

Miss Allison Anagap, Henderson Auckland

Mrs. Kathryn Davie, Auckland

Mrs. Marlene Weatherall, Blenheim

Kathy Howie, Manukau

Mr. T and Mrs. J Blakelock, Auckland

Mr. Gary Werth, Waitomo

Mr. Andrew Bowers, Auckland

Mrs. Nicki Foster, Auckland

Mrs. Kristin Ford, Auckland

Mr. James Fraser, Papakura

Anna-Marie Milne, Christchurch

Mrs. Lynn Clements, Hamilton

Mrs. Agathe Fraser, Papakura

Mrs. Patricia Maddison, Whakatane

Mr. Jean De Villiers

Mrs. Margaret Hewlett, Kumara

Ms. Margaret Barbour, Central Otago

Dr. Chris Rawle

Mr. Mark Gasparini, Auckland

Mr. Paul Davie, Avondale

Mr. Lindsay Bain, Rangiora

Mr. Herbert Rustila, Wanganui

Mr. Roy Barry, Paraparaumu

Colleen Grindlay, Upper Hutt

Mr. Graeme Walls, Auckland

Mrs. Donna Springgay

Mr. Ron Collard, Turangi

Mrs. Karen Andrews, Otaki

Mr. Craig Gudsell, Rangiora

Mrs. Rose Bradley, Glenbervie

Mrs. Jan Dol, Taupo

Mr. Johnny Andrews, Otaki

Mrs. Karen Coulton, Silverdale

Mrs. Isabel SmithAuc, Torbay Auckland

Mrs. Elaine Miller, Matiere

Mr. Gareth Jones, Auckland

Mrs. Jackie Gudsell

Mr. Stewart Ralston, Auckland

Mrs. Colleen Ward, Rotorua

Mr. Alan Maddison, Whakatane

Dr. Richard Longbottom

Karen Rosewarne, Te Awamutu

Mrs. DebOrah Longhurst, Red Beach Auckland

Mrs. Iveta Griffin, Palmerston North

Mrs. Heather Taylor, Hamilton

Mrs. Donella Hill, Auckland

Jeffrey Balfour, Kaiwaka

John Paul Goulding, Auckland

Mr. David McEwing, Auckland

Dr. Janet Vaughan

Mrs. Judith Philipsen, Hastings

Mrs. Mariette Kritzinger, Auckland

Shane Dyer, Thames

Mrs. Jane Anderson, Motueka

Mr. Will Fourie, Pukekohe

Mrs. Dianne Appleton, Churchill

Kathy Moorhouse

Mr. Joseph Hagen, Auckland

Mr. Alan Vink, Raglan

Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, Levin

Mrs. Beverley Mehrotra

Mrs. Candice Briscoe, Auckland

Mr. Andy Payne, Whangarei

Mrs. Pip Batten

Mr. Stephen Briscoe, Auckland

Mr. Cain Coulton

Mrs. Ruth Russ, Richmond

Mrs. Jeannie Knott

Rob Vos, Auckland

Mrs. Rosemary Chapman, Trentham Hutt City

Mrs. Carole Hutchings, Paraparaumu

Dr. Johan Kritzinger, Auckland

Mrs. Maria Creason, Kerikeri

Mr. Angus Clayton, Waimate

Mrs. Jen Ferry, New Plymouth

Mua Lole, Auckland

Greg Hyam, Rangiora

Mrs. Sophie Walker, New Plymouth

Mrs. Dianne Strathern, Hastings

Mr. John Hutchings, Paraparaumu

Miss Helen Utting, Christchurch

Carol Munroe, North Shore City

Ms. Bridget Jennings

Dawn Scott, Auckland

Maureen Barber, Pukerua Bay

Michaiah Turner, Auckland

Mrs. Christine Watson, Wellington

Mrs. Sibyl Thorne, Tauranga

Gav Bootel, Waimakariri

Ms. Jean Schierning, Gisborne

Mrs. Angela Hook, Levin

Dr. Diana MacLean, Invercargill

Mr. Chris Hobby, New Plymouth

Mrs. Bev Lowson, Auckland

Jean Anderson, Kew

Mrs. Alexandra O'Malley, Oxford

Mrs. Jenny Tippett, New Plymouth

Marcia Tippett

Janis Hannah, Whangaparaoa

Mr. Colin La Pere, Auckland

Mr. Peter Heeney, Papamoa

Mr. Cecil Fonseca, Auckland.

Alyssa Poole, New Plymouth

Suzanne Poole

Daiana Kemp

Mr. Cole Bootle, Auckland

Mrs. Susan Gillingham

Mrs. Sharna Markham, New Plymouth

Mr. Hugh Wilson, Inglewood

Mr. James Robinson, New Plymouth

Mr. Nevin Tait, New Brighton Christchurch

Mrs. Kathy Rae, Taupiri

Mr. Kerry Daly, Oamaru

Mr. Martin Paltridge, Christchurch

Mrs. Nora Butler, Ruakaka

Mrs. Gail Barr, Pukekohe

Mrs. Rachael Rosser, Christchurch

Mr. Henry john Harris

Mrs. Miriam Fryer, Kaitaia

Marice Hill, Wanganui

Trish Conradson, Gore

Martin Prokopetz, Auckland

Glenn Reed

Mrs. Priscilla Lowe, Christchurch

Mrs. Roxanna Allert, Amberley

Mrs. Maryke Goggin, Paraparaumu

Mrs. Judith O'Brien, Thames

Mr. James Martin, "Waitakere

Mrs. Mata Rima, Auckland

Mrs. Chrissy Saw, Wellington

Ms. Manjula Nicholapillai, Wellington

Mr. Chris Milham, Dannevirke

Mr. Nathan Koretz

Mr. Ewald Dolman, Te Puke

Mr. Peter Kloosterman

Adrian Almeida

Ms. Anne Beamish

Mr. Daniel Reurich, Lower Hutt

Anna Barham

Mrs. Angela Dean

Mr. Finlay Abernethy

Alexandra Gryshchuk, New Plymouth

Mrs. Qunying Deng, Auckland

Mr. Lindsay Rule, Waikaia

Dr. Alwyn Husselmann, Warkworth

Mr. Martin Van Beyere, Christchurch

Leonie Reid

Daryll Roberts, Cambridge

Jennifer Garratt, Wellsford

Mrs. Mary Pettigrew, Picton

Fay Wooster, Bethlehem

Phil Simpson, Gisborne

Garth Tattersfield, Gisborne

Dr. Debbie Hay, Palmerston North

Verity Bennett, Orewa

Mr. Anthony Magnoli, Wanganui

Mr. Donald Wooster, Bethlehem

Mr. Bill Pettigrew, Picton

Mr. Hamish Morgan, Auckland

Mr. Tim Cleary, Auckland

Brian Gillespie, Coopers Beach

Shiree York, Hawkes Bay

Ms. Flora De Guzman, Auckland

Mr. Gary Coffin

Mr. Ken Hyde, Carterton

Dr. Robyn Theakston, Auckland

David Taylor, Ashburton

Mrs. Niutea Ah Lin, Auckland

Mr. Nathan Leslie, Dunedin

Mr. Peter Ridley, Wellington

Mrs. Nanvy Vuetibau

Miss Sharmaine Moses, Oamaru

Mr. Neil Caetano, Tauranga

Doug Dawick

Bruce Rosser, Hamilton

Mr. Ankit Kalra

Luzia D'Souza, Auckland

Ms. Rosalie Hill, Wellington

Mr. Bernard McCrossin, Rangiora

Kelsey Bergin, Auckland

Mrs. Antje Storm, Dunedin

Josiah Ensing

Mrs. Jackie Farrelly

Mr. Andrew Nimick, Katikati

Mr. John Phin, Paraparaumu

Mrs. Myra Ann Buxton

Monika Clark

Mr. Terence Ennis, Tauranga

Michael DuPlooy, Tauranga

Mr. Allan Mansell

Mrs. Denise Mckeown, Auckland

Mrs. Heather Smith, Mt Roskill

Mr. Deryck Hunt, Auckland

Mrs. Francine Fairhurst, Hamilton

Mr. Henry Gordon, Auckland

Mrs. Joyce Cooper, Auckland

Mrs. Ruth Ubels, Auckland

Mr. Sean Dobbyn, Tokoroa

Mrs. Cathy Moore, Nelson

Adrienne Whiteford

Mrs. Paula Sweetman

Mrs. Paula Gordon, Auckland

Mr. Terry Bracey, Devonport

Bruce Moore, Christchurch

Miss Jennifer Youard, Auckland

Mr. Antony Bridle, Silverdale

Mr. Heinrich Fenske, Avondale

Mr. Garry Aiken, Palmerston North

Mrs. Linda Alker, Waikato

Adrian & Wilma Van der Hulst, Te Awamutu

Mr. Richard Godfrey, Hastings

Mrs. Susan Ecclestone, Ashburton

Mrs. Linda Donald, Auckland

Mrs. Jo Knowles, Dunedin

Marie Stephens

Sedic Wolhuter, Auckland

Angela Perrett

Merilyn Tippett

Mrs. Michelle Atherfold, Auckland

Mrs. Monique Kearns, Christchurch

Luke Ruiterman, Taneatua

Mrs. Roselle Dobbs, Hamilton

Mrs. Beth Laurent

David Tighe-Umbers, Nelson

Mrs. Maria Ekens

Mr. Peter Angell, Auckland

Mr. Charles Chapman

Mr. Michael Franklin, Auckland

Mrs. Helen Margaret Lockett, Pukekohe

Nick Wethey

Joy Gibson, Kew

Mrs. Bernadet Hartley, Blenheim

Suezanne Clifton, Auckland

Mr. Peter Oakden

Margaret Jean Clements, Hamilton

Margaret Chang, Christchurch

Mr. Niels Rasmussen

Mrs. Jean Shannon, North Shore

Mrs. Amy Dixon, New Plymouth

Mrs. Lynda Mance

Mr. Jim Bazsika, Waldronville

Mr. Brian Burgess, Tauranga

Mr. Frederick Muller, Auckland

Mrs. Elizabeth Davies, Christchurch

Gustaaf Johannes

Mr. Fred Webb, Whangaparaoa

Mr. Roger Larkins, Lyttleton

Mrs. Christine Gibbons

Mrs. Kirsten Wendy Bassett-Burr, Lower Hutt

Mr. Ian Sussex, Auckland

Mrs. Claire McKnight, Wellington

Mr. Rob Moore, Tauranga

Mrs. Maxine Gostick, Whangaparaoa

Mr. Garry Ferguson, Ohau

Mr. Duncan Tyler, Palmerston North

Mr. Paul Blackwell

Mr. Tony McKnight, Wellington

Mr. Peter Gostick, Whangaparaoa

Mr. Jeff Poole, New Plymouth

Mrs. Nada Wadee, Northshore Auckland

Mr. Andy Smith

Marie Shone, Masterton

Mrs. Louise Foley

Mrs. Octavia Heugh

Mrs. Catherine Haumaha, Putaruru

Mr. Glenn Johnson, Te Awamutu

Ms. Leonie Day, Dunedin

Mrs. Marnie Edwards, Whangarei

Mr. Richard Stokes, Wakefield

Geoffrey Chambers, Kaiapoi

Mrs. Falefiaoalii Esera, Whanganui

Yvonne Dainty

Mr. Colin Stokes, Hamilton

Mr. David Cheeseman, Christchurch

Mrs. Lucky &Michael Clarke, Hamilton

Judith Deeming, Waiuku

Mr. Anton Van Staveren, Auckland

Mr. Richard Mills

Mrs. Anne Van der Salm

Mr. Barry Keith Smith, Hamilton

Mrs. Jan Nimmo, Dunedin

Mr. Steve Hughes

Mary Brown

G E Neo, Auckland

Mr. Paul Gruschow, Lower Hutt

Elaine Livingstone, Christchurch

Mrs. Bindu Mathew, Hamilton

Mrs. Beverley Reid, Morrinsville

Mrs. Vanessa Gatman, Hibiscus Coast

Mrs. Anna Opie, Tauranga

Mrs. Mary Lynette Leota

Patrick Newport

Mrs. Rosemary Todd

Mr. Georgejack Jack, Auckland

Mr. Graham Wadsworth, Omokoroa

Mr. Ben Matthews, Cambridge

Mrs. Larisa Bartrum, Cambridge

Mr. John Reid, Morrinsville

Miss Michaela Morgan-Bullock, "Birmingham

Ruth Pollard, Morrinsville

Miss Irene Palmer

Joanne Moore, Tauranga

Peter Sara, Mornington

Mrs. Alexandra Hewerdine, Tauranga

Mr. David Duignan, North Shore

Andrew Young, Auckland

Mr. Patrick Mooney, Napier

Mrs. Moya Joslin, Bombay

Sarai Tepou, Auckland

Mr. Klaas Verbeek, Carterton

Mrs. Janet O'Halloran, Wellington

Donna Clark

Mr. Dirk Spoelstra, Canterbury

Mrs. Joanne Bryant, Wainuiomata

Mr. John Newrick

Mrs. Sonia Wells, Geraldine

Mrs. Robyn Vickers, Matamata

Mr. David Griffiths, Raglan

Mrs. Marie-Louise Richardson, Christchurch

Mrs. Rhoda Kubala, Timaru

Ms. Dinah Otukolo, Auckland

Mrs. Grace Reynolds

Mrs. Rita Rayen, Lower Hutt

Mr. Harry Young

Mrs. Sue McKeown, Auckland

Mr. Geoff O'Halloran, Wellington

Henry Gray, Tapawera

Mrs. Ruth Martin, Auckland

Mike Wooller, Taradale

Mrs. Jayne Clark, Ashburton

Ms. Michelle Barber, Whitby

Mrs. Janelle Gray, Tapawera

Mrs. Joanne Olsen, Auckland

Mrs. Helen Thomas, Upper Hutt

John Kellett

Mrs. Sarah Le Breton, New Plymouth

Mrs. Alosina Wulf

Mrs. Lynne Hansen, Auckland

Christie Rentoul, Blenheim

Mr. Simon Rodley, Thames

Mr. Thomas Bougher, Morrinsville

Mrs. Nicola Popata, New Plymouth

Mrs. Frances Visser, Auckland

Mr. Pat Davison

Mrs. Julie Volante, Auckland

Mrs. Judi Green, Tauranga

Mr. Howard Verity, Timaru

Mrs. Robyn Warren, Havelock North

Mary McEntee, Paihia

Mrs. Kathryn Magnoli, Wanganui

Mrs. Linda Hurlstone-Smith, Hastings

Mrs. Elise Stolte, Carterton

Ms. Vicki Duffy, Auckland

Mr. Clarence Stolte, Carterton

Mr. Hugh Donovan, Putaruru

Simon Bibby

Mr. David Paul, Blenheim

Mrs. Maryanne Martin, Canterbury

Ms. Glenys Horne, Auckland

Mr. Wayne Curham, Christchurch

Dr. Daniel Retief, Cambridge

Mr. Simon Spence, Carterton

Maree Ruddell, Auckland

Mrs. Letitia Collins, Christchurch

Miss Raylene Foutanu, Blenheim

Mr. Richard Hoek, "Glenfield

Mrs. Maree Gibbins, Inglewood

Ms. Zoe Clark, Wellington

Mr. Cyril Gwyn, Palmerston North

Mrs. Melissa Keith, New Plymouth

Mr. Brett Willis, Papakura

Mrs. Karen Bridge, Rotorua

Mrs. Cheryl Woodmass, Hawera

Kathryn M. Archibald, Christchurch

Mr. Ron Keen, Palmerston North

Mr. Christopher Watson, Porirua

May Lowe, Pakuranga

Mrs. Sally Curham, Christchurch

Ms. Samantha Tarawa, Blenheim

Jenny McKenzie

Mrs. Marian Wells, Auckland

Paul Gibberd

Sesilia Feao

Ronald Edward Curwood, Cambridge

Mr. Brian Wells, Auckland

Constant Lee

Robyn Dunn, Auckland

Mr. Gordon Dewar, Nelson

Sharon Prest, Waikato

Mr. Logan Pierard, Gisborne

Mrs. Christine Kooger

Mrs. Karen Buckley

Mr. Joshus Tesimale

Mr. Robert Jenkins, Rotorua

Mrs. Julie Cloughley, Rangiora

Mrs. Jan Roberts, Northland

Taubale Toki

Lesa Aumoe

Mrs. Denise Walters

Mrs. Robun Delamore, Auckland

Rosie Steiner, Taranaki

Mr. Lyndon Frost, Te Awamutu

Sally Bevins

Mrs. Christine Mitchell, Howick

Mr. Matt Watts, Westport

Mr. Tim Fletcher, Taupo

Ms. Katherine Coates

Mrs. Hannah Lewthwaite, Christchurch

Mrs. Keren Ericksen, Coalgate

Mike Battersby, Rangiora

Ms. Rachel Rolston, Te Puke

Mrs. Sue McIvor, Hawkes Bay

Mr. John Williams

Mrs. Beth Ferguson, Manukau

Mr. Troy Ericksen, Coalgate

Mrs. Elizabetj Coe, Upper Hutt

Mrs. Sandra Donovan, Warkworth

Mr. Nigel Winder, Invercargill

Leslie Champion

Mr. Matthew Davison, Auckland

Mr. Hadyn Ferguson, Manukau

Mrs. Kerry Grace Williams

Mr. John Bremford, Porirua

Mrs. Lisa Paxton, Levin

Mrs. Barbara Edwards, Auckland

Mr. David Bayes, Auckland

Ms. Susan Mitchell, Gisborne

Mrs. Benita Higgins, Auckland

Ying Shi

Andrew Rutland, Auckland

Mr. Roger Clibborn, "Coalgate

Mrs. Marry Fraser, Cambridge

Mr. Jeffrey Greer, Cambridge

Mrs. Wanaka Clibborn, Coalgate/Canterbury

Mr. David Sampson, Christchurch

Mrs. Rosario Reyes, "Flat Bush

Mr. Simon Walmisley, Christchurch

David Roughan, Whangarei

Mrs. Janet Knauf, Dunedin

Mr. Matt Carroll

Mrs. Elaine Kannan, Huntly

Mr. Ben Rogers, Blenheim

Rob Douglas, Timaru

Mr. Peter Foster, Silverdale

Miss Kamelia Ngauamo

Mr. Jordie Campbell, Hamilton

Mr. Abishkar Palma, Wellington

Mr. Paul Maessen, New Plymouth

Mr. Dennis Flett, Waitara

Mrs. Lynda Vernel, Christchurch

Stuart Johansen, PAlmerston North

Mrs. Eleni Foster, Silverdale

Mr. Ross Smith, Raumati South

Mrs. Paul Vernel, Christchurch

Mrs. Cynthia Scott, "Paraparaumu Beach

Mr. Alexander Stokes, Hamilton

Mrs. Margaret Ann Lauder

Mrs. Yvonne Amery MA (Hons), Auckland

Mrs. Maree Candish, Palmerston North

Mr. Peter Duncan, Dunedin

Mrs. Margaret Herud, Winton

Mr. Jacob Verbeek, Masterton

Mrs. Dorothy Schoen, Pukekohe Auckland

Dr. Andrea McDougall, Oamaru

Mr. Mr. Imam, Montréal Canada

Mrs. Pearl Parkinson, Auckland

Mr. David Cavander, Auckland

A Anderson, Auckland

Mr. Greg Stewart

Mr. Maurice Charman, Auckland

Mr. Paul Mitchell, Auckland

Mrs. Christine Johansen, Palmerston North

Mrs. Raewyn Minty, Woodlaw

Mrs. Loni Faga

Ms. Laura Reid, Puriri

Ian Kellas

Mr. Tim Lott, Blenheim

Mr. Sarel Herbst, Albany Auckland

Mrs. Sally-May Lott, Blenheim

Mr. Norman McLeod, Gisborne

Mrs. Jenny Van dalen

Mr. Bruce Forbes

Mrs. Joycelyn Dwerryhouse

Miss Stacey Mulligan, Palmerston North

Mr. Jin Xu, Auckland

Miss Penny Haworth

Mrs. Creina James, Matata

Mrs. Anne Searle, Lower Hutt

Michelle Dolheguy, Ohura

Mrs. Delwyn Armstrong

Hendrika Tate, Ngaruawahia

Mr. Shane Gould

Cherylyn Donald, Auckland

Mrs. Pauline Welch, Huntly

Peter Humphrey, Christchurch

Mrs. Edith Arcus, Hillsborough Auckland

Ms. Joanne Afele, Tokoroa

Verdon O'Donoghue

Miss Jayne Uhi, Auckland

Mr. Kelvin Clout, Tauranga

Miss Primrose Ahomana, Auckland

Mr. Gerry Van Dalen, Greytown

Roger and Maggie Souden, Wanganui

Mrs. Christine Carr, Tauranga

Mr. Brian Carr, Tauranga

Mr. Jeff Gardiner

Mr. Dave Watt, Huapai

Julie Aylwin, Katikati

Mr. Sean Farrelly, Otaki

Mrs. Michaela Reynolds

Mrs. Christine Hunter, Whangarei

Ms. June Anderson, Auckland

Mrs. Hannah Bain

Tony Pryor

Kylie Brown

Marjorie Barham, Auckland

Mr. Andrew Allen, Wanaka

Mr. Michael Bunn, Auckland

Mrs. Christine W, Cambridge

Mr. Tim Laycock, Auckland

Mr. Joshua Griffiths

Mrs. Jacqueline Dobbs, Wellington

Mrs. Louise Sutherland, Auckland

Mr. David Dun, Auckland

Mrs. Kyla Rutland, Gore

Mrs. Melody Harrington, Napier

Mr. Luke Vos

Mrs. Joy Hill-Cooper, Dannevirke

Mr. Julia Brown, Raglan

Mrs. Lisa Muller, Auckland

Jennifer Siew, Takapuna

Mr. Joshua Faga

Mr. Stuart Hopkins

Mr. Desmond Wheeler, Geraldine

Mr. Ken Brown, Raglan

Mrs. Velonika Kengike, Auckland

Mrs. Deborah Hercock, Christchurch

Lynley Fuglestad

Mrs. Raewyn Lowe

Mrs. Gladys Billing, Hamilton

Mr. John Burgess

Jill Brookes

Mr. Joseph Pyle

Mr. Peter Gannaway, Mairangi Bay

Mr. Rebecca Pyle, Ruakaka

Dr. Brendan Whyte, Auckland

Mr. Michael Schoombie

Jessica Milne, Auckland

Wendy Bryce, Hamilton

Mr. Paul White, Tauranga

Mr. Roger Allsopp, Rotorua

Mr. Glen McCullough, Waikanae

Mr. John Hoyle

Mrs. Lalene Roberts, Wellington

Mrs. Isabel White, Tauranga

Ms. Geraldine Parker, Rotorua

Monica Gleason, Wanganui

Sister Mary Amata Christen, Wanganui

Mrs. Patricia Houston, Hillsborough Auckland

Tineke Verbeek

Rick Roberts

Mrs. Diana Hamilton, Auckland

Mr. Rod Toi

Mrs. Michelle McDonald

Mr. Rick Carmont

Mr. Robin Jobe

Mrs. Denise Dinmore

Katherine Martin, Wanganui

Mr. Graeme Lepper, Auckland

Philip and Robyn Wilson, Nelson

Mrs. Kate Rowbotham, Tauranga

Mr. Kyle Wood, Tauranga

James Fotheringham, Doubtless Bay

Mrs. Janice Meharry, Tauranga

Mrs. Grace Buter

Mr. Pieter Cressy

Caroline De vries, Lower Hutt

Mrs. Raylene Sotutu

Mr. Robert Meharry, Tauranga

Ms. Tina Zhu

Mrs. Charmaine Hard, Greytown

Miss Lokyee Szeto, Wellington

Mr. Henry Enslin, Otane

Mrs. Rachel Lepper

Mrs. Yu chen Auckram, Hamilton

Mrs. Fiona Akkerman, Marton

Andrea Monk, Wellington

Mr. Brien Bennett, New Plymouth

Mrs. Helen Morris, Nelson

Mr. Taare Wainui

Lynley Jobe, Matamata

Mr. Scott Howley

Mr. Richard Brons, Otaki

Mr. Norman Sutton, Tauranga

Anthony Gordon, Auckland

Mrs. Iona McDonald, Auckland

Mrs. Eva Fernandes, Auckland

Mr. Robert Lake

Mr. Rod Carey, Wellington

Ms. Lesley McCormick, Auckland

Mark Elley

Mrs. Thelma Dingle, Tauranga

Mrs. Jessica Gabbie

Natasha Hargraves

Mrs. Rachel James-Leitch, Upper Hutt

Mrs. Whitney Hutchison, Auckland

Mr. Walter Noteboom

Mr. Barry Thomson, Whangarei

Ms. Kiri Leniu

Mr. Hugh Neilson, Palmerston North

Mrs. Gillian Ratcliffe, Paraparaumu

Mr. Richard Dingle, Tauranga

Mr. Peter Boyd

Mr. Andrew De Vries, Christchurch

Mrs. Olive Neilson, Palmerston North

Mr. Brian Xarmine, Hastings

Valerie Thompson, Invercargill

Dr. Carolyn Kelly

Mrs. Marie Munro, Nelson

Mrs. Margaret Prattley, Ashburton

Mrs. Fiona McNicholl

Mr. Tim Low

Mrs. Corrie Preest, Rotorua

Mrs. Gloria Barton

Mr. David Morgan, Tauranga

Mrs. Heather McCall, Orewa

Mrs. Jean Wright, Auckland

Renée McEwing

Ms. Judith Tattersfield, Auckland

Mrs. Judith Middleton, Palmerston North

Mr. Bradley Botting, Auckland

Mrs. Enid Reeves, Christchurch

Mrs. Pam Browne, Oamaru

Mr. Henk Reitsma, Auckland

Mary Tallon, Morningside

Mrs. AnneMarie Andrews, Tauranga

Mr. Trevor Clarke

Joanne Middlemiss, "Mosgiel

Fenton Wood, Chrisstchurch

Ms. Susan Burnett, Feilding

Dr. MaxRobert Stevenson, Porirua

Mrs. Margaret Compton

Mrs. Ruvianti Marsiana, Blenheim

Mr. Eric Baker, Porirua

Finn Brooke

Jenny Gardyne, Dunedin

Mrs. Margaret Troup

Miss Hannah Lewis, Wellington

Mr. Daniel Wallis, Tauranga

Mr. William Macleod, Waiheke Island

Miss Johanna Penn, Auckland

Marcus Lund, Warkworth

Mr. David Segran, Papamoa

Ms. Shelley Bignell

Mrs. Eunice Duxfield

Afina Ika, North Shore Auckalnd

Mrs. Vicki Summerfield, Christchurch

Catherine Carroll, Havelock North

Mrs. Helen Cromb, Ranfurly

Irene Higgins, Auckland

Viliami Ikahihifo, North Shore Auckland

Mr. Jim Morrogh

Ms. Bridget Marshall, Palmerston North

Mr. Tom Elgin, Auckland

Mrs. Patricia Fell, Tauranga

Mr. Shem Teeboon, Christchurch

Sarah Shorter

Miss Mary Adelina Fitzpatrick, Whanganui

Mrs. Jennifer Neill, Dunedin

Mr. David Congerton, Auckland

Ms. Kato’one Kaho, Auckland

Mrs. Barbara Hockley, Hamilton

Mrs. Benedicte Uwaci, Auckland

Mr. Mark Dronjak, Auckland

Mr. Peter Trakadas

Mrs. Helena Munkowits, Auckland

Mrs. Heather Johnson, Rotorua

Mrs. Maree Frost, Christchurch

Ms. Linda O'Gorman, Auckland

Mrs. Glenys Coombridge

Ms. Delia Sime, Whangarei

David Sorensen, Hamilton

Analisa Gordon

Mrs. Kris La'ulu, Porirua

Mrs. Aimee Macleod

Anna Montgomery, Karori

Mrs. Deborah Bland, Manukau

Mrs. Dorothy Lott

Ms. Sue Alderman

Ms. Lynda Care, Pukekohe

Mrs. Catherine Bloomfield, Carterton

Mrs. Anna Clearwater, Geraldine

Mrs. Messina Shaw

Lena Gavin

Katherine Green, Tauranga

Mr. Gary Mclean

Mr. Peter Hargest, Gore

Mr. Martin Verbokkem

Mrs. Pamela Richards

Mrs. Janene Joll, Rotorua

Mr. Reynaldo Botardo, Lower Hutt

Mr. Mark Rennie, Auckland

Mrs. Wendy Anderson, Runanga

Mrs. Mara Blackwell, Winton.

Mr. Alan Joll, Rotorua

Mrs. Colleen Covey-Ruka

Grace Johnson, Ruakaka

Paul Jordan, Paraparaumu

Mrs. Anna Rutherford, Christchurch

Mrs. Geraldine Craw, Maungatapere

John Hancox

Mr. Ray Timmins, Ruakaka

Mr. Patrick Tupoto Manawakaiaia Ruka

Miss Joanna Viernes, Wellington

Miss Joanne Shirtliff, Mapua

Dr. Nicholas Cook, Christchurch

Mrs. Antoinette Koolaard, Palmerston North

Madonna Powers

Mr. Eric Snoek, Carterton

Katherine Brouard, Christchurch

Mrs. Marie Curle, Auckland

Mrs. Elizabeth Kelsey, Tuakau

Mr. David Marshall, Hamilton

Mrs. HJ Storey, Murupara

Alison Lynch, Christchurch

Mrs. Judy Whitefield

Mr. Philip Meyer, Pukekohe

Miss Haidee Clark, Wainuiomata

Mr. Paul Storey, Galatea

Mrs. Ellen Fowles, Palmerston North

Mrs. Catherine Walker, Christchurch

Miss Rachael Larsen, Auckland

Mrs. Sarah Peacey, Whangarei

Heather Jenke, Motueka

Dr. Deborah Mooney, Napier

Ms. Sunintha Matthews, Auckland

Mr. James Belsham, Christchurch

Ms. Geetha Matthews, Auckland

Mrs. Rachel Belsham, Christchurch

Juanita Havelaar, Christchurch

Mrs. Joanne Turner, Auckland

Ms. Joy Shemaiah, Auckland

Mrs. Preetha Sundaram, Auckland

Mr. Raymund Alamar

Heather Von Topp, Whangarei

Mr. Grant Bateson, Whakatane

Jill Belton, Onehunga

Mrs. Gill Stewart, Havelock North

Mrs. Jenny Mills, Murupara

Reina MacDonald, Ohaupo

Mrs. Elizabeth Little

Mrs. Colleen Lewis, Auckland

Ms. Azizeh Piran, Auckland

Mrs. Kim Burger, Auckland

Mr. Doug Milne, Doubtless Bay

Mr. Gordon Walker

Miss Camilla Schueller, Whanganui

Mrs. Mary Lineham

Mrs. Sue Waite, Rangiora

Mr. Peter Mcleod, Lower Hutt

Mrs. Margaret Coldicutt, "Botany

Mr. Frank Lynch, Christchurch

Mr. Richard Birt, Morrinsville

Mrs. Brenda Arthur

Mrs. Julie-Ann Evans, New Plymouth

Rob Yule, Palmerston North

Hayley Colling, Auckland

Julia De Ruiter

Mr. Ben Davis-Young, Auckland

Mr. Mike Van der Vlugt, Auckland

Sherry Hinett, Cambridge

Mr. Denis Wayne Humphreys, Blenheim

Dahae Hong, Wellington

Mrs. Christina Kontze, Tauranga

Mr. Brett Murphy, Hamilton

Jeff McLaren

Mrs. Margareta Humphreys, Blenheim

Mr. Scott Silsbee, Hamilton

Mr. Ezra Drury

Mrs. Joan Leaf, Kerikeri

Mr. Samual Reynolds

Mrs. Claire Gerrard, Nelson

Mrs. Lynette Buchanan, Levin

Mr. David Neil, Auckland

Mrs. Nicola Robinson

Miss Genevieve Erbacher, Wanganui

Mr. John Irvine

Mrs. Eva Evans, Avondale

Mrs. Elaine Blair, Blenheim

Mr. Michael Errazo, Auckland

Ms. Hannah Wright, Wellington

Mrs. Gladys Love, Christchurch

Mr. Harvey Reed

Mrs. Bridget Martin, Christchurch

Lynette Stark

Mrs. Helen Irvine

Bruce Black

Maureen Kelly

Mrs. Barbara Rowley

Mr. Ian Blair, Blenheim

Mrs. Sue Isabeth

Rosemarie Fahey, Whanganui

Mr. Bruce Fordham, Mangawhai

Mrs. Pauline Poh, Auckland

Mrs. Carmel Norman, Kerikeri

Mr. Graham Simpson, Auckland

Mrs. Diane Bullmore

Mrs. Leanne John-Andrew, Papakura

Mrs. Christine Bardsley, Snells Beach

Jonathan Millar, Chartwell

Christi Millar

Ms. Lucia De Erausquin, Wanganui

Mr. George Dingle, Taradale

Mr. Kevin Ladbrook, Hamilton

Mrs. Carol Harrison

Miss Gabrielle Fromont, Hamilton

Mrs. Dianne Dingle, Taradale

Mrs. Heather Pringle

Jerram De Graaf, Auckland

Hamish Galt, Hamilton

Mr. Josiah Malaulau

Robert Grimm, Auckland

Mr. Feroz Khan, Papatoetoe

Ms. Rita Tan, Auckland

Anthony Belshaw

Mr. Simon Marinus, Carterton

Mr. Andrew Buchanan

Mrs. Theresa Arthur

Joshua Elkin

Mrs. Robin Proctor, Whangarei

Joseph Streat, Oamaru

Mr. Ian Lewis, Hamilton

Dr. Mary McLister, Auckland

Mrs. Margaret Haines, Christchurch

Ms. Angela Lewis, Canterbury

Mrs. Margaret Graham, Auckland

Mrs. Catharina McLellan, Northland

Mrs. Katrina Sampson

Cormac Gallagher, Christchurch

Mrs. Kathleen Cole, Tauranga

Mrs. Rowan Torckler, Hamilton

Mrs. Mary Shepherd, New Plymouth

Mrs. Jin Gao

Mr. Campbell Fountain, Murray's Bay

Dr. Mary Redmayne, Wellington

Miss Dorothy Finlay, Tauranga

Mr. Barrie Hanson

Sue Mackintosh, Christchurch

Mrs. Judy Nasarek, Whangarei

Dr. David Pang, Auckland

Bethany Turner, Auckland

Mr. Robert Towers, Palmerston North

Mrs. Abigail Packer

Mr. Chris McFarlane, Hamilton

Barbara Crutchley, Hamilton

Steven Goodare, Auckland

Mr. Michael Torckler, Hamilton

Mr. Vita Vaka, Blenheim

Mrs. Joanne Sadlier, Hamilton

Chee Mee Choong

Dr. James Ussher, Dunedin

Mr. Matthew Sadlier, Hamilton

Mr. Thomas Bennett, Wanganui

Dawud Bahadur, Auckland

Chris Palliser

Miss Danielle Jago

Mr. Peter Cullen, Maungaturoto

Mrs. Kirsten Challies

Ann Singer, Dunedin

Monique D'Evereux

Mrs. Wendy McLay, Otago

Mrs. Rosemary McGregor, Auckland

Miss Jewel Mitchell, Dargaville

Mrs. Angela Frazer, Winton

Mrs. Anna Martin, Chartwell

Dianne Lorraine Bond, Dunedin

Miss Bette Gilmore, Cambridge

Mrs. Michele Gallichan, Auckland

Mrs. Caroline Latto, Morrinsville

Mr. David Neill, Dunedin

Mrs. Michelle Hockly, Auckland

Mr. Michael Gallichan, Auckland

Mrs. Rowena Haldane, Pukekohe

Awhea Wharepapa, Auckland

Ms. Fay Pan, Auckland

Deborah Griffiths, Blenheim

Mr. Justin Murti, Auckland

Miss Caity Kuiper, Auckland

Mrs. Charley Ballinger, Christchurch

Mr. Graham Burgess, Christchurch

Mr. Colin Gowan

Mrs. Irene Shortland, Whangarei

Mr. Milan Payne, Hamilton

Mr. Paul McKenna, Wanganui

Jude Farmer, Milford

Mrs. Froukje Marinus, Carterton

Mrs. Ruth Hamill, Whakatane

Mrs. Janet Fookes, Kawerau

Mr. Matt Van Tuinen

Mr. Chris Bayly, Matamata

Mrs. Eileen O'Connor, Palmerston North

Mr. Barney O'Connor, Palmerston North

Phill Gerritsen

Mrs. Marilyn Cromarty, Georgetown

Mrs. Nikki Hyde, Auckland

Mr. John Cromarty, Georgetown

Mr. Martin Jacomb, Auckland

Mrs. Sarah Deeble, Porirua

Mrs. Lois Hoyt, Christchurch

Dr. Cameron Surrey, Pukekohe

Mrs. Hayley Emery, Auckland

Mrs. Ann Lamberton

Mrs. Christine Tuckey, Wellington

Mr. William Blade, Christchurch

Mr. Mel Littlejohn, Taieri Beach

Mrs. Melanie Jackson

Denise Healey, Christchurch

Mrs. Karen Reid, Tauranga

Mrs. Margaret Whitaker, Porirua

Mrs. Jennifer Goulding

Mrs. Johanna Luiten-Parker, Whangarei

Miss Hayley Verbokkem, Upper Hutt

Mrs. Adrienne Andresen, Wairoa

Miss Jennifer Bell

Mr. Christopher J H Hill

Richard Carey, Auckland

Mrs. Avis Nelswon, Te Kuiti

Mrs. Christine Astridge, Te Awamutu

Mr. Joel Robinson, Lower Hutt

Roz Goodliffe, Auckland

Ross Whyte, Auckland

Mr. Matthew Reily-Bell, Dunedin

Mrs. Shona Wright, Rangiora

Mrs. Dominique Greenslade

Mr. Matthew Hargest

Paul Reid, Tauranga

Kirsten Forrester, Dunedin

Mrs. Judith Bennett, New Plymouth

Mary Wilson

Mr. Karl Donovan, Te Awamutu

Mr. Mark Breetvelt, Rotorua

Julie Murphy

Paul Ramsay, Wellington

Mrs. Patricia J Godfrey, Dargaville

Miranda Fairmaid, Dunedin

Ms. Jennyne Lowe, Hastings

Mr. John Redshaw, Ruatoria

Kath Matthews

Mr. David Greenslade, Blenheim

Mr. Thomas Kerr, Queenstown

Monique Brocx

Mrs. Paula Archbald

Mrs. Miriam Norman, Pukekohe

Mr. Matthew Sampson, Greendale

Miss Anjalina Coomarasamy, Auckland

Mr. Zac Low, Auckland

Mr. Mark Nimmo, Dunedin

Karen Glew, Te Awamutu

Mrs. Dawn Barrett, Titahi bay

Mrs. Alison Coatsworth

Mrs. Maureen Hook, New Plymouth

Mrs. Jenny Galbraith, Napier

Sylvia Stump, Wellington

Mr. Denis Ng, Auckland

Mr. Peter Allison, Wanganui

Mrs. Colleen Allison, Wanganui

Mrs. Jennifer Stuart

Dr. Keith Carey-Smith, Havelock North

Mrs. Pamela Lloyd, Dunedin

Ayliss Ripley, Christchurch

Mrs. Lanie Garing

Mrs. Rose Tripp, Napier

Peter Wilson, Waitara

Heather Jenkins, Rotorua

Mrs. Andrea Williamson, Auckland

Lynda Wilson, Waitara

Ms. Helen Thompson, Invercargill

Mr. Michael Daunt, Auckland

Mrs. Ngaire Tissingh, Paeroa

Mrs. Nele Iosefa

Mrs. Judith Boobyer

Anna Martynova

Margaret Wright, Auckland

Tobias Meyer, Levin

Mrs. Raewyn Douglas, Whangarei

Mrs. Deborah Christiansen, Cambridge

Mr. Alan Mitchell, Whangamata

Wasim Khan

Miss Linda Pule Opa, Auckland

Mr. Ross Smith, Te Awamutu

Mr. David Little, Picton

Dr. Dave Mann, Tauranga

Mrs. Maria De Hoog, Auckland

Ms. Kimberley Davis, Marlborough

Graeme and Cheryl Hanlen

Mrs. Rhonda Fifita, Auckland

Mrs. Gainor Kerrigan, Mangawhai

Mr. Tony Tooman, New Plymouth

Mrs. Kay Austin, Mount Maunganui

Geraldine Crudge, Auckland

Miss Mary Griffin

Robyn Delamore, Auckland

Mr. Joshua Winder, Christchurch

Ben Deeming

Mr. Murray McBride, Te Puke

Miss Evangelene Craig, Hamilton

Mr. Xueyao Yu, Christchurch

Mr. Brian Stuart, North Shore

Mrs. Nivarna Willis, Papakura

Mrs. Valda Sanders

Mrs. Jessie Paton, Dunedin

Mrs. Sharon Tonkin, Auckland

Mr. Simon Peacey, Whangarei

Ms. Elizabeth Peters, Hamilton

Mrs. Lynda Driver, Te Awamutu

Miss Te Aroha Daniels, Manukau

Amanda Salmon, Waiuku

Mrs. Margaret Colmore

Mrs. Christine Ussher, Christchurch

Mr. Brian Lynch, Auckland

Mrs. Susan Cooper, Auckland

Mr. Michael Thorne, Tauranga

Barry Gainford, Blenheim

Mrs. Hannah Vollebregt, Wellington

Dr. Kate Schick, Wellington

Mrs. Margaret Brown, Fitzroy

Mr. Brian Green, Palmerston North

Mrs. Claire Lynch, Palmerston North

Pam Hill, Tauranga

Mrs. Maria Rose, Hamilton

Mrs. Margaret Mackey

Mr. Mike Cullen, Tauranga

Mr. Rob Aspden

Mr. Robert Murray, Auckland

Trevor Brewerton, Tauranga

Mrs. Lesley Findley, Auckland

Mr. James Bond, Plimmerton

Mrs. Fiona Juchnowicz, Tawa

Sam Gomez, Manurewa

Mrs. Anne Bond, Plimmerton

Mr. James Paton, Dunedin

Bev Cox, Howick

Mrs. Kate Scarlett

Mrs. Teresa Fa’alogo, Manukau

Mr. Graeme Scarlett, Stoke

Dame Sr.m.swarupa Joseph

Mrs. Lynley Freear, Hamilton

Mr. John Greenwood, Hamilton

Mrs. Melanie Dodge, Christchurch

Janice Crutchley, Hamilton

Mr. William Raaymakers, Wanganui

Colin and Isabel Harrex, Fairfield

Mr. Keith Turner, Rotorua

Mrs. Susan Westbury, Rangiora

Mr. Gerard Gregory

Ms. Elizabeth Hunt, Auckland

Mrs. Beryl Burton, Nelson

Mr. Caleb Vercoe, Christchurch

Mr. Paul Taylor, Auckland

Mr. Sala Fa’alogo, Manukau

Mrs. Valerie Evans, Pukekohe

Mr. David Arvidson, Papakura

Mrs. Kathryn Taylor

Gaynor Conder, Whanganui

Mr. Wee-Yeong Eyou, Auckland

Mr. Norman Stanley, Onehunga

Jack Gaston, Auckland

Emma Welch, Whangarei

Miss Lianna Shaw, Pukekohe

Mrs. Anita Frencken, Birkenhead

Anthony Maher, Porirua

Mrs. Chris Harding, Hamilton

Mrs. Anne Low, Auckland

Mrs. Ann Clausen, Rotorua

Diana Brown, Seddon

Mrs. Lesley Jordaan, Tauranga

Don McIntyre, Christchurch

Mr. Christopher John Edwards, Auckland

Mr. Denis W. Shuker, Cambridge

Teck Wong, Christchurch

Mr. Conrad Bace, Lower Hutt

Mr. Robert James Abblett, Ashhurst

Mr. Ross Wardle, Auckland

Mrs. Marnie Armitage

Mr. Bruce Macaulay, Wellington

Wai Ming Pun

Ian Pittendreigh

Mrs. Ellen Abblett, Ashhurst

Dr. Sarah Harris, Auckland

Mrs. Mary Jenkins, Tairua

Mr. Brian Whitaker, Te Horo Beach

Rev. Edgar (Jack) Guerin, Waikanae

Mr. Rhys Norman, Kerikeri

Mr. Eddie Warner, Christchurch

Charity Brons, Otaki

Zelma Margaret Frew, Dunedin

Ms. Nerissa Higgins, Te Awamutu

Mrs. Bronwyn Beker, Invercargill

Mrs. Kay Madsen, Te Awamutu

Mr. John Dunning, Auckland

Mr. Gerard Bargh, Auckland

Mrs. Sue Breckon, Coopers Beach Doubtless Bsy

Graham Braddock, Kaukapakapa

Miss Raewyn Farmilo, Tauranga

Vanessa May, Cambridge

Dianne Harkins, Tauranga

Mrs. Coralie Clark, Cambridge

Mr. Trevor Davis, Nelson

Mr. Yong Park, Albany

Ms. Brenda Mitchell, Katikati

Peter Bichan, Waikato

Mags Custodio

Mr. John Morrow, Auckland

Mrs. Gina Taggart, Oxford

Mr. Leipa Stanley

John Crooks

Mrs. Kay Payne, Dunedin

Miss Francesca Hosking, Albany Auckland

Mrs. Yvonne Whitbread-Edwards, Hamilton

Mrs. Mary McIntyre, Christchurch

Mrs. Huey Sin Lim, Christchurch

Tim Davis

Mrs. Tricia Burns

Judith Hill, New Plymouth

Mr. Kevin Lacey

Mr. Graeme Simmonds, Kawakawa Bay

Miss Laura MacLean, Auckland

Rosina Steiner, New Plymouth

Mary-Rose Dravitzki, New Plymouth

Mrs. Philippa Toomey, Christchurch

Mr. Ricky Jensen

Mrs. Zhen Yang, Christchurch

Mrs. Patricia Simmonds, Kawakawa Bay

Mr. Lewis Meyer, Auckland

Mr. Stanley Dravitzki, New Plymouth

Miss Winona Ng, Wellington

Josiah Paul, South Waikato

Velvet Paul, South Waikato

Mrs. Anita Storm

Mr. Jaco Storm

Ms. Kayla Fuemana, Auckland

Karen Cullen, Maungaturoto

Ruth Swale, Timaru

Mrs. Adrienne Stone, Cambridge

Paul Loveday, Hastings

Mrs. Shelley Patrick

Mr. Ross Craig

Mr. F Neil Adams, Levin

Marilyn Hawkins, Mangawhai

Mrs. Bayleigh Baird, Hamilton

Mrs. Jill Reid

Mr. Tony Stuart, Whanganui

Mrs. Debbie Smith, Rangiora

Mrs. Linda Cousins

Mrs. Andrea Plumpton, Napier

Kevin Joe, Auckland

Mr. Stephen Coleman, Ranui

Dianne Hunger

Gaynor Lincoln, Glenholme

Mrs. Diane Celliers

Mr. David Porteous, Paparoa

Mrs. Tyrena Bartholomew, Auckland

Mrs. Karen Lovatt, Kerikeri

Mrs. Susan Pollard, Tauranga

Miss Lana Andrews, Whangarei

Mr. Chris Cieszkowski, Tasman

Ms. Kerri Knipe, Rangoria

Mrs. Elizabeth Dixon, Levin

Mr. Clive Nicolson, Blenheim

Ms. Gillian Clarges, New Plymouth

Prof. Chris Marshall, Wellington

Mr. Peter Dennison, Porirua

Mrs. Annette Atkins, Cambridge

Mrs. Sue Rowe, Hamilton

Mrs. Judith Toa, Taupo

Dr. Brian Van Dam, Auckland

Mrs. Anne Lumb, Wellington

Mrs. Tamiris Rahim

Graeme Reddish, Wellington

Mr. Gavan O'Farrell, Waterloo

Mrs. Marie Desmond, Porirua

Mrs. Angie Van Manen, Masterton

Mrs. Barbara Dennett, Papatoetoe

Miss Isabella Morrow, Auckland

Mrs. Anne Busse, Auckland

Mr. Huazhuo Lin, Hamilton

Mrs. Rose Vivian

George Betham, Auckland

Ms. Deborah Lewthwaite, Christchurch

Mrs. Mary Roest, Tairua

Mrs. Janet Irwin, Waipukurau

Mrs. Leigh Struthers

Lois Little, Dunedin

Mr. Charlie Russel

Mr. Russell Ferguson, Manurewa

John Haddow, Whangarei

Mrs. Christine Hegan, Tauranga

Mr. Terence Hore, Lower hutt

Mr. David Bruce, Rotorua

Mr. Peter Lloyd, Auckland

Mrs. Betty Tippett, Waimate

Mrs. Anna Higley, Christchurch

Mr. Keith Harrington, Invercargill

Beth Hwang

Mr. Andrew Clemow, Whangarei

Mrs. Florence Bruce, Rotorua

Mr. Lorcan Murnane, Auckland

Mrs. Raewyn Algie, Algies Bay

Mr. Steve Jenkins, Tairua

Ms. Wendy Lovatt, Mangere Bridge

Mrs. Diana Jennings, Hastings

Mr. Murray Robertson, Christchurch

Mrs. Jennifer O'Callaghan, Christchurch

Mrs. Bronwyn Schick, Rotorua

Richard Jennings, Hastings

Mr. Yo Han Choi, Christchurch

Mrs. Michelle Baker

Mrs. Pamela Good, Rangiora

Mrs. Shona Denham, Half Moon Bay Auckland

Liz Kennett, Papamoa

Mrs. Lynne Tanner, Auckland

Gary Thomas, Ashburton

Davina McCracken

Mrs. Luisa Faitaua, Auckland

Mrs. Yang Liu, Christchurch

Ms. Miri Yun, Auckland

Mrs. Debbie Veale, Invercargill

Mr. Jeff Preou

Mr. Keith Hull, Tauranga

Mrs. Nan Onnes, Auckland

Mrs. Marie Munro, Wellington

Sarah Dewey, Whanganui

Mr. Martin Harrison, Kaikoura

Mrs. Eve Ashe, Waipawa

Mrs. Christine Oliver, Havelock North

Mrs. Lu Shen

Mr. Robert Compton, Auckland

Mrs. Dorothy Jewell, Te Puke

Mr. Cameron Milne, Greymouth

Mr. Ian Scott

Laurice Woodfield, Fendalton

Kerry Hocquard, Palmerston North

Miss Amanda Chadwick, Wellington

Mrs. Tiana Raaymakers, Wanganui

Robin Morris, Wellsford

Miss Jennifer Black, Hamilton

Karenna Kingi, Otaki

Mr. Vincent Rego, Christchurch

Lynda Sale, Woodend

Mrs. Teresa Wackrow, Mangere Bridge

John O'Sullivan, Lower Hutt

Mr. Jacob Martin

Mrs. Eulla So, North Shore

Mrs. Susana Lesatele-Tanoi, South Auckland

Mrs. Suzanne Buckingham, Christchurch

Mr. David Page

Ms. Cheryl Fussell, Kihikihi

Adelina Hickson

Suzanne Robertson, Auckland

Mrs. Elizabeth Page

Phil Sproul

Miss Amanda Thompson, Palmerston North

Dr. Denis Hodge, Raglan

Trish Polson, Christchurch

Mr. Vaalotu Iakopo, Fairfield

Mrs. Adelaide Henderson

Mrs. Elizabeth Joan Braddock, Kaukapakapa

Mr. Johan De Rooy, Whangarei

Mrs. Bethany Rigby, Christchurch

Ms. Tala Fa'amausili, Auckland

Miss Shirley Ou

Mr. Paul Hubble, Auckland

Mrs. Lesley McDrury, Christchurch

Mr. Moses Taufa, Auckland

Miss Tania Laing

Ms. Sophie Smithies, Rolleston Christchurch

Mrs. Priscilla Forsyth, Massey Auckland

Miss Angel Rairi, Auckland Glen innes

Mr. Paul Allen-Baines, Auckland

Alexander Buys, Howick Auckland

Mr. Rob Samuelu, Stokes Valley

Mrs. Rawinia Chadderton

Mrs. Anne Muir, Tauranga

Mrs. Helen Logan

Ms. Marjorie Anne Bowie, Auckland

Mr. Ross Peeters, Auckland

Miss Marion Moesbauer

Venessa Smart, Palmerston North

Vanessa Lawrie, Auckland

Mr. Heinrich D Burgstaller, Wanganui

Mr. Mike Hoare, Auckland

Fraser Smith, Bellevue

Dr. Lara Hoskins, Hamilton

Miss Mary O’Callaghan, Hamilton

Mr. Brian Congerton, Pukekohe

Opal Farquharson, Tokoroa

Alison Tait, Hamilton

Ms. Anne Fletcher, Rotorua

Mr. Chris Hennessy, Auckland

Mr. Christopher Bradley

Ms. Kerala Heap, Wilton Wellington

Mahauariki Edmonds

Mr. Toleafoa Telu Maiama, Te Atatu South Auckland

Mrs. Lynette Duncan, Christchurch

Mrs. Janice Ingoe, Ngongotaha

Mrs. Pamela and Allen Baines, Auckland

Miss Susan Gantley, Nelson

Derek Eaton, Nelson

Mrs. Marina Lyth, Porirua

Mr. Eddie White, Putaruru

Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson, Auckland

Mr. Christopher Pickford, Palmerston North

Mr. Ryan Watkins, Putaruru

Miss Jasmin Harrison, Christchurch

Fiona Be, Auckland

Mrs. Heather Mann, Hawera

Sheryl Stone, Orewa

Mrs. Kovinanitefo'ou Helu, Auckland

Carolyn Clark, Papamoa Beach

Mrs. Tania Flintoff, Hamilton

Penelope Ballinger, Wellington

Miss Michaela Head, Sunnybrook

Mrs. Joan Bryant, Tauranga

Mr. Brian Algie, Algies Bay

Mr. Lyndsay Fake, Welcome Bay Tauranga

Mrs. Dynesha Havili, Auckland

Mrs. Alison Patten, Auckland

Mrs. Frances M.P.N Paraha, Tauranga

Mr. Bevan Soothill, Hawera

Mrs. Leanne Bellamy, Hamilton

Miss Anna Barry, Paraparaumu

Mrs. Jessica Thomas, Wellington

Ms. Brienela Tauira, Porirua

Mr. Gordon Wood, Te Aroha

Mrs. Heni Landreth, Owaka

Mr. Nigel Clayton, Whangarei

Carolyn Alexander

Mrs. Naomi Natua

Mr. Joel Henton

Mrs. Elisabeth Frankish, Whataroa South Westland

Mr. Stephen Tarrant, Auckland

Mr. James Hippolite, Auckland

Maria Lawrence, Shannon

Miss Patrima Tauira, Porirua

Alisha Allan, Porirua

Mr. Peter Turner, Auckland

Mr. John Chrystall

Kobus Abrie

Mr. Peter Gardyne

David Page, Levin

Mrs. Emma Torckler, Mt Roskill

Mr. Bradley Cook, Ashburton

Mr. Patrick Downey, Tauranga

Elisabeth Abrie

Mrs. Landa Tolai, Porirua

Mrs. Michelle Cook, Ashburton

Mr. Mark Simpson, Flaxmere

Mrs. Ann Thomson, Whangarei

Mr. Peter Balchin

Mr. Andrew Scott, Motueka

Mrs. Frances Downey, Tauranga

Winifred Balchin

Mr. Robert Hullena, Masterton

Mr. John Scott Butters, Tawa

Miss Tracey Abblett

Mr. Trevor McCracken, Auckland

Mrs. Patricia Prince, Lincoln